Last-minute invitation

Last-minute invitation

President Asif Ali Zardari, along with Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar, are set to attend the Nato summit in Chicago this weekend, after receiving a last-minute invitation from the organisers. The decision, which came as talks were reportedly underway to reopen Nato supplies to Afghanistan, was welcomed by the federal cabinet.

The decision to attend the summit and, indeed, to invite Pakistan was linked to the reopening of Nato supplies being transported to Afghanistan. This hurdle, too, seems to be out of the way as hundreds of trucks crossed the Pak-Afghan border late Friday. Negotiations are still underway on the nature of the deal to allow the transportation of supplies to Nato forces.

Pakistan’s presence at the summit is crucial in that it is closely-linked to the future of Afghanistan. While it may be the core reason behind the invitation, it remains to be seen if Pakistan’s views will be heard at the summit.

How will world leaders react to Pakistan’s presence at the Nato summit?

Will Pakistan be able to press its view upon the Nato alliance? Or, did Nato hand out the invitation to complete a cursory formality? invites its readers to share their opinion…


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49 Responses to “Last-minute invitation”

  1. Nasah (USA) says:

    “A judicial commission investigating the circumstances leading to the death of Al Qaeda chief, Osama bin Laden in a US navy seal raid in the northern city of Abbottabad in May, 2011, had recommended in October last that Afridi be charged with high treason.”

    In a normal country — any law abiding citizen of the country who helps to catch the country’s Enemy Number ONE killer of innocent Pakistanis — and a world’s mass murderer sought by the entire world — will be showered with accolades, prizes, medals money and certificates of bravery — but not in Pakistan where a wretched murderer of a provincial governor is showered with rose petals by the none other than lawyers themselves — in that haven of freedom for murderers — that doctor who caught Osama will be sentence to be incarcerated for 33 years — for committing TREASON against Osama bin Laden and/or Pakistan

    3 cheers for the custodians of justice and law in Pakistan. Down with Dr. Shakil Afridi. What a great country!

  2. shirin zada says:

    Why could the sacrifices of 46ooo martyred not be got acknowledged is the question which press us hard to believe that the nations having such a president can never rise with honour. How pity is this that the biggests sacrifice has been sufferred by Pakistan but no recognition is being given .

  3. Irfan Akarm says:

    Big fat NO!

  4. Hashmi says:

    It is high time we should have good relations with USA . It is not as matter of insult or prestige of any one these are serious matters invovling nations and their future we should look forward and enter the line of developing nations if we miss this chance the history will never forgive us . Stop looking backwards past is past discuss your problems but do not leave the world community .

  5. Nasah (USA) says:

    When you have nothing to offer — NATO has nothing to offer – not even 10%.

  6. Mubeen Alum says:

    Why is this person Goin there to insults us more?!

  7. amir says:

    This site belongs to a newspaper owned by a group and the article has no connection with ground realities. Next time, try to find things worthy of news for people to comment or at least be aware instead of throwing in some gibberish like this

  8. Iqbal says:

    In Pakistan, important policies are made by the military leadership not by the civilian government. Zardari and Hina Rabbani have no real authority to negotiate and the NATO leadership is very well aware of that.

  9. ali ahmed says:

    pakistan has no choice

  10. Jalbani Baloch says:

    Pakistan should budge an inch from its standpoint, seeking the unconditional apology from NATO or American Forces, on attaching its military checkpost, and ending the drone attacks in its tribal belt on a flimsy ground of targeting the terrorists. This is a good time for Pakistan to get out of war, which was forced on it in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorists attack on WTC, while relying on the support of 180 million Pakistans. The govt. has many excuses, but the point is, how bold is our military leadership, as at the end, they are the real player of power game in Pakistan.

    • Tariq says:

      Pakistan has no options. We need money from america.We should stop this mess which we created.

    • Anand says:

      Pakistan is getting more irrelevant by the day. Though this need not be the case.

      The need for supply routes through Pakistan was overstated.

      As can be seen months after their shut down.

      And drone strikes do and will continue.

      Making the right choices for progressive agendas is the only option open to Pakistan. This has been so for awhile now.

      Let us hope Pakistan yet takes steps towards responsible integration into the worlds community of responsible nations.

  11. Ajaya K Dutt says:

    Americans are perhaps not just most powerful but most conscientious and considerate country in the world.
    It is in American best interest in short as well as long terms to access Afghanistan through friendly Baluchistan; but America is not Pakistan and it shall not do so. It would have been different if the roles were reversed. If it has not acted in self interest in case of Pakistani duplicity, it is not because they do not see through conniving, deceptive Land Of Pure, but because they had been “friends” with the guy who is stabbing them in the back.

    • Adil Jadoon says:

      I hope you are writing g this for vested interest and donot really believe this otherwise I have serious reservations. believe me there are no friends or conscientious countries in the world just countries with mutual interests.

    • Ash says:

      Hi Ajaya,

      I am impressed with your comments, how bitter you are and it does not surprise me that we can live side by side but never going to be friends. Who needs an enemy when we have a person like you right next to us who has extremist feelings against a neighbor?

      If we are burning, and you as a neighbor is happy and laughing then remember fire does not distinguish between a friend or enemy it will spread all over and soon or later will get to you.
      I work in IT industry and have so many Indian friends and majority of them are really nice and we get on quiet well however as far as people like you are still out there then I wonder why peace is not possible on this planet.

      And please do not lecture me on Bombay bombing as your hands have got more blood then we have however it was very tragic incident and whoever responsible should be brought to justice. My sympathies go to the families who have lost their loved ones in this incident and whoever is responsible.

  12. Nasah (USA) says:

    As I said earlier why go to Chicago if you have nothing to offer. Secretary general of NATO canceled his meeting with an empty-handed Zardari — may be rightly so.

    Because even after 6 months of a patently hostile act of blockade against a friend and a partner — who is definitely not your enemy — if still you do not show the leadership or the power – to lift the blockade — why people in high places should meet an irrelevant man like you.

    The prudence would demand you stay home instead of facing a gathering of 48 very angry countries. The cancellation of the meeting came as no surprise to many of us.

    What the PPP administration doesn’t realize that the World expects formulation of policies and dynamic leadership in carrying out those policies by the prime minister and the president of the country — not like a pair of potted plants frozen in time and space from fear of not completing their tenure.

    What good is that tenure if it makes the country stand still instead of moving forward.

    • Armecin says:

      Excellent analysis!

    • S Patel says:

      They should have invited Army & ISI chiefs as nothing happens with out their NOD . Invited the wrong person.Even if Z wanted he could not DELIVER.

    • sz says:

      Friends don’t bomb friend’s house. Friends don’t twist the arms of friend. Friend don’t try to intimidate friends…. what kind of friendship we are talking here?

  13. Mukarram Habib says:

    We have yet to see how all this unfolds.

    The outcome of the negotiations is yet to be known. We still have to wait to see how our President will be received by NATO.

    Agreed or not, Pakistan has been a hard bargain for NATO forces. Hopefully outcome will be in favour of Pakistan. We have yet to see how NATO summit will respond to concerns and our viewpoint of Pakistan.

    I personally believe, instead of NATO summit, negotiations underway in Pakistan will set the course of future action. And hopefully that will be in the favour of Pakistan.

    There’s no reason to get touchy by the fanatic elements in our society since most of the demands have already been met, hence, I see no harm in resuming NATO supply routes thru Pakistan.

    I have faith in our leadership, our Presidency and of course in the Military.

  14. Zain says:

    What a way to go not being ashamed on the dignity and sacrifices of our 24 soldiers and others who were martyred in their line of duties sorry for them and being a Pakistani living abroad will face lot of problems due to their actions How our Chief of Army will give explanations to those families who lost their lives for the future of Pakistan These are all same in line of corruptions they are united for begging with the world not thinking of self reliance, dignity, ego!!!!

  15. Babu says:

    Invitation to pakistan is not a formality.Pakistan’s vision of the future of Afghanistan is already rejected by the NATO and USA. By inviting pakistan to the summit, NATO countries can show pakistan how much united they are against pakistan. And how much they can do against pakistan collectively.And how much pakistan can gain by cooperating with NATO.

  16. Bilal says:

    Pakistan can’t fix it’s own problems, let alone external ones. how can you fix something else if your own house is on fire? Zardari should not go, it’s of no use, like someone said, he is there to fill the gap, or unless he wishes to have a peek at chicago skyline !!!!

  17. qadri says:

    Pakistan should keep to the popular view of not allowing the NATO to pass through the Pakistan route as only innocent and ordinary people have been killed and the blood of innocent people is as sacred as any other person on the earth

  18. Shaffiq Mahmood says:

    Inviting Zardari at the last minute is a ruse. He will give up under pressure from US – they know his history and where the bank accounts are. PM and FM, and Military should have been invited, not President. Has the Queen of England as Head Of State been invited ?

  19. jalaluddin S. Hussain says:

    Thanks for your invitation to share opinion on this crucial subject. From my perspective, this last-minute invitation to Pakistan is simply a formality. The movers and shakers of NATO have already decided to withdraw from Afghanistan after their humiliating defeat at the hands of the rag-tag army of Taliban. Pakistan is one of the defeated parties.

    The American Congress has already voted overwhelmingly against any additional military aid to Pakistan.

    Pakistan has really lost all credibility since the killing of Osama on Pakistani soil.

  20. Agha Ata says:

    What exactly are the Pakistani views that she wants to press upon the Nato alliance?

  21. Sayem says:

    Please USA, leave us alone. The entire Pakistan hates you and we will stand till death to defend ourselves against your evil policies!

  22. Lali says:

    I totaly agree with Dr B.N Anand who has very rightly said that attending summit is for the benefit of Pakistan yes I agree no need to sulk like a child for too long and get totaly issolate by the world you must communicate with the rest of the world in order to get anywhere you will be respected if you are open about anything and talk how you feel. Let me ask the above commenters is it better to sit home and get isolated ?or better be on abord and get recognised by the world that you are a soverign state even though you may not achieve anything but at least you tried but by sitting at home you will never achieve anything there is no chance so stop all of you thinking in a negative aspect. We should be all encouraging our leaders to go and face the world let the them know about our feelings

    • (Dr.) B.N. Anand says:

      Thanks Lali Saheb for your understanding. I was a little reluctant in the first place to comment because my comments may not have been relevant in the present situation. But I am happy that still I did write and met with approval from you as well as from another valued commentator.

  23. Arshad says:

    Zardari and Khar are going to the NATO summit as someone who are missed out of the wedding party list and at the last minute made noises that they would like to attend!The date of NATO summit was known for months,perhaps the agenda already agreed.Only few days before the Secretary General of NATO publicly announced to the world that Pakistan is not invited !.Khar then said Pakistan has made a point of stopping the NATO supplies,now is the time to move on.What impact the two “uninvited guests”would have at the summit when all the delegates present at the summit knows that the two have gatecrashed! The two would be isolated and would return with nothing.Sad it is but perhaps we would see more of the CNN interview which Gilani as the PM of the country gave on his recent visit to London.

  24. Dr.Kamar.Khan.Afghan says:

    I am afraid this is a clear example of a *carrot and stick*policy. This last minute invitation to Pakistan
    to attend a NATO meeting in Chicago was to save Pakistan’s face in the international club. People are
    very embarrassed at the 360 degrees turn of Zardari’s government.

    This is a slap in the face of Pakistan ,this game has been played by the USA all along since the
    fifties. Pakistan has lost its credibility and it is impossible for Pakistan to take a firm stand in spite of
    the fact the parliament has passed a timely appropriate resolution but it appears to stay on the
    statute book and never to be implemented.

  25. (Dr.) B.N. Anand says:

    Sir, though it is a completely an internal matter of your country, but as a keen observer of what is happening all around in the world especially in our neighboring countries, please allow me to express my humble views.
    In my opinion, Pakistan has done well to attend the Chicago meet, as it will enable it to express their strong sense of hurt at the injustice done to their soldiers by NATO forces. There is no use in stopping any communication as it only allows one to keep on sulking and sweating and in the process get isolated. This way, may be Pakistan is able to get along with the NATO forces to keep its stake in tact. Well, it may have been only a formality to invite Pakistan to Chicago, but still the ball was in its court to attend the meeting or not attend. After all Pakistan had boycotted some earlier meetings held to discuss Afghanistan and this did not help in any way and now it could have again declined the invitation. But happily better sense prevailed. Moreover, Pakistan has indeed paid quite a price in men and material to be a part of this anti
    Al Queda project and now it can not all of a sudden isolate itself from this process.

    • Munir A Saeed says:

      Dear Dr Anand, you have pointed out rightly, in international relations engagement is important in itself. We have boycotted and got nothing and with engagement we will be there and say what we feel. If every engagement is meant to bring results then UN and its debates are the greatest waste. why nations go there. Dr Anand, of all the comments so far, yours are the olny sane voice. This emotionalism lead to close the supplies and now same craziness is going unabated when there is oppotunity to break the stalemate. If not anyone else we need to learn astuteness in diplomacy from our neighbours Iran and India.

      • (Dr.) B.N. Anand says:

        Thanks Munir A. Saeed Saheb. Hopefully the Chicago meeting proves fruitful for your country. At least your country will have a chance to vent their feelings and express what they could not do because of non-availability of a suitable platform at any formal meeting of NATO countries anywhere since the tragedy at Salal check post.
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