ECP asking for too much?

With politicians already terming the Election Commission of Pakistan’s code of conduct for the next general election ‘unrealistic’, what are the chances of its successful implementation for the upcoming elections?

Is there a possibility that the code could just end up being disregarded if it doesn’t reflect the experiences of those involved in campaigning itself? Perhaps then the ECP could incorporate objective advice that from politicians who have the experience of campaigning in Pakistan.

According to a Dawn editorial today, the concepts behind many of these rules make sense but when it comes to the specifics some of the regulations are asking to be violated.

What is your opinion on the spending limit which has been retained at its former level of Rs1.5 million?

Do you think people will actually follow rules such as a complete ban on wall chalkings and limited use of loudspeakers?

The new code also prohibits candidates from transporting voters to polling booths. But if public transport is not available in all parts of the country, how will this work out for the voters?

What are your thoughts on this?


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6 Responses to “ECP asking for too much?”

  1. Rafique says:

    With the availability of current media of advertising, there is no need for wall chalking. Monetary limits must be imposed so that ordinary person can contest election. However, transportation is not only unnecessary but will hinder the fair election process due to lack of public transportation.

  2. Agha Ata says:

    It is not only about electing the future leader in the government. Election, to some extent, is also an opportunity and an outlet to the suppressed desires, an antidote for the long chronic boredom because of poverty, sickness, and dangers. But chalking in the walls, and wild use of loudspeakers is a matter of general public manners that Pakistanis have to learn sooner or later, and going against the rules is also an outlet of angry feelings against the bad governance. But there can be a compromise, let people do anything in a reserved area for a Hyde park of their own in every big city.

  3. Asif Shaikh says:

    does ECP has any policy to secure its polling staff who can report freely what happened inside polling stations ? the problem is ECP lacking control of polling station.when polling staff is from political labour/staff unions and are mostly nominated by parties to work as polling staff . even some times police itself works for local Political giant. EVEN Media can NOT truly report the rigging in City like Karachi how can any one ask about ECP role.

  4. akhtar says:

    sir these guidelines are going to be used as a stick and trap to disqualify those elected members that
    the courts don’t like

  5. haris says:

    People SHOULD follow the Code of Conduct set by ECP. I was expecting few more things I am satisfy with what has been released by ECP.

  6. Agha Ata says:

    Any people who do not want to respect the rule of law are not the right people to rule a country! on Facebook on Facebook