Haqqani exit

Haqqani exit

Husain Haqqani has resigned from his position as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States following his meeting with the top leadership of the country. Haqqani has said he is ready to face inquiries regarding his alleged involvement in the memo-gate scandal.

While the diplomat’s three-year tenure in the key position has come to an end, the scandal is not likely to be buried in the near future. The government was brought under pressure by opposition parties to launch a fair probe in to the matter and Haqqani’s exit seemed inevitable.

Will Haqqani’s resignation pave the way for a fair and independent probe into the scandal?

Who, in your opinion, is likely to be handed the all-important appointment of Pakistan’s ambassador to the US?

How will the US government react to Haqqani’s exit and will the move strengthen or weaken the relationship between the two countries?

How do you rate Haqqani’s three-year tenure as Pakistan’s ambassador?

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35 Responses to “Haqqani exit”

  1. shabbir hussain says:

    i know amb hussain haqqani from my schooldays in habib public school.Karachi,he was quite senior to us. he has always been a bright and intelligent person ,taking merit certificates regularly, he had qualities of good leadership.during his tenure in US as amb he has successfully defended and kept pakistan’s interests in forefront.
    i am sure he is being made a scapegoat for somebody else s misdeeds. all our good wishes for mr haqqani

  2. SM says:

    Who cares what the US thinks. We are not their slaves… they paid us for mobilizing our army and to use our airspace… our interests are not aligned with theirs and they can’t and we shouldn’t accept their pressure or diktat.

  3. Iqbal says:

    He was US ambassador in US….

  4. JAY says:

    Mr. Haqqani is probably the worst AMBASSADOR of Pakistan .
    He has FAILED PAKISTAN on all fronts.
    Can anyone name one thing he has done to support Pakistan in USA.
    I bet you he will run back to USA to settle down.
    His replacement is not available at least in PPP GOVERNMENT.


  5. Malik says:

    Haqqani is gone. He thought he is all powerful and can do whatever he want. In one of his interview, he told the US Deputy Secretary of State, that “Pakistan is a nation of carpet weaver, and needs to bargain all the time”. That was shameful comment. He was not a Pakistani diplomat, he was an “asset” of US to Pakistan. Good riddance!. Nothing wrong with Abdulla Haroon, the Pakistani Ambasaddor to UN. He seems good candidate for the job.

  6. MM says:

    Nothing will change, as far as tense Washington-Islamabad relationship is concerned . This may have save Zardari’s skin for a while but not for long…………..Haqqani’s three year tenure as Pakistan’s top man in Washington was a complete failure.

  7. Fayzee says:

    What fair and independent probe are you talking about? Has anything been fair and independent during the present PPP government?

    Salman Bashir seems to be the candidate for the job, but he is too close to the military, and this can be his negative point.

    Although, the US has itself leaked information due to reasons only they know better, but I think the relationship between Pakistan and the US will weaken more and the US will try to bring some other puppet civilian leadership now, although they cannot find one like Zardari.

    Haqqani’s 3-years as Pakistan’s ambassador were a total failure for Pakistan. He was more American than a Pakistani.

  8. A Z HAN says:

    This would have been done much earlier he was more for the country where he was appointed than the country which he represented, he should be given befitting punishment along with the authors of memo.

    Dr Masuma HASSAN our AMBASSADOR in AUSTRIA can be a better replacement ,who can have good relations and equation with lady foreign minister MS KHAR.

  9. Imran Ali says:

    I think its a right action taken by prime minister Gilani, that shows the seriousness of Government to launch a fair investigations about this matter. Haqqani was not much bad, as regarding his duties as an ambassador to US, and now a more capable person should be selected to replace Haqqani who can handle the current situation between PAK and US cleverly and delicately.

  10. Ravi says:

    He was a good ambassador to US from Pakistan. He defended Pakistan extremely well when in dire straits. Either Mansoor Ijaz is trying to destabilize the country or the Army is really trying to provoke civilian govt. There is also a possibility that some external force wants to destabilize relatioms between army – civil govt and bribed Ijaz to get to media with fake memo. If I was the President of PAKISTAN, I would not send such important messages using third party. I would pick up the phone and call President of United states. This whole thing looks like a setup to trap the civilian govt. I am from India and this is an objective analysis.

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