Remembering Mehdi Hassan

Remembering Mehdi Hassan

Ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan, passed away at a local hospital in Karachi on Wednesday.

Before illness ended his career he was already hailed as the king of ghazal, and a man who had revolutionized the art form forever. His life and work marked an era of traditional ghazal style that many say, has ended with his demise.

He was plagued by lung, chest and urinary tract disorder for over a decade, and the illnesses had taken away his voice and career, but not his passion for music.

He was born on July 18, 1927 in Rajistan, and rose to fame with his rendition of “Gulon mein rang bhare” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Hassan has a huge fan following all over the world, which includes other greats like Lata Mangeshkar. He has also been the inspiration for many legendary singers, such as Tina Sani, and Jagjit Singh.

Here are some of his celebrated ghazals:

“Muhabbat karne wale kam na hon ge”, a ghazal by Hafeez Jalandhri in Ghazal
Maestro’s later style:

“Ku-baku Phail Gayi”, by Parveen Shakir:

“Mohabbat karne walay kam na hongay”

Mehdi Hassan meant a lot to many people, each of them have their own favourites, and personal associations with his work.

Share with us, your own memories and sentiments on the great ghazal king, and tell us which of his songs/ghazals means the most to you and why.


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87 Responses to “Remembering Mehdi Hassan”

  1. Yemeen Zuberi says:

    My feelings are that Mehdi Hasan has not died but I have left his world. Here, Mir is for me “yun uThai Ah us gali say ham – jaisai koee jahan sai uThta hai.”

  2. Pervez Ashraf says:

    I grew up listening to Ghazals and Mehdi Hasan sahib undoubtedly was king of ghazals. Even though he is no longer with us but his melodious voice will stay with me forever. My favorites are many but “Zindagi mein to sbhi pyar kia karte hain” was very special to me. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.

  3. krishna says:

    One of the best ever … may his soul rest in peace.

  4. Jaya says:

    I first started going crazy for Mehdi Hasan, at the age of 5 after hearing Patta Patta and DEkh tu dil ki jaan, and when I knew nothing of music and nothing of the language he sang in. It was the year 1980. We had one cassette at home of Mehdi Hasan and I nagged my elder sister to play it all the time even at that age. In later years I heard his voice which had grown even better. Songs like woh dil nawaz , roshan jamale yaar se, and yun zindagi ki raah mein, I don’t know how many times I listened to them over and over again. I wish I could understand a little more of the language of the songs but even then it makes me feel that the earth is a wonderful and joyous place when he starts the first mukhra of a song. I am a hindu from India but I felt Muslim religion must be a religion of joy, celebration and great depth if it can produce an art and artist of this kind. And today my 5 year old son gets mesmerized by Mehdi hasan’s songs too.

    • Amyn Lakhani says:

      Well said, Jaya. Millions around the world and millions across the border were Mehdi Sahab’s fan, who did not understand the language but appreciated his singing and music. amazing isn’t it?

  5. “Man attempts God heals”. Mehdi Hassan Saheb was provided with the best of treatment available.
    “We are for God and to Him we must return” (Holy Quran). God does NOT change His promises.
    As a medical man, I can say that he was having many ailments since long and because of the modern treatment he survived many odds.
    Although he was born in Rajasthan (India), he was a Pakistani by migration but I can assure you that he has millions of great fans of his in India, indeed where ghazals are being sung and heard!
    May God shower His choicest blessings upon his soul. Amen.

  6. Ratan Gupta says:

    He was the Dilip Kumar of Ghazal. Lata rightly said, bhagwan ki awaz hai. If Rafi had the most melodious voice in songs, then Mehdi Hasan was the most melodious of ghazals followed Gulam Ali.

  7. Bhasker says:

    A maestro is no more bt his voice n songs will always be there .
    I am from INDIA and since morning i am listening everywhere just everywhere about Hasan ji , from Radio to TV to Newspaper . India is as much hurt and Feeling bad as much Pakistan is feeling at the moment .
    He wanted to visit his birth place bt due to some reasons he couldnt do that , tats i am feeling really bad about .
    But i am sure coming generations will listen and follow him as we do and his name is never gonna leave this world . it will always be there . May his soul rest in peace .
    LOTS of love Mehdi Hasan sahab ……u r marvellous . An indian salute …..

  8. Chaigram says:

    More can not be said about Mehdi Hasan that what is already been said , but at least we can proudly say that it has brought both Indian and Pakistani to agree that he was GREAT and legend to be remembered for a long time. It also showed that our culture language likes dislikes are the same. His legend is preserved and will live for a long time.

  9. R.K.Bajpai says:

    Very few bridges between India and Pakistan, one of the strongest among them “Mehdi Hassan” collapsed today.

  10. Dr.S.N.Hyder says:

    It was 1966 when after graduating from Dow Medical College I was doing my training in surgical ward of civil hospital Karachi that Mehdi Hassan Saheb was admitted in hospital after a motor vehicle accident with some broken ribs.I was one of the drs.looking after him.Me and my colleague Dr Azam Jeelani spent lot of time with him during his hospital stay and witnessed lots of elite members of civil and military society visiting him.I met film stars Rukhsana and Shamimara when they came to hospital to meet him.I found him very humble person and a good story teller.He was very generous to have told us to invite him when we get married and promised to sing “SEHRA”on that occasion.ALLAH HAFIZ Mehdi Saheb with prayers for your life after,may ALLAH swt have mercy on you and grant you jannat al firdous,Ameen.

  11. surinder says:

    A legend loved and respected in India. We are lucky that such a great singer lived in our time.

  12. lakhwinder singh new delhi says:


  13. Hemant Choti says:

    i was 19 yrs when i first heard him at a live show in Mumbai , been hooked to Ghazals since then. May his soul rest in peace.

  14. Sajid Rahim Sajjad says:

    “Rafta Rafta Wo Meri Hasti Ka Samaan Ho Gaye”

    “Dunya Kisi K Pyaar Mai Jannat Sy Kam Nhi”

    “Zindgi Mai Tu Sabhi Pyaar Kia Krty Hain”

    How can I explain The magical effect of these songs on my teen aged Heart who was a young lover

    Mehdi Hassan’s Songs Proved our heartbeat

  15. Saddique says:

    I had a very special chance to work with Mehdi Sahib in the 90’s when I he was performing in London and I was fortunate enough to do the sound engineering with him. Where do I start? wonderful moments he was very good and mastered his craft. I feel sorry in one way that many people turn up at show and than talk while singer of his talent is singing. This make my blood boil. Mehdi Sahib was unique and his voice will never die. Allah bless him

  16. Adeel Khalid says:

    With the death of Mehdi Hassan Sab, a glorified singing chaprter of the era has come to an end. whatever he sang became melodious and touching. His famous Ghazal

    ” Gulon mein rang bhare, baad-e-naubahaar chale Chale bhi aao ki gulshan ka karobaar chale”
    ” Qaffas udaas hai yaro, sabaa se kuch to kaho, Kahin to bahr-e khuda aaj zikr-e yaar chale”

    is a master pice of singing.

  17. S Pande, India says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

  18. taiba malik says:

    “Hazaron saal nargis apni be noori pe roti he
    Bari mushkiil se hota he chaman me dedawar paida”

    He is the king of Gazal.He is dead but his voice would not be dead.Allah bless his soul.

  19. shiv charan says:

    great soul, son of the soil of Rajasthan, cherished by love lovers of classical ghazal lovers will live forever in my heart

  20. Mubeen says:

    Thank you for bringing great poetry to life ! May ALLAH grant you eternal abode in heaven. Your voice will continue to bring us happiness and joy

  21. Ekbal Kidwai says:

    Ina ilahey Raagaon I don’t see the berating about not taking care of him He made a fuss and it worked He was at the BEST Pak Hospital Agha Khan; they provide as best medical care that is available any where. Mehdi Saahib blew the millions he earned, is not tax payer responsibility. Madam Noor Jehan paid her own bills.
    On a personal note I was lucky to hear him @ the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles; he berated the audience for talking?? “This is not some Beatles show that you are watching, hearing he said” Crowd was pretty quiet as far as I could see.
    I did not realize that he was 85!
    Well we will always have his voice!!

  22. Mrs. Munim says:

    What I admired most about him was his ability to adapt his voice to the actor for whom he was playback singing. That is something you dont see much of.
    His gazals have no match, but I will miss his mili nagmay the most. They always facinated me as a child.

  23. Aamir Aqil says:

    He will be remembered for ever. The king of Ghazals, . No words can explain his greatness and the impact of his voice. Best tribute to him is to establish an art academy in his name.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    All songs and Ghazals song are my favorite and his Cds are always remain in my car, few of his songs I like to hear again and again are , Rankish hi Sahi, Zindagi Main To Sab Hi Payar Kia Kertay Hain, Gollon main rang bahray, Aik bar chalay ao

  24. Syed Ali Tahir Nasir says:

    Remembering him as a king of Gazal is unfair ,in my opinion he was undisputed king of Moseequee , his gazals and songs were equally popular among the masses he was most popular singer in 60s and 70s.

    ” Aa Kay Sajada Nasheen Qais Hua Mera Bad
    Na rahee Dasht may Khali Koi Ja mera bad “

  25. Asab says:

    “Elahi Aansoo Bhare Zindagi Kesi Ko Na dey
    Khushi kay Baad bay Kasee Kesi ko na dey

    I beleive, this song is from film Mehtab. very appropriate song. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace. (Aameen) on Facebook on Facebook