Where to on the political highway?

Where to on the political highway?

Yousuf Raza Gilani’s tenure as prime minister of Pakistan came to an end on Tuesday, June 19, following the Supreme Court’s verdict disqualifying him as head of the government.

While it remains to be seen how the ruling coalition and Pakistan People Party (PPP) will react to the SC decision, one of the possible scenarios is for the president to call for an early election (on the advice of the prime minister).

Would a decision to call for an early elections be a prudent one, given the political turmoil in the country?

What other decisions are expected to be implemented in the days following the SC ruling?

How will the politics of Pakistan shape up in the coming weeks and months?

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12 Responses to “Where to on the political highway?”

  1. Mahmood Marfani says:

    May Allah swt save Pakistan…Everyone of us is responsible.
    Don’t blame others but bring change within yourself to bring change
    for nation….otherwise…no body can bring any change in Pakistan’s past history….

  2. Mikal says:

    If we all stopped complaining on forums and our numerous social gatherings about the woes that Pakistan faces and actually did something about it, then we would never be given a reason to complain.

  3. Sameer says:

    The problem is not one man at the top. The biggest political parties are made up of a small percentage of the rich elite comprised of families of landlords, tribal chiefs, and spiritual figures, who hold mass power and influence over the majority of illiterate Pakistanis. This majority is programmed to believe that their livelihood, existence and sustenance is guaranteed as long as they continue to vote for these parties, in spite of knowing that they get no progress and education in return. Study these parties and you will know what I talking about here. This holds true for all the PMLs and the PPPs. Remove one and you will get the same product belonging to a different brand. Elections, without real change at the grassroots level, will do no actual good.

  4. raika45 says:

    Sorry for being blunt:but what “political highway” are you talking about?Since when has this country have a clear cut policy regarding the country’s future?If you had both of these , you would have no problem naming the replacement.Your leaders and political honchos are embroiled in their own survival and well being.Can you name one person that you believe can salvage your nation in the current governing body running your country?This country, your “mother” has been used, abused and looted by it’s so called rich and powerful “children” for their own benefit.Patriotism lies in the dust,together with your poor and deserving.Now tell me where is your highway.And where are your leaders.

  5. kaiser says:

    It is amazing that people like Asif Khan exist, who have strange notions of democracy. They think that the supreme court has a role to play in setting up a frame work and that only qualified and professionals have to rise to public office. We have been deprived of democracy for so long that people like him think in such strange ways, and do not hesitate to propound such theories, as if they are QUALIFIED to be political thinkers, showing little understanding that democracy consists of elections in which people choose according to their wishes. This is the democratic system that prevails in most of the world except in some countries friendly to us, which believe in no democracy or in manipulated elections as has been suggested.

  6. Nasah (USA) says:

    The episode should also be a warning for the future Prime Ministers of Pakistan — do not bother the judges with their son’s problems.

  7. Nasah (USA) says:

    What a precedent — from now on any Prime Minister in Pakistan can be fired by any judge in Pakistan for the heinous crime of ‘contempt of the court’.

  8. Nasah (USA) says:

    Now this expulsion should improve the letter writing skills of the student Prime minister Yusuf Reza Gilani through all the spare time made available to him — by the well meaning Head master – the Chief Justice.

  9. True Pakistani says:

    - this is Pakistan (what a misnomer?) the game of politics will be exactly the same as it has been for the last 65 years. among other such activities. Pakistan is treated as a milking cow by those in power. when they have collected enough milk they leave and go to live in their favorite countries abroad. nothing will ever change.

  10. Syed Rizvi - USA says:

    The decision taken by the Supreme Court was little late however, ends up finally in a strong motion. A next episode is about to open in Pakistan after the most currupt and dishonored President will appoint the replacement, who will again be asked by the Supreme Court to write a letter to the Swiss Court for return of the money belong to the beloved motherland.
    This could not have happened if the allies like MQM, PML-Q and Others have decided not to support this President. These political parties are to be blamed at the same time perhaps they are also collecting illicit funds from their lovely President’s Party. All these allied political parties have a history of making money through extortion’s and or manipulations!
    Had I been the President. I would have had an interim government to hold election within the next six months with The Chief Justice as the head of the Government for unbais election codes.
    Again and again I said on various platforms – why the people of Pakistan do not react for the misappropriations and mismanagement of the current government. Perhaps they are part of the nonsense and either have no courage to defend the right of their children or simply part of the show?
    May Allah(s) Bless Pakistan and it’s People!

  11. ali ahmed says:

    nothing will change another corrupt man will become PM..

  12. Muhammad Asif Khan says:

    President should announce early elections, however, chances of any change in political setup are low.
    Considering poor admministration of our political forces Supreme Court must also decide a framework for new elected government enabling only qualified and professionals to raise and serve public. Pakistan Zindabad

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