Overnight attack

Overnight attack

An early morning Nato attack on Pakistan’s security forces has left at least 28 soldiers dead the Mohmand tribal region. In an immediate reaction to the attack, Pakistan blocked supplies to the allied forces based in Afghanistan. Additionally, Pakistan’s acting ambassador to the United States registered a protest against the attack with the US State Department.

The attack came a day after Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani met with Isaf Commander General John Allen to discuss “measures concerning coordination, communication and procedures between the Pakistan army, Isaf and the Afghan army, aimed at enhancing border control on both sides.”

This is not the first incident of its kind and while protests have been registered and voices raised, we are yet to see an official explanation into the incident.

How, in your opinion, should Pakistan deal with such attacks on its security forces inside its own territory?

Will the blockade on transportation of Nato supplies prompt a reaction from the allied forces in Afghanistan? Can this move, alone, be termed a strong response to the attack? What additional measures should the government take to ensure such attacks are not carried out in the future?

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204 Responses to “Overnight attack”

  1. mohammed talib says:

    Pakistan should ,
    !.send the us ambassador back
    2.close all cia operations in pakistan
    3.close supply route permanently ,not for a few days then opens up again.
    4.take it to the un.
    5.dont go to the summit.

    we need to showe these ppl that enough is enough.

  2. Lodro says:

    This was a terrible thing that happened and my heart goes out to the Pakistani people. As an American I don’t have any excuse to offer, except that politicians never told Americans that the situation in Afghanistan would lead to so many senseless debts and destroy our relationship with our Pakistani allies.

    I understand that the death of brave Pakistani soldiers is hard pill to swallow, along with the situation with Haqqani and the Raymond Davis killings. The poor treatment of Pakistan by the American government since before 9/11 is horrible. I have a son and a daughter, and I humbly beg forgiveness from the people of Pakistan for the sons and daughters that have been sacrificed, in many cases needlessly. My wish is that our children will live in a world that knows peace between the great people of Pakistan and the US. I don’t know what the solution is, but if both countries work towards peace we will prosper together.

  3. Mubashir says:

    I think we should review our policy of war on terror and cooperation with America. Evacuating the Shamsi Airbase and blocked supply line should stand as a permanent reactions, but more than this reaction is required. I think we should allow our checkposts at borders to have an immediate reaction if Nato helicopters commits violation next time.

  4. Shazia says:

    It is amazing to see the dual standards and hypocrisy of the western media. This incident, had the casualties happened to the NATO forces, the whole CNN page, FOX news, BBC would have been spitting fire and demonizing Pakistan….sorrow with the highest emotional exhibition of grief, and angst for the loss of life. Yet, now they don’t even have the incidence on the most popular story list on CNN.
    Unbelievable, how the liberated West loses all the preaching and teachings when it comes to this part of the globe.
    The bottom line is…Pakistan should look out for the best interest of its people and that cannot happen unless we have a direly needed, balanced and educated leadership and educated masses.
    No need to support a war where we are the testing grounds for all kinds of designer warfare tools and techniques…just like they can sell us the most ridiculous fashion stuff and we are ready to strut the streets in the ugliest wardrobes, we have no use of…
    SAY NO…back off in support of this loss of only our peoples lives….
    Back off and play only defensive….
    Stop NATO supplies..let them use other routes if they need to.

  5. max says:

    Condolences to the fallen, but a good start would be not to shoot at ISAF aircraft.

    • maverick says:

      sorry sir we lost our comrades for nothing. what you are suggesting is never been taught any where in this world. put yourself in our shoes and see what response options do you have.

      • Hassan Altaf says:

        @Maverick why you calling max sir , they are no Sirs
        @max why should we not shoot down any ISAF aircraft is this request or a threat ?? if a request then request your leaders to get some brains and if threat then let it come . We will also see how you can have winning position . Maybe you forgot USSR

  6. shafi says:

    Pakistanis are very emotional people and therefore they would suggest impractical solutions. Pakistanis must realize that Pakistan can not retaliate with force even if it was found that the attack was unprovoked. The solution has to be diplomatic. NATO wants cooperation from Pakistan and that cooperation should have conditions attached and agreed publicly.
    NATO is there with the authority of the United Nations and therefore the first step should have been to complain to the UN. At the same time a transparent agreement should be made which should stipulate the action Pakistan would take if there is repetition of such incidents. The agreement should be made public.
    The families of the soldiers should be appropriately compensated (not by few Dollars) which should show NATO that Pakistani soldiers do not come cheap.
    If America wants to be tough then the only solution would be to leave the alliance.

    • YK says:

      Americans led NATO are already treating us as enemy, what’s the point in “leaving the alliance”. I agree with most of things you said, we must realize our army is useless .

    • Hassan Altaf says:

      Dear Shafi
      We are very emotional indeed but Time is not for waiting and calculating consequences . This is time to react

  7. Tahir Naseer says:

    It’s time for the government to not to keep the nation in the dark. Let the citizens decide the fate of the country themselves with everything in front of them.

  8. Muhammad Imran says:

    a heart aching event…….

  9. Rizwan says:

    Ask Nato to handover the solders involved in these killings. These should be tried in pakistan. This is planned murder and nothing else. Nato and America needs to aplogize in writing and need to compensate the Army, Govt of Pakistan and the families involved.

  10. Rizwan says:

    Its America’s undeclared war against Pakistan. We need to stand up and show some unity. Strong speeches, emotions are not enough its time to bring one American Chopper down. I am not asking you to go to all out war with America, but who ever voilates the air space should be shot down as simple as that. Make them clear that as a nation we are ready to die with hunger but not ready for this humiliation. Stop the Aid and any financial assistance in the name of war on terror. Start by sending envoys to brother nations and take a strong stand in united nations and OIC. Secondly ask the US Ambasadar to leave the country. Thirdly do not let the drones to strike in the tribal region as its us who need to carry out operations against militants in our own time and in line with our foriegn policy. Than warn America openly against future adventures and shoot down the drones and even the choppers and fighters if they come in our airspace without warnings. I do not mind if we lose more soldiers and even fighter aircrafts in defending our motherland but this nonsense has to stop. I want to have a soverign and pure land for us and future generations.

  11. lala reply says:

    I do respect all the above inputs and opinions of the brave civilians, but the solution to me looks quite different:
    Only one agenda for civilians ” Remove the cuplrit zardari” and should be replaced by military/marshal law.
    then the army will have no excuse that they are looking toward political leaders and are bound by their orders..

  12. Usman Ali Nazar says:

    how much more bodies are require to loss??????Mr. kayani?. shame for us. we paid the price with nothing…

  13. To families who lost their dear ones, your disgust is justified.
    To the country which feels humiliated, get the message across the table that enough has to be enough.
    To the people who feel there’s no way out of this mess, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  14. Syed Sweden says:

    SOme people are suggesting investigating the incident, well its not needed coz they knew what they are upto. Its the cutting edge technology speaking.

  15. Zohair Ahmed says:

    We should re-visit our policy of “War on terror”. This kind of incident is no new.
    But the fact is that we(citizens) are unable to do that, because the GHQ is already there to decide our fate.
    Besides what has happened, the thing that disturbed me the most was that, why such kind of reaction (like blocking NATO supplies) was not taken when innocent Pakistani civilians were killed in drone attacks.
    And this made me realize that a civilian’s blood is worthless, when compared to that of a soldier.

  16. Asif Babar says:

    Pakistan should at least take following measures to show its resentment to USA.

    1. Send back its Ambasseder and raise voice in United Nations
    2. Block all supplies permanently
    3. Start pulling back its forces from tribal areas
    4. Close down all CIA centers/drone attacks
    5. Postpone all talks untill a formal apology/compensation has been delivered to the berieved families together with complete assurance in writing that such actions will not take place again.

    Asif Babar

  17. Omer Usmani says:

    Well it’s about time that Pakistan should reconsider ties or so called alliance with USA and NATO. Pakistan has suffered more than any other country on this fake War on Terror. It’s just another US imperialistic approaches to take control the Country’s Resources.

    Since it not the first time it has happened and we don’t expect any sincere attitude from Pakistani’s politician as it has been learn from the past, they are the one who provided US with the free hand at first. The other aspect which is also very likely that as the time progresses and people anger’s will cool down and our government/Army will make another under hand deal with the US to get some more aid.

    Blocking the Supply Lines and asking US to evacuate the Air Base is not good enough rather in future if such incident take place Pakistan Army should retaliate.

    At last, We Pakistan as a nation is already tumbling down cause of the Corruption, Religious Sectorial violence and Ethnical Issues. These incidents should be taken as an opportunity to at least bring the Nation together.

    Long Live Pakistan
    Omer Usmani

  18. Furqan says:

    The most worrying part is, it will definitely create a misunderstanding within the military which is an alarming sound for Military. Secondly where does that 39% budget goes if we still unable to predict whats entering in our boarders?

  19. vinay says:

    Dont understand why it takes such humiliation by NATO lying down every now and then.
    Pakistan is such strong , sovereign nation with atoms…
    Common show them what you can really do…or else world will belive you cant do anything !!
    Now NATO is saying they were provoked by pak troops first…how convenient..
    It’s causing insult to the injury…

  20. Vinay says:

    I think pakistan should show some self respect and attack NATO troops in afghanistan and how them what a nuvlear power can do.
    Current pak response of just blocking supply lines of NATO is demonstration of spineless military leadership at best.
    How many more times pakistan will swallow such insults from USA and NATO helplessly… ?
    If pakistan doesnot react forcefully even now then it will only indiacte that there was some provocation from pak troops first and which required NATO to chooper to retaliate and hence pak has taken softer line.

  21. SOHAN (Indian) says:

    This is too much….. If it would have been India, the responce would have been different….. Economic power is the need of the time….. What does Pakisthan have to make the US respect it…… Respect comes when you act BOLD……

  22. Jey says:

    1. Ultra Extreme steps (this will give you disaster)
    Declare war on NATO nations, after all these guys have killed your soldiers entering into u r

    Keep quiet as if nothing happened(This is also ultra extreme step)

    2. Workable solution:
    Already taken by your military and Govt + fight all the extremist with wholeheartedness

    The most important thing one should always have in mind is ‘what goes around comes around’

  23. Prof. Ramesh C. Manghirmalani, says:

    Shocking- my sympathies with people of Pakistan

  24. fazalpai says:

    as charity begins at home. likewise investigation and responsibilty must starts at home. then to blame others

  25. Sharma Anil ( India ) says:

    Pakistan should ask USA and NATO to quit Afghan soil and annex the region under its flag. There is no relevance for Afghanistan as a nation; it can very well be part of Pakistan. Then suppress all the militants in the combined region. USA should mind their own business on the western side of Atlantic. If they itch for occupying other soverign nations, it can do so with the Canada, Mexico etc and continue to have their fun.

    • Prof. Ramesh C. Manghirmalani, says:

      You seem to uneducated person, you have no knowledge of History, did your parents forget to teach you

      • Raja Parekh says:

        Dear Mr. Ramesh,

        What is wrong in expressing one’s opinion? As a professor you should have respect to others’ opinion while disagreeing with him reasoning out with ground realities. Anyway, gone are the days when one country attack and try to rule. This time is economicaly winning countries.

        As far as the current situation prevailing in Pakistan, it is easy to react with lot of jingoistic speeches. Soon the realities will stare in the face of politicians ( and army ). Euphoria then will die.

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