Will the silent majority speak up?

Will the silent majority speak up?

Karachi was once again set on fire on Tuesday when Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) said that some armed men entered the house of Mansoor Mukhtar, a member of the party’s PIB sector committee in PIB colony and shot him to death.

The early morning attack also led to the death of the victim’s brother Maqsood Mukhtar who was earlier injured in the firing and later succumbed to his wounds.

The statement issued by MQM alleged that elements of the Lyari gang-war were responsible for the incident. The MQM demanded that the president, prime minister, chief minister and other authorities ensure that those responsible for the attack, be arrested and brought to justice.

The MQM Rabita Committee condemned the killing of its activist and announced a day of mourning all across the province.

However, what we see in the city, and in other parts of the province is not an environment of silent mourning, but instead a battlefield of angry citizens who are bent upon destroying public property and pick up weapons as a way to display their rage at the situation.

Regardless of which party is targeted or which political activist is killed, what we always see happening is the suffering of the common man. The common man who is thrown of a bus which is set on fire. The common man whose exams have been cancelled and university sealed. The common man who becomes a prisoner is his own home because all he can hear outside his window are gun shots.

Be it a politically motivated killing or the energy crisis, it has become a sad reality in the country for people to demonstrate their anger by destroying public property and perpetuating mayhem among the masses. But how does that ever solve anything?

Have you been a victim of this chaos? Do you have any information from your area to share with us?


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83 Responses to “Will the silent majority speak up?”

  1. Humera says:

    The writer of blog is totally biased person..why u do not raise ur voice when every other day ,innocent people of karachi are killed near banaras ,qasba colony .? evey one also knows who is killing all these Karachites in those areas frequently. ,but u do not write their names.

  2. baloch khan says:

    Everyone should keep in mind, that karachi does not belong to certain ethinic groups, karachi belong to sindh, and it had accepted all nationalities since 1947 or beyond. Please accept this than only there will be peace,

  3. M. Hamid says:

    As you have accused the MQM in his blog on the road were burning vehicles and tires, etc. have MQM is not their responsibility because the first thing that MQM leader Mr Altaf Hussain, peaceful mourning was declared and the MQM was not against any member leader and the other thing is that if you saw the video of the funeral is clearly visible number of people attending the funeral in millions. attended the funeral of all workers. those who have done this open words MQM leadership said that they and we have nothing to be arrested. the Rangers also come in the raid on the offices of MQM but they found nothing.

  4. syed baqar ahsan says:

    our destiny will only change once salient majority will cast vote in next election

  5. vasim says:

    The entire population has been hijacked by political parties in Karachi.An ordinary man has been deprived of right to speak up.Here the one who is associated with any political party is supposed to have such right.the solution for the restoration of peace in Karachi lies in political will and sincere efforts of the govt, regardless of discriminative and exploitative support to the coalition partners

  6. JK says:

    PTI is only party currently which is representing all sub nationalities of Pakistan. Only Imran Khan is leader who has got multiple successes in past and seems tobe truly patriotic person. Current need is only unity and unity among all ethnicities…!! This could only be done through PTI, specially in Karachi.. Believe it or not practically we need a leader who should be acceptable to all ethnicities..!! And Imran Khan is the only one rite now..!! He always talks of Pakistan and unity..!! Quad-e-Azam always said that leave aside poison of this provincialism aside, as this will only destroy your unity..

    People of Karachi are Fed Up from all these parties..!! And Silent majority is waiting for free and fair elections…Time will show reality..

  7. Ahsan Rizvi says:

    Pakistan is going through the most critical phase of its life and the way things are shaping up all over the country is causing extreme pain and anguish among the ordinary Pakistanis but the way things are being tackle by the government and the security establishment is not at all satisfactory.

    we are well aware of the fact that nothing is in proper order in our beloved country but now it is the time to take the steps to address the issues and accept the mandate of the peoples

    I think it is an establish fact that MQM is a major stakeholder of the metropolis but time and again their mandate has been trampled upon so it is the high time that we should take the things seriously and try to address the issues in an civilized manner.

  8. akhan says:

    Some of the Pakistani TV talk show anchors portray Pakistani nation as if it is a failed nation. They choose these type of topics to have high rating of their show. Whatever their reasons may be but Pakistani nation is not at all a failed nation. Its politicians who are voted to run the country are failed people and ultimately the responsibility goes to the citizen of Pakistan who do not know their power of vote and say.

  9. Dr Abdul Shakoor Bhatti says:

    To control city of immense diversity is easier said than done. Nowadays, incidents of extortion, blackmailing, intimidation, harassment and kidnapping for ransom are on daily basis and people consider it as a routine measure. It’s beyond imagination that there is continuous firing on roads and streets but appallingly people are doing their work without any fear and even waiting for the bus at the spot of firing. Because it’s a home to innumerable refugees, main hub of economy and people from all walks of life come and settled here for ages ago. So, to overcome these insurmountable difficulties could be possible in imagination but in real life it seems to be implausible. Some people firmly believe that anti state forces are involved in these heinous, terrible, dreadful and monstrous acts. But I fervently believe that without internal involvement nobody could do anything. It can be seen that racial, ethnical and religious hatred is spreading like an uncontrollable wind. The basic problem is this that we have forgotten teaching of Islam. That teaches us love, affection, peace and not only national but universal brotherhood.

  10. Kaleem says:

    I would like to say that this is the fact that silent majority can always speak up and use their rights to fight against all crimes. They can also execute their rights in election and select the best person on the basis of merit in their society who has a reputable character. This is the way you can change your society and system but every person of the country has to stand for it.

  11. Faisal says:

    This is very clear and obvious that some elements in present Government is behind the current situation of Karachi.

    People of Karachi should stand-up and stop the current prevailing situation of city by force, i guess people can easily analyse the situation by looking back to last 10 years trend by breaking up the situation in last 4 years and situation before this People Party Government.


  12. Kamran says:

    I really hope Pakistan Government can adopt the right balance of power where the concentration of power is at local level than provincial and the least at Center.

  13. Iqbal Malik says:

    We have to look the law and order situation in Pakistan globally, regionally, nationally and locally. Today, local and global are synonyms.
    Karachi is the economic engine of Pakistan that feeds Pakistan. Karachi generates 20 percent of Pakistan’s GDP.
    Lyari Gang War, Religious fanatics, Shahi terrorist………the custodians of Status Quo have beefed up their presence in the very city of Karachi to hurt the financial life line of Pakistan.
    All the patriotic and progressive Pakistani forces should unite to fail these feudalistic elites and it is only possible when the Silent Majority Speaks up…..

  14. Anum Ahmed Khan says:

    Citizens must check out their own collars first. what they are doing on their behalf rather making talks here and at home? People get killed but who cares? not even allo f you cares who are making comments above. if MQM condemns killing they surely dont ask people to come out and do mayhem as their own goodwill is attached to any bad thing happens in Karachi.

  15. Danish Kazi says:

    I feel strongly that Karachi is now being inhabited by a lot of people who do not like to own this city. Karachi is in the middle of a proxy war of the War against Terror and people of Karachi are paying with their lives. The anti Pakistan sentiment has done a great job by destablizing the strategic lifeline of the country . What people fail to realize is that rather than blaming the main political party of Pakistan; they should accept the fact that this is a front of War against Terror and wonder why no serious action is being done against the same.

  16. Yasir Khan says:

    If you don’t respect the mandate of the largest party of Karachi peace shall not be prevailed. You don’t allow MQM to enter in Punjab on ethnic basis because they are Urdu-speaking and don’t represent the people of Punjab(Although they are no more an ethnic party) but on the other hand you ask MQM to do politics beyond ethnic boundaries in Karachi and allow outsiders to come and pollute the peaceful environment of the city, what double standard is this?

  17. Ash says:

    I strongly condemn all this barbaric acts of terrorism and merciless killing of MQM workers. I know some people are blaming MQM for all this out of their own hatred toward the party but being a Karachi citizen and having looked all ups and downs of this city I have a firm believe that only MQM understands and have pain for this city. Karachi was peaceful and was on its way to prosperity during Mustafa Kamal era, but since PPP took over (so called democratic govt.) they made citizens of Karachi to pay heavy price for not voting to them. This lawlessness will go on and on until administration and Police is given to the real people of this city and that is MQM. I can bet that things will improve if Local bodies, Police, Interior ministry is given to MQM as they know inside out this city and can work much better than these so-called democratic Jageerdars (landlords).

  18. Moosa M. says:

    To the citizens who love peace particularly in Karachi,

    It is said that when the population of the cities reached to the bottle neck level just open them. But how Karachi will be opened now it has already reached to Hub (part of Baluchistan) and to Hyderabad (interior Sind). The influx of population from all over Pakistan to Karachi has already killed the city. If the people coming to Karachi are not greedy then there could be peace and harmony but the terrorism in KP has flooded the city with those who want to grab the land,transport, businesses, jobs and overall have brought ammunation and drugs. One of political party’s leader has chosen railway ministry for himself to utilise the trains to bring the illegal arms to fight with their opponents. Some people as their age old nature is want to capture Karachi by hook and by crook. Their ordinary educated leader who has recently been awarded senator seat from Karachi by his party always speak in threatening language. People say that he has been awarded the seat of senator because his son is going to be married with the daughter of the president of his party and the president of this party wants to see him of his standard. Their another leader who is called Haji has asked yesterday the so called Muhajirs to leave Pakistan because Pakistan does not need them. This way of talking and these kind of leaders will not bring any good to Karachi but they are iginating the fire in the city for their political purposes. I feel the pain of the old inhibitants of Karachi i.e. the Parsi community who developed this beautiful city with their hearts. Today Karachi is no more for Karachi people. Every department is full with the people from other provinces. Karachi’s youth do not get jobs in their city. Their all jobs have been occupied by other people who do not belong to Karachi. I hate calling Karachi a mini Pakistan. This is to justify the occupation of the city by the non Karachities.

  19. sadia khan says:

    politicians donot know how to do politics and common people consider them their leaders.It is like sheep flocks and the leaders are like shepherds the sheep’s move and follow blindly the shepherd.Rather watching entertaining programs they should watch political awareness programs.It is the foremost duty of media to guide them in true way.

    • Moosa M. says:

      If you call them politicians then you are doing injustice with the real politicians whom hearts and soul are always with the people of their country. These are not politicians but they are running family business houses. Please look around you all the parties have life long presidents and chairmen. They did not ever conduct elections in their own parties how could they have pain for the democracy in the country. The closest to them are their own family members. I blame people who are being fooled by them. I hate their day to day statements that they are dying with the pain of the nation. The musical chair game is on. The purpose of one leader is to kick out the other who has occupied the government. I laugh at one leader who is running government in the largest province with 60% population to blame the guy who is in the federal goverment for all the evils in the country. From the day one they are fighting with each other and the innocent people who gave their verdict to them for change are just mum and helpless. I do not hope to any one either he is shouting for inqilaab or some similar naarehbazi. Neither I have any hope to the media who are clearly divided between the so called leaders and they have their own mafadaat. This is the money making time for every one either he is a political crook or representing the media.

  20. Nasah (USA) says:

    If the PPP, MQM and ANP can coexist nationally why can’t they do the same in Karachi? Karachi is a blot on the name of investing in Pakistan — it presents such a grim picture of Pakistan’s instability.

  21. Syed says:

    MQM needs to understand that they do not represent all so called ‘ urdu speaking’ or mohajirs. i am an urdu speaking and a pakistani. my parents were mohajir. i strongly condemn MQM and all parties like them that thrive on the basis of language, race or religion. having lived in canada for a long time, i now realize how poisonous these ethnic parties are and the blood they have on their hands. I strongly urge all other urdu speaking brothers/sisters to come out and condemn MQM and their tactics.

  22. Nadir KN says:

    It was May 2007 when all roads from Karachi airport to city were blocked to deny the entry of Chief Justice Chaudhry.Around 50 people were killed including some from PPP.It was done by MQM on behest of Musharraf.No action was taken. No one has raised the issue. As usual Karachi press remained silent. Now ‘silent’ majority is being asked to speak up. Hypocrisy.

  23. Ali Zadar says:

    I think its time the Jasmine revolution arrives here – enough is enough this is a joke.

  24. Yamin says:

    A large percentage of Muslims have forgotten what Islam is and are not living like a Muslim, living life dictated by their desire and greed to find contentment which they will never find in doing so. We need to get our belief corrected, and even if we follow the basics principle of Islam we will be successful. If only the people followed true teachings of Islam, the way shown by our beloved Prophet (S.A.W). There would be no corruption, no killings, no bribery, and good Just leader……
    “Verily Allah does not change men’s condition unless they change their inner selves” (Quran 13: 11).
    We should remind each other about our belief our faith our destiny ‘Reminding each other is beneficial for a believer.

    • Zafar says:

      If anything religion can do in this situation is to make the situation worse.

    • Nasah (USA) says:

      Please do not bring Islam and Muslims into this — religion has nothing to do with what is happening in Karachi neither religion is a remedy for the malady — it is an ethnic strife which the respective leaders unleash upon each other to settle scores with each other at the expense of the death and the destruction of property upon not the so well to do..

      • Yamin says:

        Wrong…True belief is the remedy for everything and every situation..
        Please take some time out and read the history of muslim nations from begining of time, it repeats, again and again and again.
        Because people forget the reason for their existance, turn away from God Almighty to worldy things to find solution to their problems

        • Chak says:

          I feel most Pakistanis are fairly well rooted in Islam.
          It is the secular western ideology followers who are the problem. Otherwise Pakistani society is developing like a true Islamic society.

        • Mustafa says:

          Wrong…………..You said “True belief is the remedy for everything and every situation”. Your true belief and your brother’s true belief and your cousin’s true belief may not be identical on all issues. The Problems in Pakistan cannot be solved by Mullahs, Maulanas, Muftees, Imams of mosques, and Ustaads in Madarsah regardless of what they have learnt on Islam because they have never learnt that Allah commanded Muslims to use “Aql” (brain, wisdom and reasoning) to solve complex problems. The problems that we have in the world today never existed in the time of the Holy Prophet or the Khalifas and the Holy Quran or the Hadees may not have clear-cut solutions and that is why Allah commanded us to use “Aql” and whatever we decide to do, it is OK as long as we do not violate the major or basic commands of Allah as stated in the Holy Quran and no other books.

          • Imtiaz says:

            I totally agree with you Mustafa. It is the use of Aql, we Muslims have ignored. That’s why, not only in Karachi but world over, we Muslims suffer.

  25. Syed says:

    I posted a comment earlier and used the name of Altaf hussain. Unfortunately it was deleted by your staff. Why ? If the media is so afraid of him to publish his name then what is left. It was my opinion and not your’s , yet you were so threatened that you deleted his name. What a shame. I live in canada ( you can check from my ip) and if i had expressed my opinion with a name on a public forum it would have been published here. I feel sorry for people of pakistan and your hypocrisy. i know you will not publish this comment of mine but at least you will get my message. i can see how powerful altaf hussain is and how scared you are of him.

    • Altaf says:

      Mr. Syed, that’s all you felt after submission of your comments..
      Every body is sacred here because they know what is the reality.
      Peoples of metropolitan/ or other areas are not fool.
      Reality never change!

    • ahmad says:

      At Syed,

      We cannot do anything currently, as people are not mature enough to unite for a revolution; we have different languages, provinces, ethnicity and socio cultural setup that people mistrust other and then hatred within us against each other…..it will take time for this country to choose a leader who will be a “Pakistani” not a siyasi jiyala,fauji gernalle, not a fauj promoted leader, or wadera….unfortunately Pakistan is over 200 years behind France, over 60 years behind china and there is no spirit of unity to cause a revolution.

      • Bharat says:

        and why not Mr Ahmad.

        There are a few things that unite a nation – commonality of culture and an empathy for each other.

        another requirement may a common enemy –

        you have both – so why not?

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