Blame thy neighbour

Blame thy neighbour

At least 78 people have been killed in Afghanistan over the last 24 hours. Attacks, targeting Shia mourners in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif killed 59 people on Tuesday, while another 19 civilians were killed in Helmand province on Wednesday.

The attacks have been said to incite sectarian violence in Afghanistan. Security officials in Afghanistan have blamed Pakistan for the attacks, saying that militant groups from across the border orchestrated these attacks.

While no proofs have yet been found to indicate any links to Pakistan, Afghan officials have been quick to lay the blame on Pakistan.

Is Afghanistan right in blaming Pakistan for the attacks without any proof? With reference to the Bonn conference and Afghan security being the main talking point, shouldn’t Afghanistan and Pakistan be strengthening their relationship instead of playing the blame game? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.



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127 Responses to “Blame thy neighbour”

  1. Altaf Hussain, Mumbai says:

    Karzai asking Pakistan Government to take executive action against the perperators is a cruel joke on the unfortunate victims. Whenever Pakistan lunges into senseless violence in their own cities, sectarian or terrorism, the Hon’ble Home Minister Mr. Rehman Malik blames foreign hands. When a federal home minister cannot give security to his own people what executive action will he take for atrocities commited in a foreign land? Within 7 days of Mumbai carnage, both the Home Ministers, Mr. R.R. Patil of Maharshtra Govt. and Mr. Shivraj Patil of the Federal Govt. were sacked. And sacked without fanfare. After countless carnages in Pakistani cities over the last three years, we still see Mr. Rehman Malik babbling about foreign hands. His imcompetence reached its peak last week when he thought of punishing Veena Malik for appearing on the cover of lad’s magazine. Veena is no diva, but then she is not killing innocents either. The Pakistani Federal Home Minister will do well to punish murderes/barbarians who are out to spoil the good name of Islam. Amazing, a country of 180 million people can be brow beaten by a bunch of barbaric thugs. Finally, Pakistan has only herself to blame if President Karzai is pointing a finger at Mr. Malik. Its been too long, these killings. Pakistan needs to do whatever it takes to put a end to this madness.

  2. Hamid Abbasi says:

    It is almost customary that Pakistan is accused for every wrong doing in Afaghanistan.We have always shown soft corners for our Afghan brothers irrespective of Afghan Government’s policies to widen the gap between the two countries.The influx of Afghan immigrants has cost us dearly, now time has come to address our ranks and file and reciprocate the gesture in similar coins.We should immediately stop the overland trade route to Afahanistan.Afghan Govt. is taking undue advantage of our sympathetic attitude towards Afghan people and taking us for granted.
    Hamid Abbasi

    • Samar says:

      I agree. Afghanis who migrated to Pakistan due to the volatile situation in Afghanistan for last four five decades are deeply rooted and settled here. They have taken over small businesses; in Islamabad many of which are under their control, they are even working in some of the embassies here!

      They are getting a lot out of their association with Pakistan; stability, peace, freedom, decent earning and even respect. However they have never reciprocated the feelings and deep within they are still the Afghanis who hate and blame Pakistan for everything.

      I understand it will not be easy to send them back to their country as now many are married to locals and have children born here, however this must be looked into. They are taking away opportunities and hence rights of our people.

    • irfan says:

      well said, I totally agree with you. and Mr Karzai also is asking Pakistan to take action against Laskhar e Jhangvi, which is already banned. I think we should ask him to take action against NATO for cross border attacks on Pakistan. can he do anything?

      • Iftekhar Hassan says:

        Bhai Hamid Abbasi Sahib,

        Accusing each other is part of political games in complex world of politics. Objective herein is communal problem that is devastating Pakistan. I think, fanatics terrorist organization like Lashkar e Jhangvi need to be totally destroyed. As Americas war against Al-Qaida is so important to them, than Pakistan’s war should be against organization like Lashkar e Jhangvi and dangerous Fatwabaz Mullahs.

        Under any circumstances Shia-sunni harmony must return among all the Muslim Nations. If not, Muslim nations will destroy them self from within as their traditional enemy will dance. Educating people about Sunni-Shia differences should be discuss as it is political in nature (Dunya) and has got nothing to do with (Deen) religion.

        Only mass education is needed here to defeat mis-conception implanted by the fatwabaz Mullahs.

  3. Iftekhar Hassan says:

    What Pakistani government need to do as an urgent basis is to educate people regarding importance of unity between Shia and Sunni. The effort should be wide spread using prints and electronic media. Message should be very clear for people without education to understand and directed at both Shias and Sunnis. (1) There no religion differences between Sunnis and Shias as far as Islam is concern and they are indeed brothers. Since Islam is a way of life for the Muslims. The differences are political in nature related to appointment of Islamic Amir after the death of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H).

    Shias recite the same shahada, read same Quran, follow 5 pillar of Islam like Sunnis.

    We should not listen to fatwabaz Mullahs that Shias are not Muslim, recite different shahada and their Quran is different and they do not follow 5 fard of Islam.

    Parliament should debate this issue and pass laws to punish fatwabaz Mullahs under inciting violence and destroying communal harmony. The matter should be taken on an urgent basis, before it is too late.

    • Deepak says:

      Agree with you. The Prophet preached peace, but the followers after him misinterpret and misrepresent his preaching for political mileage and justify violence quoting the preacher of peace. How sad! But peace can return to your country only if YOU shun all prejudice about other people (Shia/Sunni/Ahmedi/Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Paarsi) and reject the spiteful propaganda spread by the Mullahs and spread message of tolerance and peace.

  4. Imtiaz says:

    Americans stare in anger so hard at the Pakistanis. No more apology as before. No more Kerry visit. No more appeasement. The Americans may have decided something about Pakistan. The Pakistan decision to boycott the Bonn summit may come back to haunt them in future. They lost their place in strategic depth.

  5. sarmad says:

    Beyond politics this is a tragedy. The group which took blame has Pakistani’ roots and we all need to feel ashamed for this. We are suffering in the hands of such terrorist outfits for decades and yet not been able to eliminate them. Pakistanis need to understand that terrorism is their number 1 problem and not only we are suffering but also it brings bad name to us. We need to strength democracy in our country so that our government can be able to eliminate such non state actors.

  6. Shabaz says:

    For the sake of Pakistan, the government and the Pakistani media should teach the people religious tolerance, and the importance of co-existence of religions and nations. By allowing religious fundamentalism to grow, the growth of Pakistan is going to be hampered. Looking to the root cause is important, if not done the People of Pakistan going to suffer for ever.

    • amit says:

      agreed in toto. but is it possible? There are no sane voices left in Pakistan who are rationale as well as say in deciding the policies of education, governance and foreign relation. Shabaz, should find a way out to nassert himself in the decison making and influence the public opinion in Pakistan for gaining from the positive side of tolerance amongst the humanity. will Pakistan army in general and ISI in particular will allow Mr.Shabaz to have his say?

      • zak says:

        Dont be so brian washed Amit-Pak army and ISI look after the defense of the country-exactly what Indian army and RAW do. Look at the daily deaths in Indian occupied kashmir-not a stir from anyone not even the Indian’s-the Indian Govt and media have brainwashed the indian public and blame pak and its forces. In kashmir a acceptable agreeement was nearly signed 3times between pak and Indian govt’s but the Indian army blocked it because in india the army has a constituional say in kashmir matters. That is where the problems lie.

        Leave people oppreseed and problems fester then take an ugly turn and that is what we are seeing.

        • R.Kannan says:

          I do not know who is being brain washed. According to Musharaff, an in principle agreement was arrived at on Kashmir but was not signed due to political developments in Pakistan. As far as I know Musharaff was never a part of Indian army.

  7. Indusonian says:

    Any terrorism act occurs around the world, Everybody blames Pakistan, on the other hand, all the terrorism in Pakistan has no roots because Mr. Malik said time and time again that it is the third invisible hand behind terrorism in Pakistan. I don’t think Pakistan Preveliged Party (PPP) is going to stand up for Pakistan’s interest. The point is that no group or individual from Pakistan should be allowed to commit any crimes around the world, let alone killings of innocent around the world. Pakistan need to launch a thorough investigation per Mr. Karzai’s remarks; however, I doubt present Pakistani Government is going to do any of that – not because they don’t have resources to answer or find the truth – but because they don’t want stability in Pakistan and their sole aim is to humiliate Pakistan globally.

    • Eddie says:

      Pakistan religious extremists want to curtail freedoms and support murder of people who think differently. They have bullied people into not even talking about freedom under the guise of “blasphemy laws”. The Arab spring has shown that people want freedom and until Pakistan deals with the extremists in the Madrassas the suicide bombings will continue. The “third hand” creating the chaos in the area is as close as the nearest radical Imam.

  8. pakistan must look and try to solve Afghanistan’s problems. They are immediate neighbors

  9. prank says:

    To all my Pakistani brothers , for safety of civilians and nation’s pride someone has to control ISI and Pakistan army …guys do something ….. this is the only country in world where Army is dictating civilian government ….look at Kargil etc ….pls vote for sensible people next time who can stand firm against army and ISI !!!!!

    • Omar Haroon says:

      I understand that the ISI and the army are notorious for the sort of stuff they’ve done so far but that’s hardly a justification to the question posed on this topic. No proof has yet been presented. As such, to cry wolf and point fingers to the *usual* suspect is hardly a valid argument. Not to mention, playing the blame game will only make you look like immature children throwing tantrums and frankly speaking, that is one of the fastest way to lose any sort of respect or dignity one has (if at all). I only wish that people over here in Pakistan would stop doing the same.

      Regarding the question posed here, I do believe that both Afghanistan and Pakistan should be working to towards a common goal. Regardless of the real-politics being played out here, we must strive our best to amend and strengthen relations between each other. Otherwise, these issues will only be prolonged to the detriment of both countries.

  10. G.A. says:

    Question to ask is: Who benefits? Attacks came too soon after the NATO attack on Pakistani troops. Seems like an diversion. Pressure will be back on Pakistan. American and British covert and sabotage operations throughout Africa and Middle East are common knowledge and should not be ruled out in this case either.

  11. John Holliday says:

    Define hypocrisy?

    After a militant group based in Pakistan claims responsibility for killing 60 people in a neighbouring muslim country, ask whether the President of that country is justified in blaming it neighbour.

    Define denial?

    Refer to the first answer.


    • Ali says:

      John it seems like your main is on a permanent “Holliday” like the rest of the westen world. You guys believe everything that come out of the mouths of the BBCs the CNNs and the FOXs out there. you hear on the news that some militant group in Pakistan claimed responsibility….well i heard that hillary clinton claimed responsibility for these attacks. Get your mind back John, open your eyes to the world…. Gosh you guys are so gullible

  12. Trustme says:

    Often the misguided and uneducated will produce such acts. Killing one another in the name of religion should be stopped. But really can anyone trust Pakistani army or politicians. On one side it fights terrorist and on the other side it arms them. They even shelter and hide Osama Bin Ladin next to a military academy. The biggest enemies of Pakistan are not the non state actors but the state actors themselves in the role of the military and politicians and their policies.

  13. mohammad says:

    karzai can speak anything, without proof. it in not fair. just to divert attention from his failures. it sounds his and nato failure. PAKISTAN is suffering itself, they can not do it. it is better to work closely with PAKISTAN.

  14. Hareem says:

    This is the most easiest thing to do… point finger on others.Every country is responsible for its own safety. Afghanistan grow up and start doing something on your own please.

    • Ajmal says:

      Look who is talking.. Is this stmt coming from Pak who points finger at US / India & unknown “Foreign Hand” after every wrong that happens in that country? Interesting..

  15. Shamroz says:

    U. S. A, is loosing a war in afganistan @ going bankurpt same time its dublle whammy they cant take it so they blaime others for there failure

    • G.A. says:

      Agreed. It was those Cambodians in Vietnam, Iranians in Iraq and now Pakistanis in Afghanistan that are the reasons for so many defeats for the Americans. Can’t possibly be their own incompetence could it?

  16. Shamroz says:

    Restore taliban in afganistan & get rid of karzai

  17. Farooq says:

    Its time to ship all the Afghanis living in Pakistan back to where they originally belong. We already have enough of our mess, and the society as a whole is bearing the burden of all the unlawful residents.

    • Safi ullah says:

      Good my brother very good your are looking crazy first of all you should go to doctor and check your mind then talk against afghanistan and we are not leaving pakistan because this is our own contry. Thanks farooq sab

  18. Obama thus spoke says:

    ” the cancer of terrorism lies in Pakistan ” Those world we will realise soon were not spoken just for the sake of speaking. OPen up your eyes and try correcting yourself before it is too late.

  19. Ahsan, Sweden says:

    what ever happens in the world Pakistan will be blamed even we are talking about a minor road accident in India, mr Qarzais chicken get accidently slaughtered, Obama get chickenpox. Stop this blame game now.

  20. samina says:

    Isn’t it obvious that there was no major blast on Ashura in Pakistan and our interior minister thanking Taliban for not creating trouble within the country!! Pakistan should stop these cowardly acts, what a shame!

    • Ahmed Ali says:

      Well….you are so confident about Pakistan’s involvement in this tragedy….I am sure you have somevidence in this regard…..why dont you pass this evidence to Americans or India so that they could investigate the matter in depth….

  21. Mohsin Khan says:

    If we set our clocks a decade and a half back we will see that it was an Afghan force which still is the strongest indegineous force in Afghanistan btw, killed scores of Shias on it’r route to power.

    What is Afghanistan doing to prevent this?

    If Karzai who came to power through UN sanctioned electoral fraud cannot handle his problems then he should step aside for someone more capable.

    • madhava says:

      wow… thats good insight. Karzai, is really playing to fool his pupil in making feel that Pakistan is their problem. Their problem is Karzai still cannot protect the country. Blaming others is always easiest thing to do Mr. Karzai….tell your nation what you are going to do to save your country.

  22. Jayakumar says:

    You donot need to prove it every day, that Sun is a star and Earth is a planet.

  23. Arindom says:

    A recently released burgler takes up home near your neighbourhood. Burglary cases go up. Where should the police first investigate?

  24. Saber says:

    I think the people of Pakistan are noble people. Unfortunately, the policies of the Government of Pakistan in the last 30 years are promoting and exporting terrorisim. I hope the Pakistani Government change its course and do not see its intrest in promoting and exporting terrorisim.
    Please brothers don’t stick your head in the sand.

  25. Lakhkar Khan says:

    The allegation is that Pakistan is not doing enough to stop terrorism. Some of you Pakistan haters take it as Pakistani government doing these bombings. Nice try.

    • Nabil says:

      Unfortunately, Lakhkar the white nations are too racist to ever educate themselves on the truth.

      Especially since they are encouraged by Jewish propoganda, and their vendetta against Pakistan. Why is it okay for Israel and the US to slaughter Iranian scientists and civilians on the streets?

      Israel is the biggest sponsor of state terrorism on the planet. They murder people all over the world, and of course their apartheid policies and racism against Palestinians is well known. But why is it acceptable for American troop to indiscriminately commit war crimes?

      Why is it okay for Israel to commit war crimes?

    • syed baqar ahsan says:

      Americans always sow seed of hatred amongst sects and religions before withdrawal as in Iraq or come as a peace keeper as in Bosnia. on Facebook on Facebook