Return of the classics

Return of the classics

Creators of the hit television series “Ainak wala jin” from the mid-1990s announced on Wednesday their plans to revive the show for another series later this year. The show, of which the hallmark was the depiction of wizardry and magic in a light and comic manner, was aired between 1993 and 1996 to an audience that ranged from children to youth, as well as older viewers. Characters such as “Zakoota”, “Bill Batouri” and “Nastoor” became household names and their dialogues are still remembered by die-hard fans. It is fair to say that the series turned into a pop cult of sorts for a generation of Pakistanis.

The news of the series’ revival has been well-received amongst the fans and judging from the reaction we have received on, people based in Pakistan and abroad are eagerly awaiting its return to the television screens. Questions, however, have also been raised on the need of creating new television shows that provide the same level of entertainment and recreation to viewers, instead of turning back to shows from the past. Pakistan’s television industry, it is being said, has failed to live up to the standards it set from the late 1970s up until the early 2000s. While dramas and television shows have increased manifold with the sprouting of dozens of private television channels, the quality of programming, viewers insist, has dropped drastically. Television enthusiasts also insist that a new crop of actors have failed to live up to the standards of the earlier generations.

Despite the airing of hundreds of new televisions on dozens of new channels, when classic dramas and sitcoms are aired on cable television networks despite grainy prints and pirated DVDs, they still manage to outdo the newer, more glamorous offerings.

Should Pakistani television channels go back to hits of yesteryears in order to attract viewers?

Can the television shows being produced now match the standards set by the early years of programming?

Do you want to see new faces on your television screens or would you be happy to have the same actors play the same roles?

Which of the classics would you like to see remade? invites its readers to share their views and suggestions…


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64 Responses to “Return of the classics”

  1. Annie says:

    I think they have to start.

    Dhuwan, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Kashkool,Anghan Terha,Ainak wala jinn, Guest House.

  2. agha attaullah khan says:

    characters of the drams should be same. because they are well known. they are real wizards because when i used to watch them mainly ainak wala jin i was 9. and still when they are in my memory as wizards not common men. secondly they are not seen after ainak wala jin in any other drama. the same actors will entertain more and remind the olden times. where as new actors will have to take time to create image but is difficult to catch

  3. Kashif says:

    PTV should either pack up or gear up and come up in competition with private channels. Or rent-out its unused TV station facilities to private channels.
    Its good know and see those golden old serials and plays but absolute master producers artists …but we have to move on….these serials and plays can be seen through number of other sources…..or an official PTV hub could serve this for interested people…..the thing ‘time’ is GOLD for any type of media channel and PTV is going backwards…..govt. should re-built this state run organization and bring in new blood etc…

  4. Ehsan Muhamad Khan says:

    Dhuaan, Aangan Terha, Dhoop Kinaray……there are several plays & u just start naming them n list would not end. This would be great if these TV drama’s would be repeated but at an appropriate time. To bring the family entertainment back to home instead of these masala & sass bahu serials.

  5. Sohail says:

    There numerous sources to watch the older shows, so in my opinion there is no charm in that. However, remaking the old ones in a newer way (bascially using the name and may be the theme) could be great, and look forward to “Ainak wala jin”. Series like Bololay is an example of good humor that can still get viewer traction, just need to make more of those. Stage shows and shows with mocking political figures in my opnion are no good, too many and too little entertainment, espacially the ones on GEO are just sheer waste of time and energy. Even political dialogues are a waste, after first 15 seconds everyone speaks at the same, and non-conclusive (non-productive). Producers should divert their efforts towards more entertaining series and serials.

  6. Mahwish says:

    It would be a great treat to see the sequel of PTV dramas. However only a good quality sequel would only be able to get the same viewership as the previous version of the dramas.

  7. Raj says:

    we love to watch old drama and serial of PTV, please don’t copy saas bahu serial.

  8. irfan says:

    Dhuwaan by Ashir azeem remake would be an awesome attraction.

  9. Muhammad Ali says:

    This would be a wonderful idea to reinstate this programme / drama. But now there is a huge difference in thinking as well as grooming of children as compared to children in 1996.
    If they come up with new ideas and surroundings, only then this program will success else it could be otherwise.

  10. Hamza Farooq says:

    The best for me was 1 Hr drama (telefilms) and thats it, small well written , not the long plays.

    I hope extremist dont go crazy and attack Ainak Wala Jinn cast and set that they are promoting magic , you can expect anything from them

  11. Zahid Malik says:

    These old dramas were marvelous. They had marked the history in the world of television but now its the time to come with new ideas instead of waisting time in re-make on them. Writers or producers should present upto the mark dramas that would create viewers interest in watching.

  12. alaina says:

    Aashiyana.. and Alpha bravo charlie!!!

  13. Zara says:

    I wish a sequel to ‘Kaliyan’ could be made; not as the ‘Siyasi Kaliyan’ reboot, but a as program for children. We used to enjoy watching Uncle Sargam and his team when we were kids. There are really no quality programs for kids in Urdu; a sequel, or even a re-run, would enable us to introduce this wonderful program to a new generation of kids. I hope PTV considers this possibility too.

  14. Qasim says:

    Dhuwan and Alpha Bravo Charlie please….

  15. Arbab Zahid says:

    Misfortune tells what the fortune is. Its is the irony of fate that a volley of nearly 89 channels are unable to produce which the lone state channel had embarked since its inception in black and white era. The reason behind this decay is that we have pushed aside our tradition, culture and high social values and borrowed the extraneous cultures of ramp cat walks, obscenity and vulgarity. Drama serial of PTV recieved grudging admiration and even indivia in foreign countries moaning on the fact that they are unable to produce dramas and comic series of this quality and calibre. Instead of following the foot steps of a mature state television network these myriad of channels adopted the sensational and breaking news approach diffused chaos and topsy-turvyness in society. Brushing aside a settlef fact that the Musharaf issued liscenses in haste, it is the responsibiltiy of PEMRA and Judiciary to curb this widespread obscenity and vulgarity in the form of cat walks and dance culture admitting that invasion of culture would diminsh our noble one.

    Kashkol, alas Late Hassam Qazi would not be a part of this remake.

  16. Yousuf Khuwaja says:

    Would like to watch remade of classic Dramas specially AINAK WALA JIN….I LOVE IT !

  17. r k chhabra says:

    I agree fully with the blog. I am an Indian and grew with PTV. Ptv is my great teacher, i learnt a lot and enjoyed a lot. Alif noon, Andhere Ujaale, Ankahi, fifty fifty, Sona Chandi, and the long plays late at night were the best literary art from PTV. Unfortunately now a days programs are not up to that level, so youthare watching other vulgar channels. If again these programs are aired, not only youth will like it, samaaj me buraayiaan bhi kamm ho jayengi….Logon ko achha dekhne aur sun ne ko bhi milega.

  18. seemees says:

    Please do not remake them cheaply and gaudily – try to digitize them with latest technology. I was watching some remake of Aik mohabbat sau afsanay and it was done with such poor acting and wardrobe that it was a turn off. I would LOVE to see Jaidi and Auntie flowerbody drama (I think I was in class 6 when that play ran so I don’t remember the name)

  19. Haroon says:

    He is one of awesome drama of our childhood,waiting for 2nd series of this drama.

  20. Ali Abbas says:

    “Dhuwan” plz plz plz

  21. Mariya says:

    Please no remakes! Can anyone imagine Tanhayian being remade to the standards of drama and acting being aired these days?

    Most people will be very happy to see re-runs of old classics during prime time.

  22. Taqi says:

    Some Best of the Best which I remember are :

    – Dhoop Kinaray
    – Tanhayian
    – Sunhara Din
    – Paroosi
    – Ainak wala Jin
    – Half Plate
    – Alpha Bravo Charlie
    – Roozi
    – Ankhai
    – Dhua
    – Chand Girhan
    – Kashkool
    – Guest House
    – Uorosa
    – Uncle Sargam (last but not the least)

    Please do not stop this list and keep continuing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long live Pakistani dramas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ehsan Muhamad Khan says:

      Taqi….great job done by compiling this list

    • Wasif says:

      We should really lobby for a remake of Dhuaan. The time is right to garner a nationalist sentiment. I watched a few hours of Dhuaan over the Eid Break and was captivated all over again. That is despite the fact that the production quality really left a lot to be desired. However, my point is that the lack of resources could not deter the creators making an absolutely amazing drama. Please, please lets do a remake and this time lets not spare any expense.

    • Indian says:

      Tanhayian and others were a big hit in India. If something positive happens in dramas in Pakistan may be we Indians will get rid of boring saas- bahu serials.

    • Absar Shah says:

      add aangan terha as well :) !!

  23. me says:

    i wud like to watch sunehre din, alpha bravo charlie, sindhi natak rang, roshan tara (sindhi stage show for kids), jangloos, ba adab ba mulahiza, and many more.

  24. fawad says:

    Would love to see a remake of Waris. I am sure it will be a big challenge for actors to come any way closer to the powerful performance Mahboob Alam gave in WARIS. Saw it again on youtube couple of days back. He is a legend.

    • haider says:

      No way dude. they are gonna ruin it. Please stay away from this classic. All the actors of that series were marvelous in their characters. I dont think it can be matched.

  25. Omar says:

    It is only worth a sequel if they can improve on the quality of production. on Facebook on Facebook