Brotherly love

Brotherly love

With the recent trip of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, Pakistan’s ties with its two Western neighbours seem to be strengthening.

“The presidents of the three countries, at their summit, agreed to bolster their counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics cooperation despite bitterness during bilateral parleys between Pakistan and Afghanistan over allegations related to Taliban,” a report in this newspaper said on Saturday.

Later on Saturday, Pakistan reportedly agreed to launch an operation against banned militant organisation Jandullah on the insistence of the Iranian president.

The two countries have also agreed to carry on working on the gas pipeline, with Iran saying it will honour the commitment despite international sanctions against it.

Will the two countries be able to turn the gas pipeline project into a success?

How vital is it for Pakistan to have strong relations with Iran?

Can Pakistan sustain strong ties with Iran and Afghanistan? invites its readers to share their views and opinions.


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166 Responses to “Brotherly love”

  1. Fazal says:

    Relations not only with Iran but all neighbors are important for Pakistan, no body can deny that. We can seek a short term solution to our energy crisis only with the help of Iran. We will also have a soft border with Iran and there will be no firing from Iranian side on our security forces, civilians, smugglers, or alleged terrorists. Many of us think that why is it not done immediately, so that, we get rid of this gas load-shedding, waiting in long ques for gas filling for hours and light problems etc. But the government has its own stand and we have to give it weight. Like the recently special status given to our exports to EU is a great boast not only to our exports but it gives a life to our industry, the reports say, that many of workers who lost their jobs in recent months, are called back for work in factories. There is good economic boom seen in the industrial cities.

    Now for me relations with Iran are the most important, these should be enhanced but the governments have to make a balance. The enhanced ties with Iran means annoying the EU. Having all the gas and light of the world but having no exports will do no good to country. Nuclear energy is the right of Iran and even the bombs are required for defense against Israel. But we have our own mill to grind as well.

    • Ghulam Hussain says:

      i do agree with you on the point that most of trade is with America and Europe so that we can not make them angry or break our relation with them only for the cause of gas pipeline from Iran.but one thing that strike me most that is :should we be such puppet that does what is ordered to do ?mean choosing our friends?????????

  2. Ali Hassan says:

    Pakistan must always stand by its national (and natural) interests….Iran is a neighbour. Afghanistan — well unfortunately they too are a neighbour. Regional integration and cooperation will be good for our economy. We have the deep sea all season-warm ports –Afghanistan is the gateway to land-locked Central Asia.

    We need to expand on our cooperation where and when it benefits us the most. Forget the “friends” thing, in the end it’s all about business only. Though I do believe in the importance of “Soft power”

    We have the means to have a booming economy, especially though regional cooperation. We first need to find “leaders” and a system that can provide for its own, even basic things like un-interrupted electricity supply.

    i could care less what the arrogant west says about our cooperation with Iran….

  3. Wasim says:

    Pakistan is impoverished because of its short term foreign and trade policies. It is high time we forge a friendship with Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and India like the one we have and with China.
    If Pakistan really wants to keep Balochistan as part of Pakistan, the best way would be to forge a cemented and solid friendship with Iran. This will enable Pakistan to get cheap electricity which will be very useful in the development of Balochistan.
    Iran helped Pakistan in 1965 war, it is time for Pakistan to show that Iran can trust an old friend.

  4. Aman says:

    How reliable is relation with Iran ??…Pakistan is US allie and Iran is US enemy number one!!!!

    • Fayzee says:

      If an ally is doing all which US is doing with Pakistan, then it would have been better to have US as an enemy. We need to have strong relations with our neighbours, specially Iran and Afghanistan.

      • Imdadul says:

        No muslim country could be an ally of USA.USA is after destroying muslim country.In the past 20 years
        It is doing constant bombing in muslim countries including Iraq, Afganistan,somalia, libya, lebanon, pakistan, now they are after syria and Iran.

        Iran is strong muslim country.It has committed and intelligent government.We should not be emotional about shia/sunni etc.We need to look broader aspect of Ummah and make military alliance with Iran and that will save pakistan to come out from USA’S CLAW.

        • Mustafa says:

          Imdadul, how about Pakistan inact a law forcing all Pakistanis living in USA to return home unconditionally. From now on, no Pakistani should be allowed to travel to USA for visit or business or higher education or job.They can go to Iran, Afghanistan or any Muslim country, no problem. In this way all Pakistanis who hate USA, will be extremely happy.

      • Aman says:

        Fayzee in reality Pakistan is fully dependent on US…current dynamics in asian sub continent making US more stronger…Iran is big obstacle to US..only nation that is challenging US aggresion..Will pakistan foreign policy accept Iran as long term allie ??

  5. Haider says:

    Pakistani government now should understand the rapidly changing international scenario and should make more friends.specially in neighborhood.Iran is a trustworthy nation.Iran has always helped Pakistan in the hours of need.Therefore,Pakistan must embrace this great nation and should strengthened ties with them.Iran has been standing like a rock in the path of evil interest of west and has been successful in doing so.

  6. sohaib says:

    Regrdless of what US says, Iran is our neighbour, our brother and a country with which we have cultural and religious ties. Its a type of relationship that will never be transactional. Similar is the case with Afghanistan. Instead of looking for short term objectives, we must look to strengthen our relation with Iran and Afghanistan. Our differences will allow external threats like US a foot in and that will be extremely harmful. Instead of just siding with one faction, we must realize that our unity will be the biggest hurdle for these external threats. US is clearly a threat in the region and it must be identified as such. All efforts must be made to kick it out of the region. US is no one to lecture us on our relationship with Iran. ANd it has no right to tell us that Iran is unreliable. It should look at its own record on unreliability and meanness.

  7. Agha Ata says:

    Why not include India, too. They (Indians) are closer to Pakistanis culturewise, languagewise, history wise. Besides, people have more blood relations with Indians than with Iranians and Afghanis. We lived in each other’s houses for thousand years, married each other and many have their children still in India, and theirs in Pakistan. We are not even figurtatively brothers, we are also sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers in reality. Yes, why not include Indians too?

    • Ashah says:


    • Usman Chaudhry says:


      This refers to political instability on the areas adjoining border with Afghanistan and Iran. Besides, the Taliban role afterwards when ISAF troops leave. India has little role to play in this scenario. Perhaps someone else can throw light on the situation.


      • Agha Ata says:

        Does that mean, Usman, that Iran and Afghanistan are brothers because of their role they would possibly play after ISAF troops leave? This is neither brotherhood, nor fair. No dictionary in the world would define brotherhood based on this temporary necessity. Can’t we be a little more honest?

        • Falcon says:

          Agree with Agha Ata. We really need to build relationship with India because the alliance on that front is quite natural because of our cultural proximity. Secondly, I feel it is necessary not only for trade reasons but also because India will continue to have strong relationship with US and we having strong relationship with India will reduce vacuum for foreign aggression in the region rather than formation of power poles. Lastly, it can save us from the potential abuse from China in the long run so that we don’t become a hired Chinese gun against US.

          • Agha Ata says:

            A real brotherhood should be unconditional. The world has shrunk so much that we all, including Chinese need to live together like human beings. Otherwise this planet can become deserted for aliens. :(

          • Ali Hassan says:


  8. Janab says:

    It is about time that Pakistan realizes how to stand up for itself and make friends with its neighbors. Pakistan has no problem with any of its neighbors and can resolve any of its disputes with India any given day, just like we did with China in 1962.

    Now is the time to realize that world should have Multi-Polar Multiple Regional Powers and that, global power structure is constantly evolving. Middle East region, and to some extent, west sees Pakistan as part of the Greater Middle Eastern Region due to our Religious affiliation with that region, has No truly recognized Super Power. Every other region has some sort of Regional Super Power. Brazil in South America, Germany in Western Europe. Russia and China in Asia. Two other regions, Middle East and North Africa have no Well Recognized Regional Super Power, Israel thinks that it is, and wants to keep that status and Europe and US highly Support Israel, but that country is not really a part of Middle East and North Africa. The only countries that can be Greater Middle Eastern Super Power has to be Either, Turkey, Iran or Pakistan. If we cant do it alone, we have to form an Alliance to do so.

    Another important factor is to have friendly relations with China, but also keep in mind NOT to let them control everything in the region like the others did and are still doing to this day, i.e. Russia, EU, US, etc. Muslims countries need to take control of Middle East and North Africa to benefit all the people across this vast region of all Muslim Countries, and now is the time, before China or India or Russia or any other nation takes advantage of all its remaining resources and wealth.

    • Abdullah Khan says:

      How would you incorporate our Brothers and sisters to the East such as Malayasia, Borneo and Indonesia??

  9. Secular Pakistan says:

    I have been hearing about this IP line for the last 8-years. It is the weak kneed Pakistani politicians and establishments, hooked on free money in the form of aid continue to drag the feet. Our problems start from the top. WE have a third rate leadership that will have to be replaced with nationalists who have the country’s best interest rather than their own.

  10. Razi Khan says:

    It was a great moment to see the three presidents together on tv. I hope the better sense prevail. Having strong freindly relations with all the neighbours specially with Iran and Afghanistan is in the best interest of Pakistan. We Pakistanies, must learn to tolerate and accept religious, sectarial and ethnic differences.

  11. Khalid says:

    Pakistan, knowing the fact that its enemies are busy in hatching conspiracies against it, this is the time to focus on strengthening the relations with its neighbor’s i.e. China, Iran and Afghanistan. Due to rapid development in the region, we have to shun all the difference and further cement the relations among each other. The recent visit by Presidents of Iran and Afghanistan is the first step to move forward for the closer ties.

  12. H.Malik says:

    One can Choose So called ” Friends” who can come and go as they please but One has to live and die among his neighbour. Look what your Allied have done to this Land of pure for 6 decades now and the recent act of these so called Friends ( USA house of representatives bills on Balouchistan as a sovereign Country !” ) can do to this land of pure So Start building Good friendly brotherly relationship with your neighbours and forget and forsake the bounties of your so called friends are trying to dangle in front of you in the form of alternate source of energy ! Forsake the religious taboo and try to repair and live like Good neighbours . I rest my case…

  13. Naved says:

    It is extremely important for Pakistan to have cordial relation with its all neighbors, especially with Iran. The contradictory political interests created the distance between the two brotherly countries in the last decade, but now it’s the high time the two countries should bridge the gap. To achieve this, I believe Pakistan has to do more. Because of the international pressures, Iran is looking at Pakistan with open arms. Now it is Pakistan’s call to embrace Iran by brushing aside the US pressure. In long terms, it will bear fruit for Pakistan.
    In case we again succumb to US pressure or follow some ill advice by any of our short sighted people, then we will regret. Let us keep the Pakistan interest supreme. To determine what is Pakistan’s interest, we need to use our wisdom and foresight and should not follow any biased approach and must not try to serve any third party interest.

    • Secular Pakistan says:

      The best way forward is improved political and economic relations with Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, strecthing into Bangladesh. All these countries are linked by common interests and history. Time to get the foreginers out of this region.

      • Mustafa says:

        Dear Secular, you must be joking. Would you like western countries deport all people from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Bangladesh. I do not think so unless they also become like you.

  14. Indusonian says:

    Tell me a single initiative this government has taken for the betterment of this nation ? This is mere a photo session like many before.

  15. Aessa Malik says:

    All muslim countries must form a united front against the west & the US. Not to have war but to stand tall to preserve the dignity & soveraignty. As the wiseman tells united you stand divided you fall. Cultural differences between islamic countries can be resolved by cultural exchanges. Alternative is that muslim countries must form a union in defence, economy, education & regional development in blocks a) Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, b) Arabs – Kuwait, Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, c) Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Morroco, d) Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunie, and e) Kazakhstan, Turkminstan etc. These blocks with a united stand can demonstrate that Islam is united and can defend against foreign pressure and invasion.

    • Mustafa says:

      Dear Aesa, are you aware that in each of the Muslim countries that you listed, the life style, the culture and even Islamic beliefs and practices are different. It is next to impossible to unite them as one nation or under one umbrella.

    • MAx says:

      Sounds like Iqbal’s fantasy.

    • Usman Chaudhry says:

      Sounds fantasy, may be achievable on political grounds. Considering elements besides religion is not a bad option as well. Minorities are part of us can’t leave them alone is this world.

    • richard says:

      we could do little less with Islam. A little more tolerance towards non-muslims would do no harm to Islam.

    • Sudhir Kumar says:

      Oh my brother! Please try to think beyond religion sometimes… Why do u need a front based on Islam?… and not solely on region? You people have long given Islam a bad name by isolating yourself from others..
      Its time you start spreading love and brotherhood…. tolerance and acceptance….. I am surprised you did not name ‘India’ in your so called ‘Islamic fronts’ against the west which houses second highest number of Islamic followers in the world and certainly most educated and prosperous ones.

    • Secular Pakistan says:

      Not going to happen. Relations based on religion are bound to fail.

  16. Ahmed says:

    We need more love.

    • Riaz says:

      My dear Ahmed, you are not going to get any love by being with the Americans. The are out to slowly and systematically destroy the Muslims. It is not more love we need, the reality is we need less traitors before it is too late.

      • Mustafa says:

        America slowly out to destroy Muslims? What are you talking Riaz?. Are you aware Islam is the second largest religion in America after Christianity and growing rapidly faster than any other religion by the Will of Allah. If Americans were hostile to Muslims, we will not achieve the rapid growth of Islam in America.

  17. parmoon shuja says:

    Time has come to differentiate between friends and foes. With Iran and Afghanistan, Pakistan has all the common grounds to be friends – like India. Where as America do not want these friendly ties to flourish for her own agendas and policies.
    With out the interference of America and the will of Pakistan, Pakistan must and should complete the gas pipe line project for the betterment of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan/ Iran can make it a success without any doubt.
    Iran will be the 2nd. Muslim nation to be a nuclear power. Because it is very necessary to have a balance of power in the region. And then the load of stress and bullying will be less on Pakistan.
    As the signs of ” To days politics” show, Muslim countries are getting wiser in getting what is good and what is bad for the people of their countries. surely we can say that Pakistan will sustain strong ties with Iran and Pakistan, in Future.
    All the best for the 3 neighbour countries.

    • Zal Heusen says:

      I agree with Mr. Shuja that all Muslim countries should unite. However Iran is not a Nuclear power with nuclear bomb. All nuclear activity in Iran are for for energy related programs. However Pakistan should form a defense pact with Iran and state clearly to the world that Iran does not need nuclear bomb, because if west or Israel uses nuclear bomb on Iran ,Pakistan will respond with its Nuclear arsenal.

  18. Shakil says:

    Pakistan’s geographic location is Pakistan’s biggest strength but Pakistan has not been able to use this strength due to repeated foreign interventions in this region. Regionalism is the key factor in survival of Pakistan as an independent nation. Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India and China should form an Asian block to restrain foreign intervention in this region. We should learn from European Union and United States of America when it comes to regionalism. US has eliminated all the issues with Mexico and Canada, while EU member countries have put behind all their differences for the sake of regionalism.
    If Pakistan is not advocating for the right of self determination of Texas, Michigan or California, US should also restrain from triggering instability in our region.

    • Akbar Khan says:

      Shakil, Right on Money. We need more people like you in Pakistan. We as Pakistani always think that we are super power and a Muslim country who should deal with only our Muslim neighbouring country but do nor realise that our two most powerful neighbour are not Muslim countries and there will no stability in this part of world unless we have good relations with them. In my opinion, once we resolve our problems with India, it is going to be our best friend/brother as neighbour as we are BLOOD relative of them.

  19. venu says:

    yeah this is good and sensible thing to do for both the countries. one is rich in energy and one is starving for energy. pakistan should honour its commitment and move on a path to glory

  20. Noor Chaudhry says:

    it’s very needful to have strong & staunch relation with all the neighbors of Pakistan including, India,China,Afghanistan, Iran & Russ.
    I would prefer special relation with Russia, because it’s our one of Veto power in the U.N.O.
    Pakistan must have strong relation with Iran. Afghanistan and Turky. then Pakistan will be a strong country.
    American friendship not only expensive, but also turning into enmity. Pakistan should have known long time ago. USA is never a friend to non. It runs it’s relation on the business manners.look at the Balochistan issue.
    Noor. M. Chaudhry.

  21. Ahmed says:

    Iran is strong and powerful country of the region that has since the past 32 years stood against the same sort of Western arrogance that threatens the existence of Pakistan.

    We need to learn a lot from the Iranians.

    In the same light our relationship with them should be strengthened over time.

  22. Malik says:

    It is of utmost importance for us to maintain good relations with all our neighbours including Iran, India, Afghanistan and China. Only by doing so true and long lasting stability can return to this region. When there is peace and harmony in South Asia, trade and cultural ties will improve and prosperity will region. The resources spent on building bombs can than be spent on building schools and hospitals. Only than the human rights of each Pakistani will be ensured and the country as a nation will bloom as a true democracy.

  23. Irfan says:

    Only IP pipeline can resolve the energy crisis in short term.

    The reason is that Coal Fired Power Stations will take minimum 5 years before completion. Construction of medium to large size dams takes 7-8 years.

    Pakistan recently has install 800 kilometer white oil pipe line and can easily connect Iranian gas pipeline from Baluchistan to the national grid station already available in Baluchistan. This can be done as quickly as 18 months as the expertise and infrastructure is already available at home.

    Only serious approach is needed which is free of United State’s pressure.

  24. JADO JEHAD says:

    I believe all three countries should put their difference aside and get together to fight the common enemy.
    They need to start with resolving problem of home grown terrorist then move on to preventing their neighbor enemy from using their country as a shelter.

  25. jamal hasan says:

    In my opinion, there should be strong relations within these three countries because we are not only neighbouring countries but also by blood brothers to each other, we all are Muslims. so instead of becoming puppet of western countries. we should keep strong alliance with these two countriesm, To stand with each other at all critical situations.

    • Akbar Khan says:

      Only country whom we can call a blood brother country is India as we both has a common mother. All other counties are our neighbours. Having alliance with these two weak and problematic counties will create more problems then any solution. on Facebook on Facebook