Remembering Mehdi Hassan

Remembering Mehdi Hassan

Ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan, passed away at a local hospital in Karachi on Wednesday.

Before illness ended his career he was already hailed as the king of ghazal, and a man who had revolutionized the art form forever. His life and work marked an era of traditional ghazal style that many say, has ended with his demise.

He was plagued by lung, chest and urinary tract disorder for over a decade, and the illnesses had taken away his voice and career, but not his passion for music.

He was born on July 18, 1927 in Rajistan, and rose to fame with his rendition of “Gulon mein rang bhare” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Hassan has a huge fan following all over the world, which includes other greats like Lata Mangeshkar. He has also been the inspiration for many legendary singers, such as Tina Sani, and Jagjit Singh.

Here are some of his celebrated ghazals:

“Muhabbat karne wale kam na hon ge”, a ghazal by Hafeez Jalandhri in Ghazal
Maestro’s later style:

“Ku-baku Phail Gayi”, by Parveen Shakir:

“Mohabbat karne walay kam na hongay”

Mehdi Hassan meant a lot to many people, each of them have their own favourites, and personal associations with his work.

Share with us, your own memories and sentiments on the great ghazal king, and tell us which of his songs/ghazals means the most to you and why.


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87 Responses to “Remembering Mehdi Hassan”

  1. Sanjay says:

    I will never forget the moment back in 1982 when Mehdi Hasan saheb was on a concert tour in USA. We were in Chicago, and my uncle insisted that my brother and I go with him to the concert that was held at the Lane Tech Highschool in the city of chicago. I was just 21 years old at that time and not very interested in Ghazals. After listening to this legendary ghazal maestro I was speechless, but there was more to come.

    After the concert ended, my uncle through some of his contacts took us back stage and had us all personally meet Mehdi Hasan saheb. My uncle, myself and my brother bowed to Hasan sahib, touch his feet out of respect and requested him put his hand on our heads to give us his blessings. Mehdi Hasan sahib smilingly asked our names and gave my uncle, me and my brother his blessings!!!!! :-)

    Today, almost 30years after that event, I still very proudly tell everyone of this most amazing moments of my life! Personally meeting and getting blessings by having Mehdi Hasan saheb’s hand over my head.

    The world has lost a legendary and a very wonderful human being. May allah give him place in Jannat and give lots of courage to the grieving famliy to bear this loss.

  2. Sahir says:

    Mehdi Hasan is an institution in him. He immortalised the urdu peotry through his rendering and mesmerising voice. May Allah bless him with Jannat. Ameen.

  3. Slim says:


  4. Manaal says:

    His ghazal Gulon mein rang bhare is the best of the best, it gives you goosebumps. His mother tongue was Marwari, how come we have no ghazals by him in that language. well I guess we will never know the answer to that now that he is gone.

    May Allah make his grave fragrant with the fragrance of Paradise.

  5. Razzaq says:

    It is the end of an era. To me personally, end of a golden era for I have been his devoted and fanatic fan for over 40 years and have enjoyed immensly his style of singing also am proud to have a large collection in my library which i consider to be a wealth and an asset. may Allah rest his soul in peace Ameen.

  6. Junaid says:

    What a sad day. I listened to a track on the website and tears broke out without warning. His voice had comforted me when I was without my family here in the US. An icon and a gentleman. One who loved to engage his audience in his songs. He will be remembered for ages to come. The world of Ghazal has lost its king. The pain of this world do not concern him anymore. May Allah give him peace and grants him eternal happiness.

  7. Purush says:

    Mehdi Hassan saheb ko salaam. Unki gayki is jahan mein hamesha yaad rakhi jayegi. Unhi ke labzon mein – Ranjish his sahi ……………aa phir se mujhe chod ke jane ke liye aa. Mehdi Hasan saheb ki khidmat mein yeh chand shabd sarhad paar se.

  8. Dr Sathi LUDHIANVI says:

    Two huge iconic ghazal singers lost in just few months. First JAGJIT singh and now Janab Mehdi Hassan Sahib. The Indian and Pakistani music world is poorer now. Please join me in giving tribute to Mehdi Hassan Thursday from 9 to 11am on Kismat Radio London.Dr Sathi LUDHIANVI

    • Omesh Sharma says:

      The life force is infact become poorer for the patients of the Ghazals like me as the ‘Ambrosia’ in shape of the Ghazals of Mehdi Sahib will not be available in new shapes. Although I was aware of his bad health but now the hope has gone for the new Ghazals as they will never come. But the old one’s are enough for my current life. I salute him and can only give a few tears to him as a tribute.

  9. S.Ray says:

    I started loving ghazals when I first heard Mehdi Hassan sing “aab ke hum bichre to shayad khyabon mein mile…jaise sukhe huye phool kitabon mein mile” in Delhi when I was 16 years old. His rendition of this ghazal still stirs me up like no other. Rest in peace Mehdi Saheb!

  10. Siddharth Shastri says:

    “Ab ke hum bichhre, tau shayad kabhi khwaboN meiN mileN …” is perhaps my favorite, and now on shall be his swan song.

    I had the privilege to attend his mehfil in the Detroit area many years back. At that time he was already unwell and had to be assisted to and from his place on the stage by his sons. Yet, once he started to sing, he was at his evergreen best.

    He visited Bombay in the late 70’s or early 80’s and took the country by storm. For many of us, he filled the void left by Talat Mehmood. Later, one heard stories that Talat was indeed his inspiration too.

    Milwaukee boasts of having in their midst an honorary “shagird” of Mehdi Hasan Sahib named Vijay Pargaonkar, whom the Guru would have been proud of.

  11. Manoj Kumar says:

    A star is gone . His voice gave life to so many ghazals. A very emotive and soulful voice . I remember his song ” Ranjeesh hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa Aa phir se hum chhod ke na jaane ke liye aa”

  12. UR says:

    The soul of Ghazal has left its body. In this world, uncountable people came and will keep coming and it do not make much difference who lives and who goes away it is only the deed/work which you can remember and relate to some one. Ghazal signing was there before him and we can find other names but when we heard him singing Ghazal, we came to know the definition of Ghazal. I really do not have any word which can express my condolence and pain. “Baat Karni Mujeh Muskal Kabhi Asi to Naa Thi(To Speak any, was never that much difficult to me)”.

  13. Azfar Abid says:

    I am very sad today because as a lover of music and ghazals i always saw Mehdi Hassan sahib with great honour and respect.He sings so naturally and melodiously that a listener enjoys..I like his songs which he sang for movies and as every body knows he was the king of Ghazal singing…He sang ‘ Gulon mein rang bhare baad e nau bahar chaley,Chaley bhi Aao ke gulshan ka qarobar chaley’ and Muhabat karne wale kam na honge,teri mehfil mein lekin hum na hongey…..Ah Mehdi sahib really you are not along us,with us but through your evergreen songs and ghazals you always will remain with us and remind us the purity of Music..we miss you really we miss you…

  14. Sukhi Tara says:

    God Bless his soul and Thank him for providing best Ghazals, shall be remembered forever

  15. Adesh Shukla (India) says:

    I daily listen his Gazal two times a day and feel fresh but from today i will my mehfil without him………………………Hazaro Salam is Mahan Sakshiyat RIP

  16. Jitender Shekhawat says:

    Dear Pakistani Brothers and Sisters,

    It is a shared loss for the south asian sub-continent, today village Luna of Rajasthan the birth place of Mehdi hassan saab is also in deep mourning. Since I am from the same region (Shekhawati), I know his respect and stature here in India.

    “Anney waali naslein app ko yaad rakhengi”

    Regards/Jitender Singh Shekhawat

  17. Chaman says:

    Sad news. An immeasurable loss to music lovers all over the world. May his soul rest in heavens in peace and tranquility. My condolences to his family and people of Pakistan.

  18. Vaqar says:

    shola tha jal bujha hoon, haween mujhey na doo
    maiN kub ka jaa chuka hoon, saddain mujhay na doo.

    Another moment f shame to us. We did not do much to comfort him during days od suffring though his voice will continue comforting millions for centuries to come.

    Please pray for his soul.

  19. Noor Jahan says:

    Inna-Lilah-e-O-Inna Ilaih Rajoon.

    May Allah rest him in peace. Good bye Tanseen of 19 century.

  20. Nawazish says:

    The ghazal ‘Mohabbat kerne walat kum na honge..’ was writtel\n by the famous n respected poet Hafeez Hoshiyarpuri. Please it’s for your kind information as it’s important for the ghazal lovers especially on this moment of remembering the maestro legendary Mehdi Hassan.

  21. Manu says:

    why he was not allowed to come to Delhi??. he was from my village where his grand father’s grave still standing. Government of Rajasthan gave it to all the concerned that people of Rajasthan will be more than happy to bear his health expanses.
    even his children wanted to bring him to delhi and get better treatment.
    why zaradari saheb can go to dubai so easily and mehndia …….could not go….mehandia is Mehandi hasan’s childhood name.
    any way, thanks to the ugly politics of subcontinent that we cant take care our assets also.
    shame that He died after suffering so much

    • Ekbal Kidwai says:

      There was NO need as he was well taken care of in one of the BEST hospitals in the world; he has a large family 14 children Nothing like home my friend!!

    • Niraj says:

      Probably GOD decided that the “people” we have become now, don’t deserve gems like Mehandi Hasan and Jagjit Singh. So he is calling them back.

  22. Qayoom Naik says:

    Meri Yead hogi Jidher Jawoo gay Tum
    Kabi nagma ban K Kabi ban K Aansou

    Sahmah Jo jalaye Hai Meri wafa Ney
    Bujana Be chahoo Buja Na Sako Gay

    GOD Of Gazal IS no more

  23. Ibrahim says:

    “aay kuch aabr kuch sharab aaye….uss kay baad aay jo azab aye” !!…..Khan Sahib forever remembered forever cherished!

  24. Riaz Qureshi says:

    He should have been sent abroad on Govt. expense for treatment. Still other celeberaties of 60’s and 70’s era who are suffering must be attended and sent abroad by Govt. as they are the ones who took Pakistani Cinema on new heights.

  25. Niraj says:

    Sad day for the world and particularly the subcontinent. Wonder if the best possible treatment was provided to him. His voice and selection of Ghazals provided soothing calmness to millions like me.

    • Umar says:

      I started listening to Mehdi Hassan at the age of 17, and today I am over 50. He has always been my favorite singer throughout this time. One of my favorites, a film song, kyon hum se khafa ho gaye… May God bless him. Ameen. on Facebook on Facebook