Blame thy neighbour

Blame thy neighbour

At least 78 people have been killed in Afghanistan over the last 24 hours. Attacks, targeting Shia mourners in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif killed 59 people on Tuesday, while another 19 civilians were killed in Helmand province on Wednesday.

The attacks have been said to incite sectarian violence in Afghanistan. Security officials in Afghanistan have blamed Pakistan for the attacks, saying that militant groups from across the border orchestrated these attacks.

While no proofs have yet been found to indicate any links to Pakistan, Afghan officials have been quick to lay the blame on Pakistan.

Is Afghanistan right in blaming Pakistan for the attacks without any proof? With reference to the Bonn conference and Afghan security being the main talking point, shouldn’t Afghanistan and Pakistan be strengthening their relationship instead of playing the blame game? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.



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127 Responses to “Blame thy neighbour”

  1. Vigilant says:

    i think the day will come when karzai will blame Pakistan for earthquakes & floods….etc

  2. Aftab Qureshi says:

    I think there is no room to make presuppositions, as the Afghans and Americans seem to have done. The most important thing is to first establish that there actually was a call made to a European media agency claiming that the attack was carried out by LJ. If there is credible evidence that the call was actually made, the next thing is to confirm that it was in fact made by LJ. In any event, I can only say that whoever is behind it will roast in hell for taking innocent human lives and I wish that person/organization is apprehended and given examplary punishment.

  3. Minal says:

    totally agree with Candid1, should we point fingers at Afghanistan too regarding the terrorists crossing over the border, blowing themselves up in our cities???or the ridiculously large number of Indian consulates on the pak/afghan border?? Can anyone explain to me exactly what kind of work they are doing??? other than arming terrorists so that they can cause mayhem?? please! two can play the blame game but would that make anyone safer?

  4. Afaq says:

    same old blame game. Can not do any thing on safety and security just blame others.

  5. Faisal Yaqoob says:

    Its seems like a same trend which we already had seen in Iraq and pakistan and now it is Afghanistan.

    It is the same frame of mind, same thinking (divide and rule)

    it so obvious its American Blackwater

  6. ali abbas says:

    the climate in PK seems to be over-whelmingly tilting to Indifference and Denial

    apparently, the perpertrators of this hineous Crime have already taken responsibility

    it is a sign of times that these Organizations, that were nurtured, given shelter, protection under the aegis of a PK Govt Entity, are doing what they do best, but, wait for the day when they will turn against the very masters who extended the imbilical chord in terms of sustaining them

    as a Muslim, who has lived in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, (sadly) Pakistan and now the United States, the Islamic Republics Track Record against minorities is stunningly progressing towards violence, terrorism and anarchy. so much for preyaing the debt to the very man who founded this pathetic of a State we call a Republic, Jinnah, who was from a minority Group

  7. Farhan says:

    Bombs blasts , Suicides etc are common in Pakistan itself, I wont blame the suiciders or terrorists. we have to make our house safe . Instead of Pointing finger at Pakistan , Karzai should work hard on security breaches . I think thats the only way to protect your people and country. So its useless and embarrassing to hide your mistakes and point others. If karzai think that Pakistan will protect them from attacks then he is just making fool out of himself and his people.

  8. Tanvir says:


  9. shaan says:

    Well if it walks like duck and sounds like duck than probably its a duck. Pakistan should be careful as what goes around comes around.

  10. muthu indian says:

    The afghan Taliban has been very quick in condemning these attacks. If the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is indeed responsible, then Pakistan should introspect.

  11. Fahad Rehman says:

    If Lashkar has accepted the responsibility for these deadly attacks then surely Pakistan government needs a revisiting of their foreign and domestic policies and should curb all the non state actors activities inside as well as outside the borders to oust these malicious groups from the country. However, if it is not proven yet without a proper investigation and evidence then blaming someone is just a rant and putting burden on others for all your misdeeds and ineptness:)

    • Paddy Singh says:

      I agree with you. I know many sane Pakistanis who are fed up of this violence that is plaguing Sindh area, the tribal areas etc. Every Pakistani wants to live in peace but what do you say when the fact lies in that onot one jihadist has been sentenced in the country. They get away because of weak courts or a weak prosecution. The men can go ahead and kill each other, but it is the women and children who suffer. It seems that in the Muslim world no one values life any more.

  12. shahid says:

    in case of blast in plakistan
    should we blame afghanistan
    as tit for tat

    • Iftekhar Hassan says:

      We do not have capacity for tit for tat game at this time. We need to solve Pakistan in house problem first, before blaming others. Just pay your share of taxes and be involve with civil society building that will help establish democratic institution in Pakistan to support democracy in Pakistan.

      There is nothing wrong Pakistan having a Islamic government based on moderate Sharia laws . But not like Taliban version of pre-islamic tribal custom that was embedded in Islam by corrupt Mullahs

      • Aditya says:

        I agree. Pakistan can worry about the world later. It needs to strengthen itself first. There r many islamic countries in world whp ensure peaceful lives for its citizens. That is what is required for pakistan. Prosperity fr citizens.

  13. Muhammad Ahmed Mufti says:

    Afghanistan, US and India should start taking some responsibilities of their intelligence failures. Pointing fingers at Pakistan will not help. Historically Afghanistan has been a constant trouble maker to this region. I think it’s time to take some serious steps towards sealing the porous border with Afghanistan. It’s a difficult task but this has been long overdue. All trails of criminals, stolen goods , narcotics and weapon proliferation in Pakistan lead to Afghanistan. Let’s mine and fence the boarder, this should solve most of the problems on the western border.

    • S.Akhtar says:

      All very true and perfectly logical EXCEPT not clear why US and INDIA should take responsibility ?

    • Mrs. Munim says:

      Yes, and Musharaf had offered to do it, but at that time Karzai balked and stalled, because if we fence and mine the border, how will he continue the blame game?

    • Akram says:

      Great points. But interchanging Afghanistan with Pakistan makes a lot of sense here, don’t you think?
      “Pakistan should start taking some responsibilities of their intelligence failures. Pointing fingers at Afghanistan will not help. Historically Pakistan has been a constant trouble maker to this region. I think it’s time to take some serious steps towards sealing the porous border with Pakistan. It’s a difficult task but this has been long overdue. All trails of criminals, stolen goods, narcotics and weapon proliferation in Afghanistan lead to Pakistan. Let’s mine and fence the boarder, this should solve most of the problems on the eastern border.”

  14. Farman says:

    where there is USA there will be blasts. In Iraq such type of blasts have been occured. Pakistan and Afghanistan are also the victoms. USA dont want peace otherwise, her existance may be questioned. I think Lusker e Jangwi or such type of organization cannot do so big blast in other country in the presence of USA.

  15. Candid1 says:

    Perhaps Karzai should explain the deaths of thousands of Pakistanis who have been killed by terroriats coming from Afghanistan. Perhaps he should first explain why he won’t take back the millions of his citizens freeloading off Pakistan for the last 30 years. After all that Pakistan has done for Afghans and Afghanistan, and the unbearable cost it has paid in blood, treasure, and lost opportunities, Karzai has no grounds to complain to Pakistan about anything, specially about terrorists who have killed more Pakistanis than Afghans.

  16. Lashkar e Jhangvi has already accepted the responsibility of killing thousands of Shia Mualims in Pakistan since 1980s. These killings are being carried out as an ideology of Jhangvi group, which justifies the killing of Shia Muslims.
    If the recent mass killing is blamed on the same group, which has openly accepted the responsibility of previous similar attacks, one should not be surprised.

    Now the responsibility lies on the Religious Scholars to condemn this and other similar attacks on Shia Muslims.
    I have yet to see this condemnation from religious leaders and scholars.

  17. Haroon says:

    Lashkar e Jangavi Alami, which is based in Pakistan, has already claimed responsibility of such attacks. As Afghanistan does not have sectarians conflict, that is why Afghanistan blame Pakistan and bring LeJ-Alami

  18. Tariq says:

    Pakistanis are sunk so deep in denial they should consider changing the name of their country to Egypt.

  19. shafiq says:

    Any single attack in Afghanistan, which is investigated is planned in Pakistan, in most cases the attackers themselves are Pakistani. Like the one in Kabul IN Ashura, it was planned and conducted by Pakistani Group. Pakistan Must not let these people to use its soil against neighbors.

    • Mushtaq says:

      Any detained person in any of these incidents are proven to be Pakistani, yes ofcourse these people were born in Pakistan but not Pakistani. The bigest blunder was opening our borders to Afghan to begin with. We should have camped them like Iran did and their wouldn’t be any issues right now. It was than a brotherhood to give them open access in our country and that is now a big pain in behind.

  20. Shakil says:

    I would listen to Afghanistan if there is genuine evidence rather than just blame game and if Afghanistan has perfect control over its own affairs and control over the country. Otherwise its just looks like nothing more than a rant! what country has to keep army from other countries to look after its own peace? which may be very reason of resistance. Mayor of Kabul should put his own house in order before blaming others.

    • Kishore das says:

      What is the ‘evidence’ that Nato,US forces were ‘responsible’ for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers.I can also say if you had ‘put your house’ in order it would not have happened in the first place.

    • Ammar says:

      Absolutely correct and logical, I was just wondering that the Afghanistan’s administration Investigation machinery is so advanced even advanced then the USA and NATO who are taking two to three weeks to find the facts and evidences of what their most sophisticated vehicles did on Pakistani post and Mr. Karzai knew it straight away that their ‘militancy free’ country is attacked by Pakistan?

      It will be in favour of Mr. Karzai to gather some genuine evidence rather than just blame game.

    • Raghbir Dhillon says:


      The answer is yes because the world is well aware that terror emanates from Pakistan with and without the support of its military and allied agencies ; 6.8 billion people are not blind nor are we cretins.

      • Abdul Khan says:

        Yes, 6.8 billion people are not blind then should open eyes to see such attacks….Youcan’t blame any state without evidence.
        Today the war is very much inmedia. Some one from some country rings some media persona nd accept the responsibility by some organization.
        All nonsense and making another Iraq.

  21. Mushtaq says:

    This shows the intension of Mr. Karzai and his group towards Pakistan. They are throwing any sticky material on the wall hoping it may stick to it. When 911 happened and everything was blamed on Taliban

  22. Prabhat says:

    Weird co incidents:
    1. Attack on India : Blame on Pakistan
    2. London Blasts : Wires lead to Pakistan
    3. Attacks in Afghanistan : Blame on Pakistan
    4. Even attack in China : Blame on Pakistan
    5. Finding OBL : Again Pakistan
    6. Documentary by BBC : Yet Again on Pakistan
    7. Religious intolerance report : Cover Page Pakistan.

    Either something is fishy or the entire world is conspiring against Pakistan. People, you decide.

    • valuable comments. I am sure, pak govt cant do any thing to change its image. only dawn kind of news agency and its forum may help to discuss these topics and make aware its citizens to act accordingly. only pakistanis can change this kind of image by changing their govt. god bless pakistan.

      but blaming Pakistan is normal these days and before. specially no one can disagree that Laden was not in Pakistan? nice forum and nice comments.

      • Islam Habib Khan says:

        Mr. Ashok,

        Thank you for your somewhat encouraging comments about Dawn which is doing a great job in providing a platform for a healthy exchange.
        Yes, apparently OBL was in Pakistan – dead or alive we do not know. When the US and allies did the carpet bombing of Afghanistan (Tora Bora) people had to escape somewhere to save their lives. Pakistan was the obvious choice and no one can blame them. It is good that Afghanistan did not border India otherwise they would have also been blessed with millions of militants and the problems that came with them.
        Instead of blaming each other it would be much better for each concerned country to improve its security in order to safeguard the lives of its citizen. It is very difficult to find out the nationality, cause or the motive of a suicide bomber.

        • Nabil says:

          They found OBL with Pakistani intelligence.

          The followed OBLs courier by following his telephone number which was provided by PAKISTAN.

          Once again, thank you.

          And remember, who cares if OBL was found in Pakistan. Is Bin Laden really that bad of a person compared to Israeli or American leaders?

          Osama Bin Laden is a saint compared to Ariel Sharon, who killed tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians, compared to Bush, who killed over 1 million Iraqi civilians.

    • Islam Habib Khan says:

      Mr. Parbhat,

      Blaming is the easiest thing in the world. However, one must realise that Pakistan itself is suffering from this curse of terrorism.
      It would be prudent and intelligent to find out the cause of what has been happening and not just narrate the affects which you have done.
      First Americans involve Pakistan in fighting its enemy Russians in Afghanistan. Make training camps in Pakistan and train Mujahedeen and make OBL a hero. Millions of Afghan refugees including Karzai enter into Pakistan from North to South with the gifts of guns and drugs. Once Russians are defeated Uncle Sam leaves leaving a mess behind and the country high and dry.
      Comes 9/11 in which no Pakistani was involved but has suffered the most in the number of lives lost and a constant do more and do more.
      How does a common Pakistani feels towards the US and Afghanistan – an ungrateful lot. So please stop this blame game as the powers which need to be blamed for this mess are located outside Pakistan.

  23. Reader says:

    Wealth is lost, nothing is lost
    Health is lost, something is lost
    Character/Image is lost, Every thing is lost.

    Image is One of the most important things, and Pakistan has worst possible negative image in creating problems in neighbors, history is the best evidence.

    So irrespective of availability of proof, Pakistan has to bear the blame of wrong doing.

    • Mushtaq says:

      Everyone is blaming Pakistan for everything. Why not give Pakistan some room to come out of this stingy situation. Pakistan has lost thousands of people during last 30 years and is still losing precious lives for some nondependent friends. Every time something happens the blame comes on Pakistan. Who was responsible for killing 24 Pakistani soldiers last week? Was it really NATO or some nonprofessional soldiers on training? This may be a cover up to move the attention from what happened last week. Don’t forget about that incident?

  24. stratalogic says:

    Worth introspecting; Not just countries on the eastern and western borders who are pointing fingers at Pakistan. One by one all are seemingly convinced of the misadventures of the Army and ISI. Are we living in a fools paradise, and/or in a state of self denial?

    • Truth is... says:

      unfortunately, China, India, Afghanistan & Iran all our neighbours have blamed Pakistan. Why we are in denial that we can’t do anything wrong? We have made mistakes and need to work hard to eradicate those otherwise it will destroy us. Law & order situation is all time high, Courts fail deliver justice & yet we carry on as if nothing wrong in the country!!! Wake up, we need to take charge ourselves. on Facebook on Facebook