North Waziristan operation

North Waziristan operation

At least six security personnel were killed in an attack by militants who had crossed over into Upper Dir from the Afghan border late yesterday. The attack came as a security team visited an area close to the border following reports of their presence.

In an another incident last week, seven security personnel were beheaded by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the South Waziristan tribal region. These incidents follow reports of the Taliban’s presence in Tirah valley and scattered events highlighting their cruel activities.

Additionally, Pakistan has come under pressure from the United States to carry out an operation in the North Waziristan tribal region, similar to the one being carried out by in south. While the American interests seemingly lie in the operation due to the Haqqani network’s reported presence in the area, Pakistan must also try to rid itself of any militant pockets. The Corps Commander of the 11th Corps in Peshawar denied reports of an operation being planned in N. Waziristan but reports of aid agencies being asked to prepare for the displacement of over 200,000 locals have also surfaced.

While the status of Pakistan’s ties with the US has remained stagnant, there has been no shortage of exchange of verbal blows between officials of both countries.

Should Pakistan reject American suggestions of carrying out an operation in N. Waziristan?

Considering the resources required to carry out such an operation and to cater to the IDPs, will it be better to hold the operation back?

How can Pakistan tackle the reemergence of Taliban in tribal regions and their attacks on security personnel and civilians? invites its users to share their suggestions and give their comments on the issue…


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50 Responses to “North Waziristan operation”

  1. Marvin says:

    You can easily manage this and can get powerful results.

  2. Aftab says:

    USA is behind these incidents.they are trying to increase pressure on pakistan for opening the NATO routes.united States investing on Anti Pakistan elements wothin Pakistan and beyond tje boarder..

  3. Musa_BD says:

    Instead of joining with USA in 2001, Pakistan should have worked and invested on education, industrialization and modernization in the tribal areas. Then you would see that those stupid Talibans would think for a successful, meaningful and constructive life instead of blow themselves and killing others for no acceptable reasons. People there are illiterate and jobless, so they do not know any better use of time and life. Educate them first. Otherwise no operation will work.

  4. Tanvr Afgan says:

    Here is what I have to say:Give the TTP elements and foreign fighters 30 days to leave NWA. Prepare for IDPs and use massive force to eliminate those who threaten our way of life. Simultaneously get rid of CIA elements from Pakistan. Ask Ms. Clinton to establish and develop USIS centres in Pakistan, support our hospitals directly and stop supporting corrupt politicians in Pakistan. That be the beginning of a new relationship with Pakistan.

    • Junaid says:

      “Ask Ms. Clinton to establish and develop USIS centres in Pakistan”. The Kashkol that endures even in humiliation and despair.
      I am very disappointing to see how people suggest massive military action in NW like the area has no women or children living there. This is the attitude – treating the Kabailis like foreigners that are less than Pakistani – that has lead us here. TTP, whether we like it or not, are Pakistanis and they are not threatening our way of life, we are encroaching on their traditions. I want to defeat their ideology, which has no relation to our way of life. (what ‘way of life’ are we refering to anyway? a client state, humiliated by its master every other day?)I guess denial is not just a river in Egypt. I wonder how people would feel if this talk was about KHI. Why not give 30 days to the gangsters in KHI and them move the ‘IDP’s. But wait, that would be unthinkable! The hypocrisy is amazing. BTW, NATO killed our troops as well. Should we give them 30 days and attack them as well. No? Why? Right. Because they will squash our troops like flies. The use of force should not be guided by ability but by necessity. NW is part of Pakistan. Any decent Pakistani should be against using military force against them, whether they are rebellious or not. Otherwise, let us be true to the standard. Do a massive military operation in KHI and sent the ‘ultimatums’ out to the NATO. Then we can all sit and watch them laugh at us …. again.

  5. Amit says:

    Well I am from India and therefore anticipate a little bit of distrust to my suggestion.
    However, I do not think this can be tackled in a day by an army operation. For the first 3 years or so, the govt. should invest in basics like education health food water electricity and policing( law and order) in the area. Even if it does not become the best in the world, it should achieve the same level as elsewhere in PAK.
    Thereafter from approx. 4-8 years effort must be made to establish occupation and industry in the area and develop employment so that at least the youth are not diverted/ lured away (Alas! a couple of generations have been lost probably beyond redemption)
    Finally,after about 8 years you will be able to take out the remaining hardcore militants with ease and very little collateral damage. The aim has to be a terror free PAK by 2025 and not tomorrow. A sovereign nation can never have a dual policy and this is why PAK is losing much of its credibility internationally.
    Best Wishes

    • Asim says:

      This is a very good suggestion. Well done and hope to hear good suggestions from across the border more often. Thanks.

  6. Any mission in tribal areas will be a suicidal attempt on the part of our army which already has weighed its strength in face of Taliban. America will sooner or later run away from Afghanistan but our army can’t run away they will have to face these fierce fighters forever n this doesn’t go well.

    • Nadeem S says:

      Tribal area strength is mostly myth, I am a Pashtun myself and the tribals are not with these ragtag criminal Shaitan Taliban, these people have no choice as they have little support from the world, but Pakistan has delayed this operation far too long, it should be an attack like nothing the region has seen, it must be scorched earth tactics, raze everything to the ground, leave not even a stick standing.

      . Pakistani soldiers must operate disguised as Taliban, in civvies and must infilterate their ranks from inside out.

      . Any Taliban caught must be treated in the same vein they treat our soldiers.

      . Find their sympathizers in the villages, and shoot them on sight.

      . No mercy should be given to these evil doers.

      . A necklace of FM stations should be set up all across the region, in which the Holy Quran must be quoted regarding education for muslims, and how these Taliban are like Kafirs who kill fellow Muslims. The peoples support for Taliban must be withdrawn by sermons from the Mullahs.

      . No seminary should be allowed without a license. Send intelligence agents to listen to mosque sermons and whose side are the Mullahs, arrest and kill them if they side with the enemy.

      . Seal the border with Afghanistan and mine it.

      . Push the Afghans back inside Afghanistan, there should be no non Pakistani citizens in Pakistan – Period.

      . Any Pakistani official caught taking bribes and letting Afghans in to Pakistan must be arrested and imprisoned with heavy fines and face released on TV.

      . Any Pakistani official guilty of giving Pakistani ID cards or passports to Afghanis should be arrested, and sent to jail for 20 years as well as heavy fines and faces on TV.

      . Police have a habit of hiding faces of criminals, they must be shown to the public, the faces of victims must be hidden, in Pakistan I notice they do the opposite.

      This is just a start.

  7. Nasah (USA) says:

    My heart sank to hear that the cruel, heartless barbarian Talibans are showing the video of 17 decapitated heads of captured Pakistani soldiers — and the establishment is asking the Americans to apologize for an accident and blocking the NATO efforts to fight the same despicable Talibans!!!

    Are you that blind not to see who is your enemy and who is your friend? How can you ask the Americans not to drone these traitor savages.

    If the establishment has an iota of patriotism plus ghairat left in it — it will immediately open the routes for the NATO anti Taliban supplies to move to Afghanistan. Period.

    • Moe says:

      Try and understand why Pakistan is also fed up of US games in this region. Seems like the ppl resp for the 17 Pakistani soldiers are given a free hand by US and Afghan authorities from that side of the border.

      Pakistan is not blind. It is at the moment occupied at both internal and external fronts.

      Drone stikes can never win this if US chooses its targets without anyone else knowing who they are striking. So many weddings and public meetings have been targeted. Even President Carter has criticised this and other Obama tactics.

  8. Abbas (Pakhtun) says:

    Pakistani army gave up in FATA long ago and abandoned the region to militants. Now army is just waiting for US to leave the region so they themselves can leave FATA and go back to politics and business, their true interests.

    • asghar says:

      My dear sir, we the people of Pakistan wants the army to remain in politics. We always distributed sweets whenever they took over. Even now, you must be hearing the street talks of army being docile and not playing any role. As far as the FATA is concerned, army operation alone is not the answer. The civil government has to take over the charge of its responsibility whenever an army operation ends. Which is not visible. A durable solution is political and administrative, rather than military, irrespective of the US exit or stay.

  9. C Bhattacharya NE INDIA says:

    There should be a full-fledged ( several Division Strength) Pakistani Army operation involving about
    50000-100000 troops against the TTPs in North & South Waziristan. Leave the Bajaur, SWAT, DIR, Mahamand agencies to be guarded by FC and Rangers. I think Pak Army is strong enough to crush these
    militants. There may be some civilian casulaties. But these casualities is worth crushing these militants.
    For Pakistan, it is now or never. If the State compromises now, then these groups will be more emboldened. In the eastern side you can leave the border pretty safe. India wants a strong and developed Pakistan to be its neighbour. India would not do anything to precipitate the matters. So rest assured. At the same time, Federal Govt of Pakistan should also focus on the issues of poverty, unemployment, education, health so that disgruntled youths donot fall prey to these Jihadist propaganda. To me these TTPs are no longer Mujahids, they have degenerated into individual warlords working for their selfish interest. Remember those who live by the gun die by the gun. So these militants who have brutally beheaded Pakistani soldiers would also meet the same fate. The Military the Political establishment instead of dithering has to soon decide on this. But at no cost should there be a compromise with these barbaric TTPs. They have no regards for human beings

    • Junaid says:

      Mr/Ms Bhattacharya,
      I like your belief in the Pakistan Army. Even I do not have that much faith in them and I have studied the intricate details of their warfare strategy evolution for a while. I am also amused at your willingness for collateral damage, given that it is not YOUR people that will get killed.
      I think you partially misunderstand the concept of Jihad and mujahid. To the Taliban, defending against invaders and their allies (read Pakistan) IS Jihad. You may fairly ask, why does an invasion of Afghanistan invoke Jihad for these people in Pakistan. It has to do with tradition. It is a call to arms by fellow tribesman, cousins, and family members from across the border. And they are correct in this interpretation unfortunately. I am Sindhi. I want to see someone try and occupy my village. I will soak my fields with the blood of the invader or mine, whichever comes first. I do not see much difference in what the Pakhtun are doing in FATA.
      The only way to rid the Taliban is to NOT use military force. You take away the cause and the support for militancy dissipates.

      • Hassan says:

        Have you seen TTP Hakimullah’s speeches? I have. Fighting Pakistani army is just one part of their agenda. Their aim is to establish their version of Sharia in Pakistan by force. What you say is the same misguided logic used by Imran Khan. You can’t talk to them, they are ready to die for their cause.

  10. Pakistani says:

    and furthermore what our Quid’s said about tribals they will always remains loyal to Pakistan.. let’s not undermine ouro own Quide vision and thinkind about them and they have proved it for decades this war of terror have no end so let’s not engage in it rather diplomatically solve the issues.

  11. Pakistani says:

    it will be a blunder to start a war like operation in NW then ppl of Pakistan ready to die in bomb blasts anywhere any village cities across the country.. US is not sincere to any country they just want toi dis-integerate Pakistan and in such pathetic and worst cris of the country without political and economics we cannot even think of doing that it could be last blunder like what Adolf Hitler did by engaging in war directly with Britain…But i doubt why even media is raising such an issue even to engage in such kind of crisis in such kind os situation we are having throughout our country. Pakistan save Pakistan from US centric politican generals media persons.

  12. Saqib says:

    It might be big mistake. We cannot overstretch by starting an operation on another front. Better to negotiate and do some positive activities in these regions.

  13. Salman says:

    Befor we talk for an operation in NWA, understanding of this perticular tribel agency is most important. 90% population demand hospitals, functioning of schools, jobs for young, drinking water, tubewell for agriculture, and such like other demands. Demographic profile is that 90% tribels are peace loving, pro pakistan and always ready to accept government writ and cooperate with political administration. only 10% terrorists are expected with mix of uzbiks, Haqqanies and mostly TTP. practically TTP is most hostile and challenge pakistan government authority, TTP conduct hit & run tactics and then shift to other agencies. till today NOT a single school any type has been destroyed ever. when we ask for operation then we must think IDP problem, and ultimately making 90% peace loving tribels on the side / sympthizers of terrorists. what most is required is development, how much jobs, industry, communication infrastructure, education and health care facilities have been provided uptill now ? i think nothing. On the intiative of COAS, road network development has started which is changing a lot and locals are very happy and even more cooperative. Based on my practical experience, it needs political solution, engagement with majority of population, respect their tribal way of life. As for USA demands, we must not think of any military operation in NWA. US demands will never end, they would ask “DO More” on some other pretext. they should control terrorism in Afghanistan than asking much more from Pakistan. why no drone attacks are done against TTP hide out by USA ? Political solution is the only way out when majority of population in NWA is ready to cooperate in establishing Pakistan Government writ. Sense must prevail. operation will be counter productive in NWA.

  14. Nasah (USA) says:

    The dastardly encounter confirms Pakistan national interests — and what Obama is telling Pakistan — they have to make their choices before the NATO and Americans go home — you want to be friends with the Traitor Talibans or with the Afghans, ISAF, NATO and Americans.

    This is NOT the time to get upset at Karzai — it is time for joint operations with Karzai, NATO, ISAF and the Americans.

  15. Paki says:

    They kill men women and children and want to enforce their brand of religion on everyone. They have changed their religion to suit their needs. We should take them out so that no one else dares to mess with our country or our people.

  16. farooq anwar says:

    After salala incident all the right wing especially the ultra hypocrite so called religious parties and the militry establishment making hue and cry and now all these groups wil remain silent and also our so called vocal free media does nt bothers. what os all this the stertigic depth and what else.

  17. Ryan says:

    I strongly believe that we ‘can not afford’ to let the extremist elements in Pakistan dictate their terms on the govt and its subjects. Moreover, we can also not afford to let the military decide when to conduct the operations against military and when to relegate them to a lower priority. This should be the state’s decision however, should be based on long term effects on national security and prosperity, govt capacity and capability to deal with the humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of the operation, political and public support for the operation, international relations, guided by our national interest, and our resolve to defeat the terrorists and make our country a safe place where next generations could live peacefully. I recommend that an effective counter terrorism policy and strategy be devised for the country, capability of our law enforcement agencies especially ‘police’ be improved on emergency basis, emphasis be laid on ‘targeted operations’, avoiding collateral damage, avoiding creating media hype, ensuring that media and information operations shape our success and not contribute to our failure by enabling the info ministary to take a lead in dealing with shaping and managing the public opinion. 3D strategy is ideally suited for us, however, emphasis should be on ‘development’ and dialogue, though non negotiable and non reconcilable elements should be targeted through selected targeted operations. And finally, Pakistan should be master of its own destiny rather any external force dictating us to conduct the operations, we should do it as per our own national interest, keeping all above mentioned in mind.

    • Naseeb says:

      totally agreed. Just an addition. Other than improving police and other law enforcement agencies, our parliament must take things in their hands. We need to improve our laws which give a lot of benefit to the criminals/ terrorists. This can only be done by parliament. Finally, DEVELOPMENT and EDUCATION is the solution.

  18. Kashif says:

    Terrorism cannot be contained by Military Operations & the only inhuman way to do that is bomb & kill every living being in area. But for that you better be prepared to face the wrath of God.
    Only way forward is to build up economy, provide education & Jobs and try to separate these radical elements from the society with the help of society. Improve Policing & justice system & call off army from these areas. Targeted operations, Open trials in local courts will calm the issue.

  19. Agha Ata says:

    You asked, “. . .will it be better to hold the operation back?” Well, ladies and gentlemen, hasn’t it been done in the last 200 years, for one reason or the other. Thats what keeps the satus quo so strong in FATA.

  20. Danish says:

    We need to take out militants from Pakistani soil. The long-term cost of NOT doing so will be far greater when compared to the short-term cost of carrying out the extermination.

  21. hassan says:

    The longlasting and safe solution to terrorism problem is intelligence based operations like the one carried out by US. Terrorism cant be eleminated overnight from Pakistan. Our law enforcing agencies have already given huge sacrifices for the cause much beyond the call of duty and we should not demand more from them. Instead technologies like armed drones should be developed and used over prolonged period which will cause insecurity among the terrorist without getting any targets to take revenge. This aimless war for terrorists can ultimately force them to surrender or leave militancy

  22. irfan says:

    I think there is no need for operation in north waziristan…..because it is in not the strategic interest of Pakistan.Just doing for the interest of others is not something doing good.Pakistan has done alot against insurgent but despite this it is being blamed in the international world.First we need to ask 4rm US why r they not conducting operations against Taliban harbouring in Noristan and Kunar province of Afghanistan…….???????????

  23. Rajbir Aulakh says:

    First of all the internal support to the militants should seige. From where are the militants getting their weaponary. Dry up their supply lines. Secondly it is in the pakistani intrest to get rid of all the bad stuff bring prosperity and modernisation in the area, build proper school instead of the madrassas, so that young generation should have modern ideas instead of jihadi ideas.

    Dear pakistan, Terrorism is always counter productive. Its better to wake up today , before its too late..

    • Ali Shah says:

      Well said, there should be operation allover Tribal Area to get rid of these Zaliman. This is the best interest of Pakistan. Once we get rid off these terrorists then school should be build in the area with formal teaching and recreational areas must be build with the help of army. And there should be a Head Quarter of Pakistan Army for future security.

      I agree with Mr. Rajbir.

  24. asfi says:

    The situation in N Waziristan is different from the rest of the adjoining FATA Agencies. Refugees influx does not possess bearing. However, Pakistan Army may not be now in a position to taken on the pockets of miscreants hiding in the Agency, reason being its over employment across FATA. Taliban or militants may be a threat to the US or NATO, but Pakistan Army can take on any threat with mega magnitude anywhere. Militants in North will no more hold the ground the day Pakistan Army commences its operation, however, these militants with Al Qaeda cronies will definitely try to destabilize the rest of Pakistan including ailing Balochistan. The time is not yet ripe for such an adventure, till the time proper measures are taken in the entire country. In short the battle for North will be a battle between the poeple of the country and Al Qaeda.

  25. awan says:

    To carryout operation in North Waziristan is Army own judgement, before they take on they must consider, already done sensitization in south Wazristan and other agencies give how much liberty to Army and residents of the area to move around?, how much jobs, industry, communication infrastructure, education and health etc facilities provided uptill now (i think minimal). Now coming on solution operation is not the solution, we should determine the existing resources means what agencies already have like minerals etc and work to enhance its production, secondly seven agencies be given as a regent to big cites like Karachi,Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Islamabad and Peshawar and being asked to make roads, build industry, eduction facilities, health care and create jobs for the locals by diverting their development resources toward agencies and sacrificing for one to three years in order to build something for their brothers. You know international community and Pakistan government fail to make any headway to develop quality of life to these people. God bless us all. on Facebook on Facebook