Suspending services: The best security measure?

Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, a few hours before Eidul Fitr informed the country that cellular network will remain suspended from 12 am to 10 am on August19 – 20 due to security reasons.

The government was lauded for the pre-emptive measures it undertook to avert terrorism. However, the inconvenience this disruption caused people also holds much significance.

Did the government act well to suspend the network in a hasty move or could the situation have been dealt with in a more appropriate manner?

Was shutting down the entire network for millions the only plausible solution to avert a catastrophe?

Did this move make it difficult for people communicate with their loved ones on Eid especially when cellular phones are the most used form of communication in Pakistan?

Given the law and order situation of Pakistan, did the government provide any alternative to the people of Pakistan in case of an emergency?

Share with us the details of your experience when the power to communicate was literally taken away from Pakistanis.


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37 Responses to “Suspending services: The best security measure?”

  1. Asif Ali says:

    Little loss is better than a bigger one.

  2. Ali says:

    It was like going back in stone age while living in 2012. Pretty disgusting and awful but can’t help it as we made a choice on our own to bring Rehman Malik in-charge.

  3. Sikandar Ali says:

    Once again I would advice to the government of Pakistan with regards to Thoraya satellite Sims, legal Sims which is available in Pakistan those are selling by one of the sections of Security Consultant Company in all cities. They do have record of all Sims. The government can trace out the numbers by getting record from Security Consultant Company. Moreover there are many Sims which is available in Quetta, Peshawar and rests of the cities are illegal. The government should take action against those who brought those Sims from Dubai and selling it in Pakistan without any government permission. There is a question why government is not taking y action against those who selling illegal Sims?

  4. ahmed abbas says:

    great job rahman malik – atlest we did not have any unfavourable incident. congrats eveyone and apologize those who had lil inconvenicne . atleast we have saved nation for any bigger loss.

  5. safetyfirst says:

    Can someone tell me if there was life on the planet before cellphones? What is big hupla about shutting the service down for a day or two. I think when it comes to saving lives such measures shall be taken.

  6. Usman says:

    Well done Rehman Malik u have done a fabulous job by causing losses of million of ruppees to mobile companies,its one of the ocassions where the companies earn heavy revenues, taxing the interconnect services and now the idea of blocking prepaid sims, you are doing a wonderful job to bring miseries to telecom sector that has employed millions of people and contributing billions of ruppees to national exchequer. Go ahead we really need such efforts to destroy our economy.

  7. ahmad butt says:

    Im sure the high-level terrorists would have Thuraya and other satellite handsets at their disposal. How about stopping the flow of arms and other logistics, and find out who is funding them? a very dismal approach by the ministry but since they are democratically elected no one can complain on how the state of affairs.

  8. Raheel says:

    My Brother had an accident that night. We couldn’t get our call through to ambulance service. Later, My brother or my father had to drive back home for every tiny requirement or update.

  9. Shahid says:

    Desperate times call for desparate measure.
    I don’t know how many times i can say this about Rehman Malik, but well done.

  10. Arbab Zahid Ali says:

    Despite of indispensable advantages of cellular communication it has numerous negative impacts which should not be left unmarked especially the unwieldy crime rate. The socio-cultural set up has been crippled badly and is seemingly on the verge of collapse where the majority of youngsters are recklessly engaged for hours long with the opposite genders neglectful of their family and career. The interior minister deserves an applause for this eudaemonia by coining the idea of ban on prepaid sims. To curb this issue of misusage of cell phones in terrorist activites i put forward my humble suggestion that the post paid systemlimited to dispatching the bills at postal addresses on the pattern of PTCL would prove to be a working resort so curb the menace of terrorism and other formats of misuse.

  11. Shabbzz says:

    Thank you Mr. Malik for reminding the nation that we also exist and still alive.

    Yours Truly
    Land Line

  12. Sikandar Ali says:

    I would advice to the government of Pakistan that wherever they feel they should block all networks, in order to control the situation. I would request all stake holders who control the security within country, they have to do thorough security assessment of the situation and take necessary steps. GOD Bless Pakistan! Ameen

  13. Ali says:

    I guess apart from a .few serious issues the most inconvenience it caused was that we were not able to send eid greetings but had something untoward happened it would have left a bad taste to say the least. though its not an ideal solution but as our western friends say desperate situations call for desperate measures. the most aggrieved party would be the telco operators who are the largest advertisers of both the print and electronic ,media. no wonder we do not ever hear any thing on the quality of service being provided…

  14. Dawood Murtaza says:

    So in other words government has to improve its trust upon ordinary public. No one can justify that vast majority punished for crimes of few. This shows serious inability and failure of governments

  15. Dawood Murtaza says:

    So in other words government has to improve its trust upon ordinary public. No one can justify that vast get punished for crimes of few. This shows serious inability and failure of governments

  16. Ahmed says:

    I still have to understand the mind of Interior Minister and his law enforcing agencies who got the idea to block cellular phone network. One has to comprehend that while using the cell phone there are several avenues open to catch a terrorist. Every communication is in air and if good catching observation is made by technology such mischievousness could be caught. I think the minister and his agency is still living in 1990’s and refuse to move on due to their mental capabilities.

  17. farooq ali says:

    terrorist never disclose their plans nor the tactics if media says it will be the eid day they will never come on that day every one of us knows it is a surprise hit. the banning of normal life facilities will give nothing what needed is an honest and intelligent police network, a national consensus of people to join hands in war against terrorism . disruption to business of country such as mobile service will be counter productive.

  18. Raza says:

    Well the problem is two pronged.The first is to put in place a mechanism whereby new sims are issued only through proper verification and documentation and that can only be done from an authorized Franchise outlet,that way you an put an end to new sims being issued without verifications.Second comes the part of cleaning up the previous mess.Well its simple IF the government is serious they can simply announce a dead line by which all customers should walk in with the sim they have in a franchise or company operated outlet get themselves and their sim physically verified and after the due date all the un verified sims should be blocked.
    I have been in this industry since its inception this is the only practical way rest all would be an eye wash

  19. Arsalan says:

    Father of my friend got expired that night and my friend had to go personally to inform people about his death, with out cell phone it took much time to inform everyone.

    There should have been an alternative even if the risk was as high as this one was.

  20. Junaid says:

    Yes this is one of the ways!

    It might be inconvience but these measures can be taken to face the challenge. For the time being it looks we are loosing, but after some time we will gain.

    One thing another matters, that the law enforcing agencies really sincere to make good changes, if not, then no result we will gain except inconvinience.

  21. atis says:

    Yes, in a country plagued by ill education such decisions can bring visible peace!

  22. Gerry D'Cunha says:

    In Pakistan everthing have failed – Its God’s turn now to suspend His Services to this nation – one can already see some of God’s curse while rest is on its way to come. Open & read the two Holy Books (Bible & Quran), you will get the answer.

  23. Mandeep says:

    Yes. In my view Social media and mobile phones can contribute in a bigway to spread fear and causing unrest in coutries like India and Pakistan where we have tendency to believe anyone except government sources.

  24. Ahtasham says:

    Security is important than Mobile sims Block… Need to take action on permanent bases…

  25. Mohammed Yahya USA says:

    come on people few ours of trouble. Its not the end of this world. on Facebook on Facebook