Good move?

In wake of the Supreme Court’s verdict, was accepting the judgment on Yousuf Raza Gilani without a confrontation a prudent decision on the government’s part?

Were having Gilani to step down quickly and calling a National Assembly session for Friday the right steps for the ruling coalition to take?

Do you see the Supreme Court giving the new prime minister a chance or will the matter of the letter to Swiss authorities once again create turmoil here?

In the end, should the decision to allow the ruling coalition to continue its term belong to the Supreme Court or the people?


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5 Responses to “Good move?”

  1. Said Arab says:

    Events unfold shows that judiciary in Pakistan is or was never independent and free of corruption. How the judiciary can take over the executive and legislative functions? I wish there would have been a strong parliament to protect itself and the constitution. I’m still crossed figured over the fact that to disqualify a prime minister when Article 248 is part of the constitution. The independent student of law could better comment.

  2. Agha Ata says:

    I woudn’t say it was prudent, I would say it was essential, normal and expected.

  3. Nasah (USA) says:

    If it lets you breathe for another eight months it is a ‘good’ move — but what can you do in 8 months to revive yourself that you could not do for 4 years and 4 months?

  4. Naeem Javid Muhammad Hassani says:

    Long Live Judiciary!

  5. Rashid says:

    PPP should fight instead of obeying illegal instructions on Facebook on Facebook