Overnight attack

Overnight attack

An early morning Nato attack on Pakistan’s security forces has left at least 28 soldiers dead the Mohmand tribal region. In an immediate reaction to the attack, Pakistan blocked supplies to the allied forces based in Afghanistan. Additionally, Pakistan’s acting ambassador to the United States registered a protest against the attack with the US State Department.

The attack came a day after Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani met with Isaf Commander General John Allen to discuss “measures concerning coordination, communication and procedures between the Pakistan army, Isaf and the Afghan army, aimed at enhancing border control on both sides.”

This is not the first incident of its kind and while protests have been registered and voices raised, we are yet to see an official explanation into the incident.

How, in your opinion, should Pakistan deal with such attacks on its security forces inside its own territory?

Will the blockade on transportation of Nato supplies prompt a reaction from the allied forces in Afghanistan? Can this move, alone, be termed a strong response to the attack? What additional measures should the government take to ensure such attacks are not carried out in the future?

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204 Responses to “Overnight attack”

  1. Neil says:

    Now the information is starting to come out it is understandable why the Pakistan Military does not want to participate in the investigation. The Wall Street Journal has the story:

    “According to the initial U.S. account from the field, the commandos requested airstrikes against the encampment, prompting the team to contact a joint border-control center to determine whether Pakistani forces were in the area, a U.S. official said.
    The border-control center is manned by U.S., Afghan and Pakistani representatives who are supposed to share information and head off conflicts. But the U.S. and Afghan forces conducting the Nov. 26 commando operation hadn’t notified the center in advance that they planned to strike Taliban insurgents near that part of the border, the official said.

    When called, the Pakistani representatives at the center said there were no Pakistani military forces in the area identified by the commandos, clearing the way for the Americans to conduct the airstrikes, the U.S. officials said.”

    I feel bad for those Pakistani troops. I also hope those that were spewing such harsh rhetoric against the US will reconsider their positions.

  2. A.R.Shams says:

    If the Government finds something going against the interest of the nation/country, it can make amendments through the upper and lower assemblies condemning the previous ones. Does the Government care to frame up new constitutional amendments in the interest of the beloved nation’s beloved homeland?

  3. A.R.Shams says:

    If price control of essentials is not within capability with the time by the Government its losing its popularity speedily. As a Government is for the people and of the people to care to fulfill their needs failing which it should express its inability letting others chance to do that.

  4. BAHADAR KHAN says:

    I have a dream that “one day the whole world will get together under one flag, for one cause, No Wars”

  5. kartik says:

    when the nato forces were attacking why did the soldiers not hit back, were they just having bows and arrows ? Had they paid them back in the same currency the nato forces would have realized

  6. Shazia says:

    I fail to understand why the drones are not shot down. The government is allowing drones, which is a pathetic agreement on their part and the US government, on the fear of a delayed lash back from human rights groups, or the spineless-United Nations, does not have the guts to ADMIT PUBLICLY that they are using drones!!!!
    Every news clip on BBC, ends with the statement that the US army does not admit to using the drone attacks.
    For the Americans, imagine the same drone attacks happening from some non-friendly state (and there are many of those) to their land, their people, their children …….can’t they have any EMPATHY at all? These are war crimes and they are more heinous, because they are planned at the level of national authority and they involve the nation’s support.

  7. This appears to be a calculated move on the part of the NATO and Afghan forces in order to judge Pakistan’s reaction. Pakistan’s reaction at this juncture would to a large extent determine NATO and Afghan engagements against the insurgents along Pakistan’s border. A meak response would most likely embolden the other side resulting into escalation of fight against the insurgents thus compromising Pakistan’s interest.

    Not doing anything at all militarily, despite such huge loss of life, and only restricting to actions which have little practical significance, will not only create nationwide disillusionment about our defence establishment but would also give our opponents a poor picture of our resolve. A policy of befitting response should be declared and calculated activities carried out to show our resolve.

  8. Shayan says:

    Better on the ground coordination is probably the way to go. Leaders at the top seem to have no problem communicating with each other but NATO forces and Pakistani troops in the vicinity of each other need to also keep lines of communication open. Of course, that is only possible if there is trust. If NATO troops think that informing Pak troops of their actions ahead of time will mean Pakistan will snitch to the Afghan Taliban this probably won’t work.

  9. Umer says:

    In my view, we must go further from just blocking supplies and summoning the US Ambassador to Foreign Office. We must hit the US and ISAF offensive planes as and when they dare to cross the border. I will quote the Syrian response to USA diplomatic offensive in Damascus, where they the USA Ambassador dared to violate the Syrian foreign ministry’s order and visited the troubled city of Hama without prior permission. The Syrian youth attacked the US Embassy in Damascus and broke hell out there. It is since the day that, USA Diplomatic mission in Syria has become quiet. To me our passive response of mare condemning such moves is encouraging the ISAF to repeat such targeting of security forces and innocent civilians. I will strongly recommend a tit for tat response.

  10. jilanee says:

    What a question to ask! Perhaps a child could answer it. While intruders were invading Pakistan’s air space and killing its troops for two hours within Pakistan, the Pakistani side were talking with and imploring the ISAF to halt the attacks. But not a single PAF aircraft scramble. Not a shot was fired to bring a helicopter down. On the other hand recently when an Indian army helicopter stranded into Pak territory, the PAF at once forced it to land.

    This is a sinister conspiracy in which Pak leadership is complicit. So, troops may live and troops may die, but the friendship goes on forever. It is eternal. What are 24 or 2400 lives among friends?

  11. Sania says:

    Why do our Government continue it’s dubious alliance with the USA/NATO when it is very clear they have no respect for the lives of Pakistanis military or civilians…. which leaves one to conclude our own Government has little respect for Pakistani lives as well…. and where is the voice of the token Chairman of the PPP who sits in his comfort zone in the West

  12. naeem says:

    It is a disgrace that the government of Pakistan has now answer to this. There only response is to close a riad and ask the Americans to leave a airfield.
    This is just a token gesture to fool the Pakistani people.
    I guarantee that the supply line will open within a short time.

    • Aju says:

      You might be right. I am afraid that after a few apologies and/or blackmailing from these foreign forces, everything will go back to square one. I hope that the people in power in Pakistan don’t allow it to happen.

      • BAHADAR KHAN says:

        well, keep on discussing, ask honest questions and logical questions do not trust no one, no matter how trustworthy u think they are, I mean all institutions, soon u will discover the truth.

  13. Harry (Aust) says:

    America is their own worst enemy, unfortunately everyone else pays the price.

  14. sarmad hussain says:

    regarding the first question whether Pakistan retaliates or not solely depends upon our troops preparedness.Before the attacks, the troops were seemed to be unprepared for such a massive incursion on our part of border. In the wake of the attacks, Pakistan army now should be precautionary not reactionary if Nato should attack again on our soil.Firstly, For this, our troops ought to be equipped with cut-edge technology. Secondly, there should be comprehensive combined mechanism between the army and Nato.
    for the second question if our blocked prompts the nato’s troops in Afghanistan entirely depends upon the policies of our civil and military establishments. if they continued to extend this blocked for a month, the Nato and Us will obviously come on their knees because 50% of Nato’s supply relays on Torkham border of Pakistan.
    as for the last question is concerned, Pakistan might as well use all diplomatic, military and other measures to counter future attacks. Firstly, military should threat the Western Allies for the out and out cut-ff if such attacks should happen again. Secondly, Pakistan should call her ambassador of America and other war allies from the allies countries. Finally, our proxies will take care of the rest

  15. Maria (Australia) says:

    After this tragic incident of the death of these 26 soldiers – blocking NATO’s supplies from the border, whereas it may be a move, is not sufficient.
    Too long as Pakistan and it’s army suffered the wrath of the Americans and they’re violations of Pakistan’s sovereignty and disregard for the lives of our people. I think at this point, in order to redeem ourselves and protect the army which has for so long defended our borders and is, in my opinion, the only force within Pakistan which is loyal to the land, the Government needs to go on offensive.
    Not just by blocking supplies, but by completely blocking the border to NATO and demanding that they their troops leave the land and suspend airstrikes. No where in the world are such ‘misfires’ tolerated, why should Pakistan tolerate them?

  16. john says:

    I think action then words are required. I find something amiss about preparedness of Pakistani army ? or air force ?? They say it lasted 1 hr to 2 hr…they say they were talking with Nato HQ over hot line ? Could not have Pakistani army or airfore showed some sense and scrambled it jets ? Or sent rapid deployment forces ? Or is the force that lathergic ?

  17. Karthik Ramanathan says:

    My dear brethren in Pakistan,

    This terrible attack and the killing of Pakistani troops on top the hundreds of Pakistani civilians killed in the US drone strikes, leaves ones bones with a chilling feeling.

    As people in India and Pakistan, we have both experienced imperialism and it is extremely bitter to see such criminal actions by powerful countries in our region.

    As an Indian, I would like to condemn the Indian government for not taking offence to the American killing of our Pakistani brothers. Not just this one, but also the criminal killing of hundreds of Pakistani civilians over the last 5 years by the US.

    If the Indian government took a more sensible stand, it would be much harder for the United States to act with such impunity.

    May humanity, good sense and the spirit of anti-imperialism once again rise in the sub-continent !!

  18. mir m hussain says:

    It is time now to review our relations with US, we are a soverign country and incidents like these are
    no more acceptable. If the civilian goverment does not have the nerve, let the army handle the situation.
    Statments made by the PM are only political, MR PM take some actions that will ensure that incidents like this will never happen again if you let this go more serious consequences will follow. My codolences to all those brave soilders families.

  19. Ram Mittal says:

    Why would Nato attack on Pakistan’s security forces when it is clear that in reaction Pakistan will immediately block the supplies to the allied forces based in Afghanistan? I do not think that the attack was a simple matter. There is some thing more to this i.e. Pakistani army might have initiated the attack on allied forces in order to destabilize the civilian government

    • Muhammad Ahmed Mufti says:

      Hi Ram !!!By same logic why would Pakistanis attack a Nato post when it is clear that in reaction Nato will immediately retaliate! and if the attack was initiated by Pakistan then they would have been prepared and a response to Nato would have resulted. I believe the attach on Nato was done by the Afghan soldiers on instructions from some other regional player!

    • Ali Mengal says:

      Are you accusing pakistani soldier that they prompted and after that nato attacked to pakistani can you tell me how many casoulties had to nato

  20. Iftekhar Hassan says:

    Most if no all fingers are pointing toward U.S.A. and not NATO. Surprisingly, nobody is talking about irresponsibility or neglect of our own military not properly secure the military outpost in Mohmand with harden bunker from such attack. It could have been a suicide bombers or motor attack from fanatic Talibans., even Afghanistan’s own army.

    Justification of deploying all these soldiers without proper harden bunkers at war zone with almost daily drone attack with high power explosive should have been taken long ago.

    Spread the blame because, with harden bunkers many life could have been saved from this unprovoked attack or accident or whatever one calls it.

  21. Tahir says:

    Shooting down few American Drones would send a strong message. It doesn’t involve any loss of life but still shows we mean what we say.

  22. Asim says:

    For starters, we (including politicians and Pak Army) should reject all sort of US and other foreign aid? If we cannot survive on our own w/o the continuous foreign aid, then perhaps there is no point of living!

  23. Fahd says:

    I think enough is enough; this is not the first time that such an incident has happened. NATO and US forces have to be punished at all cost. No other nation will tolerate such an incident. By closing the NATO supply line for 5 to 10 days or even for a month will not bring back the lost soldiers. The army will need to analyse what will hurt these foreign forces the most and take an action.

    In the long run Pakistan , Iran , India , China and Russia will have to resolve their differences and work with each other’s otherwise one by one these Imperialist nation will first create war between us and then target each of us.

  24. ghulam murtaza says:

    cutting off supply of NATO is not enough. We need beyond this as Iran has done. Iran showed the way out to Britain ambassador in response to Britain’s action against Iran’s nuclear program. Iranian parliament has approved this reaction against Britain’s action. But where is our government and parliament, nato has killed our 28 lions.

  25. Mahmud says:

    Pakistan should do following:

    1. Limit the NATO supplies to 75% of pre-attack level, never to be restored to it’s original level . With
    every future violation, cut another 25% until it reaches to total shut down never to be restored again.
    Make sure this formula is clearly communicated to US.
    This should happen after they apologize else supplies should remain cut off indefinitely.

    2. Charge US a hefty tax for every truck that passes through Pakistan.

    3. Give shoulder fired missiles to the forces deployed near the border including Frontier core. If
    deteriorates further then we should arm and train the tribes with shoulder fire missiles and weapons.

    4. Close down one of the consulates and all CIA offices.

    5. Pakistan needs to rethink it’s nuclear posture. Pakistan should make it clear that it has the right to
    use nuclear force within the confines of it’s international borders. A very aggressive nuclear posture
    is needed to get some respect back.

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