Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Awami National Party (ANP) leader Bushra Gohar succinctly summed up the very intentions of the Taliban, yesterday, when she said “the militants are even scared of children now.” The horrendous act of terror showed that there are no limits to whom and where the Taliban can strike – even in regions that have been given the green signal by the government and law-enforcement agencies as being Taliban free.

It wasn’t until late into the night on Tuesday that political parties issued statements condemning the attack. Even then, most leaders decided against issuing an all-out condemnation of the Taliban or calling for action against them. Barring the ANP, none of the party’s representatives said the Taliban should be dealt with forcefully in order to restore peace in the country.

The violence and terror unleashed by the Taliban and their various factions over the last half a decade is there for everyone to see. Countless innocent lives have been lost to bomb blasts, IED attacks, suicide attacks, targeted killings and other similar variants of violence. Why, then, has it been so difficult for the mainstream political parties to openly voice their opposition to the Taliban?

How many more lives will be lost before the decision makers and power brokers go all out against these men who have committed so many heinous crimes?

In the 24 hours, or more, that have transpired since the attack on the brave young girl there have been widespread peaceful protests across the country and abroad, against the act. People have also taken to social media to register and voice their disgust.

Has the time come for the political parties, the elected representatives, the military and other law-enforcement agencies to unite against the Taliban and launch an all-out operation against them?

How long will it take until the decision makers put their foot down and condemn the terrorists without mincing their words?

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218 Responses to “Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?”

  1. Jon Rosendall says:

    This is a story that chronicles the outrageous behavior of the Taliban and the reaction by the decent people of Pakistan who have finally had enough. May they rise as one man and destroy the Taliban from the territory of Pakistan entirely.

  2. Malik says:

    PLEASE — Let’s not confuse Drones vs. Malala. The reason for Drones is also these Taliban so no matter how you look at this problem…Taliban are the root cause

  3. Malik says:

    A comprehensive action against these terrorists is long overdue. It is time for “all” of Pakistan condemn Taliban and Al Qaida without reservation. Time to quit giving rise to conspiracy theories and deal with these terrorists once and for all.

    • nazia says:

      i have just one feeling to voice out that leans towards a dilemma ……we cant protect our roses and we let them be exposed in the fire of hatred.when they turn to ashes,we just do one thing blaming …and blaming…….we as a nation have never been acknowledging and supporting to the budding leaders .so the the story of malala is another addition in the chain of destruction ..be it taliban or whosoever,have we ever lent a sensible thought to the agents laying foundations to such terrifying happenings.noo we never do it..because we know that we are weak…our determinations are just confined to self aggrandizement,,,i think we dnt deserve that so bright stars should twinkle on our sky. i have no blame to impose on terrorists and talibans and whatever is on the hit in all comments ,forums and discussions..thanks

  4. imran says:

    There are 100s of Malalas killed in S and N Waziritan in US drones attacks. I don’t see our USA funded media talk about that as they are covering the sad issue of one Malala in swat.

    • Yawar says:

      It is sad when any child becomes victim to violence. But Malala is more than a child. She articulated and personified the hopes and aspirations of Pakistanis who consider themselves hostages and too scared to speak out against the terror spread by the Taliban and their associates like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

    • Kausik says:

      Please do not confuse deliberate planned murder of a child going to school with sole intention of killing her with attack of unmanned drones on Taliban hideouts and I agree that generates collateral damage which is undesirable.The fact that Pakistan accepts aid money from USA and partnered fight against Afgan Taliban initially under musraff but also encouraged taliban to spread influence pakistan’s secular outlook and encourage extremist views forbidding even education of women do not blame US for u mess.

    • Syed says:

      So Imran, do you want to say killing of Malala is justified. Or we should not talk about it because
      this is done by your fellow muslim brother ?

    • AAA says:

      This is very bad comment

    • I. A. Siddiqui says:

      Two wrongs do not make on right

  5. Keti Zilgish says:

    Every person visiting a mosque anywhere in the world is a taliban. Mosques are no longer Allah’s Houses but rather the houses and protectors of the taliban. To fight an enemy you better know what you are fighting.

    • Malang says:

      Umm…. I am not sure that you understand anything about Islam or Muslim or their daily actions. There are over 1.3 billion muslims in the world, yes BILLION. Most of them go to their mosques every day. Almost all of them are peaceful people. Talibans or Al-Qaida do not and will never, ever represent Islam or Muslims in general. If all muslims were to become the animals these Talibans are, well ……..

    • Imran A. says:

      Finally someone said it right. To kill the Taliban, we will first have to kill the Taliban inside us. Kill the evil inside yourself and focus on Jihad bin nafs.

  6. Anand says:

    What Malala?
    Who is she?
    Do not make this a national issue.

    • Shankar says:

      God, please enlighten this soul!

    • Hasan says:

      You have no right to interfere and tell us what is in our interest or not.

      • Anand says:

        Launch another operation in North Waziristan.Is it in the interests of Pakistan?
        Do you know the strategic interests of Pakistan in Afghanistan?
        Do you know something about Indian,Russian and Iranian game in Afghanistan?
        You are a child.

      • Anand says:

        That is why from 1947 you are not in a position to develop single ICBM.
        I have no right to interfere but everybody interferes in Pakistan’s internal affairs.

      • Aimal says:

        @Hasan You missed the satire of Anand!

  7. Anand says:

    More Malalas die in other places than in Pakistan.If you are so interested in Malala,then you should make him President of Pakistan.Do not make this a national issue and if you are going to make this a national issue,it’s not in the interests of Pakistan.What Malala?

  8. Misbah, Abu Dhabi says:

    This question still remains unanswered …

    Passion for the killer, compassion for the killed,
    from whom do you seek love!

    Worshipping the Creator, and befriending the Devil!
    Who would you seek on the Final Day?


  9. AHA says:

    Is the Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?
    I do not know.
    First, we would need to define what Pakistan is, and only then we would know who is for Pakistan and who against it.
    Honestly, I do not know what Pakistan is.

  10. SMN says:

    Unfortunately Quran has been interpreted differently. Over and above that ahadis have confused further. There is need to call meeting of eminent scholars, beside ulmas to remove ambiguity on all matters. It should be decided immediately whether Taliban Islam is write, if so we must immediately adopt it or else Taliban tehrik should be banned.

    • Keti Zilgish says:

      When Muslims stand shoulder-to-shoulder it is a symbolic nullification of hierarchy. If it was possible for everyone to obey “eminent scholars” they would have been forced to stand behind one another like we used to once upon a time in Karrachee to get cheap tickets for Palace cinema.

  11. kashmiri brit says:

    They should have been wiped off the soil of Pakistan many years ago…….There has never been a genuine drive to rid Pakistan of this evil taliban. They are not muslim….how can they be muslim when they go against the fundamental teachings of Islam. They murder innocents and they commit suicide bothh strictly against Islam. I keep saying go all out and rid wipe them out. Pakistan needs to promote education to all in the country and education will help the country prosper for the next generation. Kill all taliban now.

  12. Reeba says:

    In the past centuries other Abrahamic religions went through reformation and progressed. Just like Islam, Jews and Christians used to believe in their holy books and took it for word by word. As science and tchnology advanced, the clergy realized that they need to change with times and started to see the context in which the words were written. For example New Testament says women should not speak in public forums. Today no clergy will dare to tell his congregation that it needs to be followed. They understand that the rule was written at a time when women had no status in society and they were illiterate. Similarly many laws in Islam are written for that centuary. Essense is the same but implementation needs to be different. For example prophet (PBUH) wanted to protect women as there was no law and order prevailing in the country. Under those circumstances burqa was the method of choice, But today the essense of his message is the same. But how to implement is not by ordering them to put on a hijab but making the society safer for them, educating them and empowering them. This is a time for reformation. Hope at least in this century muslim clergy will realize the essense of the teachings in Quran and move the country towards a progressive path. Let Malala be the starting point.

    • rana says:

      Reeba you are right about the time when the laws or rules were implemented in the early days of Islam.We must not fortget that the injunction on hijab is from ALLAH s.w.t. it is an all time injunction and muslim women must behave and dress modestly no matter which time or age.Education should be a means of empowerment to get rid of societies ills,taboos and misconceptions e.t.c towards women or girls e.g early marriages to get rid of them,female genital mutilation,malnourishing girls,lack of skills so as to enslave them in a unharmonious marriage e.t.c

    • swapnil says:

      awesome thoughts…! seriously…let malala be the starting point…time for an awakening!

    • Veda says:

      Excellent thinking Reeba. Let all the extremists of religion realize this. Let peace be there forever.

    • Shankar says:

      Reeba, you are so right! My muslim friends have told me that Quran and the holy prophet urged his followers to think and reason. If only they could, they will see the rationale of what you ae saying. The western world went though the same tyranny from the church and finally invented secularism.

    • Zafar says:

      Reeba, You are so correct, in today’s world the keepers of the religions have to justify the reason for their existence. One way is thru fear, silence the voices. Our people have become silent spectators, or they just have dinning room politics. No one is willing to take action to solve the problems. We always have scape goats to blame, and it is never out fault. Malala gave a voice to the misery of girls in Pakistan, and “keeper” did not like that.
      Someone in Swat has to know who the murderer is and they should have enough guts to come out and point out. Change require sacrifice, and Malala is first child who gave voice to common became that scarifice. Wake up Pakistan, religion is not going to solve the problems, actions will.

    • Krishna says:

      Wow! Couldn’t agree more.

    • Waheed says:

      I beg to differ, any how not in details but the nut shell is, Law of land has nothing to do with any Individual faith, State of Pakistan has to come up with the new changes and not to indulge with the religious parties, else who they are going to look towards Shia’s law Sunni Law or Tailban law, the did a mistake in past now they are paying the price, well all the killing goes back to Government they are responsible for the protection of its citizen not any thugs.

      Change it or Loose it.

    • Nizar says:

      Let Malala be the starting point for reforms in our personal,cultural and society behavior. Let all our forces public,police,army and political groups get togather and make Paksitan a true islamic country where we flourish and live peacefully. Is that too much to ask???

      • mohammed says:

        Muslims hanker after true Islamic rule which resulted in Pakistan, Taliban Afghanistan, Sudan. Muslims who hanker after true Islamic rule are condemned to live under societies and governments like these. The truest Islamic rule would be with Sharia under Mullah Omar.

    • sami (usa) says:

      So eloquently said, Reeba! I will have to borrow this for future arguments and debates :-)

  13. Waheed says:

    Now or Never, change Law so they are hang in street else they will kill any and blame on Sharia Law.

    • Malik says:

      State of the country is such that terrorists have their networks and spokespersons but police/govt unable to nab them…tragic

  14. anonymous says:

    Till the time pakistan army nourishes and uses the taliban for its geo-political interests taliban will stay.
    Till thus far the boses in the pakistan army have not realized that there is nothing called a good taliban.
    The political parties in pakistan can just do a lip service as they neither has the means nor have the will to do anything against taliban.

  15. shakeel says:


    It is totally condemable act,wipe out all kind of terriorism in pak and make a good islmic democracy like IRAN.
    Inshallah all will be well Pakistain made for islamic model Country for the world.But there is not different sitaation in PAK wish you peace in PAK.We kashmir has only a hope stable pakistain.

    Shakeel Malik

    • Yogesh says:

      Is killing young women by stoing any better than shooting them in the head?

    • Noman says:

      Going to the government model in Iran will be the worst possible outcome for Pakistan, which is saying a lot considering how dire things already are in certain aspects.

      Pakistan need to stay the course, and marginalize all enemies that operate from within.

      Praying for Malala and all those whose lives are affected by these lawless thugs.

    • Rajesh says:

      You really have no hope at all my friend …

  16. George Thakur says:

    The contemporary leaders must recognise that each such incident adds another nail to Pakistan’s coffin. A failed Pakistan is to no sub continent nation’s advantage. Yet it is not upto the outside world to ensure Pakistan’s survival. It is more for Pakistan herself to make efforts that she does not fail. The Malala tragedy evidences Pakistan’s half-hearted approach to Islamic extremism. Most sins are committed in the name of religion. This is another. How terribly unfortunate!
    History is edivence that now the entire civilised world will encourage Malala to immigrate to the West. She must not do that. She must stay in Pakistan where she is needed, and work toward changing Islam’s attitude towards women in the 21st century. Good luck, kiddo!

    • Asim says:


      Its not “Islam’s” attitude towards women. This vicious act has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is but a set of rules / beliefs. Whoever follows it is a Muslim and whoever doesn’t, then no matter how much he calls himself a Muslim, he is not!

      • Mukhtar Ali says:

        Asim, The problem starts once religion is involved in politics. This a BIG problem to all Islamic nations.
        sooner they understand is better for our society and community. Please leave the religion to personnel level and be human and good civilian first.

      • Faisal says:

        Though Islam had progressive ideals for women in the 7th century, it is too much of a patriarchal “set of rules/beliefs” for the modern world. Most of the world does not live a nomadic, tribal technologically backwards desert lifestyle. Why should they follow a set of rules that applied to that age time and circumstance.

  17. Bhadrinath B says:

    Violence of all sorts is condemnable. What ever has happened against this young is a result of brutal tyranny of the people claiming to be fighting in the name of God. No god wishes innocent people be killed. Unless Pakistan wipes out these so called Taliban monsters, it cannot remain in peace even in a grave. Terrorism is a two edged sword, kills you before it kills an enemy. Its not a wake up call for Pakistan, its a shake up call.

  18. Muhammad says:

    I would appeal to all those 80% silent majority of this country TO NAME THEIR DAUGHTERS AS MALALA to show to Taliban that by shooting one Malala you can’t keep quiet 80%……………….

  19. Kashan Awais says:

    It is beyond a shadow of doubt that Taliban are the enemies of Pakistan and Islam. They appear to be the breed that emerged during the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH) as KHAWARIJ, who considered only themselves and no one else on the right path. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) warned against them that though they recite the Holy Quran and say the things that apparently seem very good (like shariah, justice etc.) but practically they have absolutely no understanding of Islam. He further said, “Just before the end of time, young, idiotic people will rise. They will say words similar to (the good words) of the best people. They will recite the Quran, but it will not go beyond their throats. They will deviate from the religion as fast as an arrow pierces the game. If you meet them, kill them, for killing them will bring about a reward from Allah on the Day of Resurrection for whoever kills them.” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim].

    Even having a look at only a few of the actions of Taliban clearly indicates the interests they are actually serving.

    1. Suicide attack on French engineers working with Pakistan navy in 2002 and left 11 of them dead, whereas Pakistan Navy has never been involved in any operation against terrorism.

    2. Two Chinese engineers were kidnapped by Taliban in 2004 who were working on Gomal Zam dam project and were in no way a threat for Taliban.

    3. A Polish engineer was abducted in 2008 and later beheaded by Taliban who had nothing to do with the fight against Taliban.

    4. A multi-million dollar P-3C Orion aircraft was set ablaze during an attack on PNS Mehran, Karachi in 2011. Point to note that P-3C Orion is a maritime surveillance and submarine detection aircraft which cannot be used against Taliban in the military operation.

    5. A SAAB 2000 aircraft was damaged by the Taliban in an attack on PAF Base Minhas. Though Taliban claimed that the attack was the revenge of Bin Laden’s death but I don’t understand why SAAB had to face the retribution. (SAAB 2000 is an AWACS [Airborne Warning and Control System] aircraft and has again nothing to do with the operation against Taliban or Bin Laden.)

    These are only a few examples that show the designs Taliban have against Pakistan and the agendas they are serving by jeopardizing the process of development as well as defense capability of the country.

    • Nisha Rai says:

      You have cited selective examples. Have you forgotten Pakistani army’s action against Taliban in South Waziristan and elsewhere? And how about the covert help Pakistan defence force is providing to US military in the drone operation. Don’t be naive. Taliban have made it clear what their goal is who their enemy is. Don’t try to bring in conspiracy theories and confuse the issues. Taliban wants Sharia laws to be implemented and Islamic caliphate to be established. If you agree with them support them, else you are their enemy! All Pakistanis have to do the introspection.

  20. Malik Khalil says:

    Those who condemn attack on Malala Yousafzai are not pro-US or pro-West. I, being a tribal, don’t like US attacks on Muslim and also hate Taliban.Neither US attacks could be justified nor Taliban’s brutality.
    We need to agree that both of them should be condemned.
    Those who say that many Malala dies in drone attacks why is media and public silent then, it must be clear that being silent on those does not justify to be silent on this issue also.
    She was a symbolic anti-Taliban ,brave girl and a role model for all of us because the way she stood against Taliban even when the most protected ones didn’t have the courage to stand against them was impressive.
    I salute Malala Yousafzai who reminded us of the Malalai of Maiwand.

    “Ka da zalmo na pora nashwe
    Grana Watana! Jenakai ba dy gateena”

  21. SAK says:

    My question to the author is this: Hasn’t the time to take on Taliban already come and gone? We had numerous occasions to take note of the gravity of their threat, to feel their wrath, to experience their acts. We also have had numerous chances of ridding of them. Perhaps the best chances came when we (were forced to) opted to side with USA as a consequence of 9-11 or the humiliation suffered due to Qadeer Khan’s exposure, etc. But the time has well and truly gone now. This is the time to crawl under the bed and pray for mercy from the Taliban – because God helps those who help themselves.

    • Sohrab says:

      That would be one choice.
      Another would be to have the politicians and political parties clearly idenitfying themselves how they stand on this issue. Then is your chance to vote the direction you want this to go and how important this menace is for the people of Pakistan. Now if the politicians are wishy washy and the people are not clear if this is an important matter to them, then the people of Pakistan get what they are asking for. In either case the choice is yours. The two paths have been clear to the rest of the world for more than a decade. If the world view is not acceptable to Pakistan, it has to make up its own mind.
      There are clearly two paths, pick one but then deal with the choice you make. Good luck.

  22. Ghalib Khan says:

    All Political & Religious Parties must be given One Question to tick,

    Are You with Pakistan or Taliban ?

    • Ronnie Dsouza says:

      Very rightly put in, Mr. Ghalib. Way to go.

    • Mikal says:

      What a fantastic question. I salute you sir.

      • Bala Varadarajan says:

        Please pose this fantastic question to the military. Taliban is being sustenance by the Pakistani military who do not appear to be accountable. Is Pakistan ready for an Egyptian style uprising where Mohd Morsi is trying to make the military accountable to the civilian government. Is Pakistan ready to join the civilized nations.

  23. kashif says:

    Miss Yousufzai did a great job but I wonder why Pakistani govt fail to give her security. She is woderful lady who has great secular values. She understand without education Pakistan will not prevail it secular policies. Pakistan should killl or hang all talibans and declare pakistan free independant secular country.

    • Vinay says:

      All I read is ‘kill’ the Talibans. The answer does not lie in killing. More will spring out. YOU HAVE TO WIN THEM OVER TO YOUR WAY OF THINKING. THE RIGHT WAY. Of course it is easy said than done but that will only be the long term solution.

  24. Zainul abiden says:

    Tehrik of Taliban are not Muslims they are Murtid.They should be blown out of water like no other ever have. They are cancer in the Islam. they are giving bad name to Muslims and Islam. It says in the Quran if you kill one innocent like you have killed the whole humanity. To our arm forces do not show any mercy to these barbaric people slaughter them like animals.

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