Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Awami National Party (ANP) leader Bushra Gohar succinctly summed up the very intentions of the Taliban, yesterday, when she said “the militants are even scared of children now.” The horrendous act of terror showed that there are no limits to whom and where the Taliban can strike – even in regions that have been given the green signal by the government and law-enforcement agencies as being Taliban free.

It wasn’t until late into the night on Tuesday that political parties issued statements condemning the attack. Even then, most leaders decided against issuing an all-out condemnation of the Taliban or calling for action against them. Barring the ANP, none of the party’s representatives said the Taliban should be dealt with forcefully in order to restore peace in the country.

The violence and terror unleashed by the Taliban and their various factions over the last half a decade is there for everyone to see. Countless innocent lives have been lost to bomb blasts, IED attacks, suicide attacks, targeted killings and other similar variants of violence. Why, then, has it been so difficult for the mainstream political parties to openly voice their opposition to the Taliban?

How many more lives will be lost before the decision makers and power brokers go all out against these men who have committed so many heinous crimes?

In the 24 hours, or more, that have transpired since the attack on the brave young girl there have been widespread peaceful protests across the country and abroad, against the act. People have also taken to social media to register and voice their disgust.

Has the time come for the political parties, the elected representatives, the military and other law-enforcement agencies to unite against the Taliban and launch an all-out operation against them?

How long will it take until the decision makers put their foot down and condemn the terrorists without mincing their words?

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218 Responses to “Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?”

  1. Kevin Ross says:

    Enough is enough it’s time to exterminate these terrorist animals AKA Taliban once and for all. There should be no mercy to them and these handful of hired terrorists must all be killed and destroyed for the higher good of masses of Pakistan.

    Give civilians in tribal areas a month to pass intelligence scrutiny, get RFID’d and geo tagged and biometrics done and move to settled areas and after one month just irradiate all these bastard animals for good. This irradiation campaign must be extended deep in to Afghanistan where they are being nurtured by Afghan administration. I would love to buy shoes made from the skin of these low life forms. Come on Pakistan wake up and help Pakistani citizens get rid of this every day insecurity.

    • Malik says:

      Not sure the problem is “intelligence”…but are the people in “power” interested in taking the “action” necessary? I’m afraid the reason this terror has persisten in Pakistan is largely because those in “control” may not be as interested in erridicating this monster.

    • Hasan Mehmood says:

      Great Idea. Extreme situations demand extreme actions.

  2. Shirish Kokatay says:

    What kind of country is Pakistan – where a teenage girl is picked out for assasination because of her views and opinions, by uber zealot Islamic radical. Where are the leaders, intellectuals, politicans who will lead the opposition to these radical animals – my apologies to the animals for the unfair comparison here.
    If the whole nation does not close ranks against the terrorist and take them on once and for all, there will be no turning back from the abyss of darkness, fear and ignorance that will soon be overtaking the whole country.
    If this situation does not jolt the whole population to action then nothing will. There should be no tolerance for any attack on the most innocent among the population – namely the children who are now openly and brazzenly attacked in broad day light. This is a broad path down toward hell that some would wish to take the whole country, and they will succeed if the good and decent among you keep quiet and not speak up and galvanize the nation against this EVIL.

    May God give you courage to face the powerful evil that dwells amongst you. Yes he lives there with you permission – tacit or otherwise, but yet it is never too late for redemption.

    Satyam Eva Jayate (Truth shall ever prevail – Sanskrit)

  3. rahim uzaal says:

    Say something! Say something!

  4. rahim uzaal says:

    Why COAS fly to Peshawar with Tax payer’s money to inquire ‘Malalai health’?

  5. US president, Clinton, UN chief worried for their ‘Hegemony’ , Zardari, Ashraf for their chairs and uniform hierarchy for their power. Muslims all over are against this ‘Terror’ un-leashed against them . If we say Taliban kill, then what Nato, US army and our Army is doing? Encounters by most sophisticated methods? It is “WAR FOR POWER AND MONEY”, not human values, woman rights etc etc etc. Muslim world like TURKEY, SAUDI ARABIA , GULF STATES, PAKISTAN, STOOGES IN KABUL shall stop it against its own Muslim Brothers.

  6. Jaseem Pasha says:

    Now we have heard enough of condemning and all kinds of hot air. It is time that the Pakistani Government, Pakistani military and Pakistani Islamic organizations have to prove that either they are with Pakistanis and against Talibans or they are with Talibans and against Pakistanis. If they are with Pakistanis, they must declare war against Talibans and exterminate them.

  7. Thass says:

    Taliban are a gross distortion of Islam. They are doing the maximum damage to Islam and Pakistan. How long can this be allowed? There were so many protests against a fake video but these people are able to get away with murder??

  8. Habib Khimany says:

    Stop telling them Talibans they are TERRORIST and they should be wiped out from the face of this earth.
    They have maligned Islam and the only punishment in Islam is death for them. Lets get together hand in hand from Karachi to whever they are catch them and hang them in public on cranes. I am sure this will be true JIHAD.

  9. rana says:

    Whoever did what they did to Malala and claimed that its according to the rules of ISLAM,then they surely succeeded by pandering to the western society that this is what ISLAM is.So whoever they are wether under the guise of Taliban OR MUjahideen or ALQAEDA, they surely made another story.The western media is already hot on this news and going by the reaction from the western public specially via internet this news surely hit their hearts.What the so called taliban forgot to mention is that murder is abhored by ALLAH s.w.t.

  10. SM says:

    Clean the Mess, Get rid of these barbarians called taliban with full force if we want to save our country!

  11. Silajit says:

    Ok. I get it. Pakistanis hate the TTP for what they’ve done and want action against them and I agree completely. Pakistan should wipe them out.

    BUT when will Pakistanis ask for action against the Taliban that does the exact same thing in Afghanistan and wants to run the country AGAIN? Or against other terrorists with the same mindset, that use Pakistani soil to attack its neighbors?
    Can you sense the anger that other countries have when these murderers are protected by the Pakistani international border?

    Will it continue to be in Pakistani interests when the Afghan Taliban start to gain power and start to support the TTP (or whatever’s left of them once the Army/ISI isolate them and hurt them)?

    • Malik says:

      Chief, lecture your friends in your home…let’s not pretend all ills are with Pakistan and you are all angels and have no responsibility

      • Silajit says:

        My responsibility was to tell Pakistanis like you that crocodile tears over Malala are hypocritical when you support the Taliban in Afghanistan. She would have been alive if the establishment would stop supporting jehadists and terrorists.

    • Khurram says:

      We all know from where this mess came up, its neither Pakistan nor Afghanistan. But we cannot live in history, wake up and live in present. So atlast Pakistanis are now talking about and trying to clean the mess in their own house (Pakistan). Whatever is happening in your Country (Afghanistan) is your mess so clean it yourself. Everyone should stop playing game of blaming others.

  12. SJH says:

    Not only that there should be an all out effort by the authorities to eliminate the scourge of Taliban, but also to demand of all politicians to express their condemnation or else they should be voted out the next time. All politicians to be put on notice that their silence will not go unnoticed.

  13. Syed says:

    Taliban are the Munafeqeen, they were the big problems for the prophet of Islam. They have no place in Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance where all human beings can live in peace and harmony irrespective of their religion faith, caste or creed. Please join together and support Pakistan Army in wiping out these enemies of Islam and Pakistan. My heart sinks when I read the news of attack on innocent young Pakistani girls who has come out as true Mujahida against these devils. My prayers are for her Allah grant her long life and health and gives her a courage to continue her Jihad against these elements.

  14. Saeed says:

    Well there is always a bright light even in the darkest of times. This may well be the tipping point in the fight against these evil ideologues. Maybe the silent majority has woken up from tur slumber, maybe not, but in the least these dreadful people have been exposed for who they really are. They have been nursed and nurtured from across the seas in their ungodly activities and now maybe our people will realize who the real enemies of Pakistan are. Allah knows that our rulers and our politicians and bureaucrats, all those who rule us so selfishly are indebted to these foreign powers and their petrodollars. Wake up Pakistan before it is too late and a hundred Malala are slaughtered in the name of our religion. Our religion of peace and love is being tarnished in every which way by these “jahaliya” these denizens of darkness. Our rulers despite lip service and mumbling are scared to stand up to these few bandits, these shameless coterie of ruler and thug is bent on destroying everything that our Quaid e Azam envisioned for Pakistan. Imran Sahib stand up and be counted or be ready for your fate to be determined by a group of pre islamic cavemen.

  15. Khurram says:

    Seriously, those people are a disease. Its about time they were gotten rid of.

  16. NASAH (USA) says:

    This time the Talibans have dug their grave in which they will be buried by the Pakistan army overwhelmingly supported Pakistan’s people.

    • Malik says:

      Unfortunately you can go back and dig up other traggic events in recent history. I for one believe things will change once those in “power” in our Pakistan decide enough is enough and focus on Pakistan only and not anything outside of it.

    • Mikal says:

      I do agree, they have made a grave error and they shall pay for it. Mark my words.

  17. JDSHAMI says:

    When drones kill innocent people, including women and children including little girls, How come there is no such anger>>>>>I am really surprized. ISI, Military and Pakistan’s elected government, and Zardari have given a free pass to USA to kill Pakistanis in North/South Waziristan and I suppose that’s ok. Any military action in these areas will be a disaster for the country. STOP the drones first and then see Taliban’s reaction before considering any further action.

    Its time to think and think deeply and seriously before declaring any war on these people, I am not even sure who these people are and for whom they are working.

  18. AHA says:

    Unfortunately, the powers to be consider them as the ‘strategic assets’ of Pakistan.
    Taliban will continue to prosper and flourish in Pakistan, all our comments notwithstanding.
    There is no one to stop them here in Pakistan.

  19. Umme Muhammed says:

    Asalamo Alykum. This is shocking, terrible and unbelievable. Although I sympathize with the Taliban dilemma, but I am aghast and outraged at what they have done, provided it really was them.

    Malala, I am so sorry and I hope you survive and not die. I am glad for the support Imran Khan and the government has announced for you.

    I know this is not the time to sniff for conspiracies, but I remember how the media went hoarse when
    the Swat video filming a women being lashed was released in 2009, prior to the Peace Deal with Taliban. That video played a key role in turning public opinion against the peace deal and ultimately resulted in the Swat Military Operation. Months later, it was ‘quietly’ reported on the media that the video was fake and had been specially filmed and released by an anti-Taliban NGO. The NGO’s head went out of the country to avoid backlash. I think her name was Samar Minallah.

    I hope this event now is not a ‘Foreword’ for operation in North Waziristan. Its timing is strange; it has happened just after Imran Khan’s anti-drone march to Waziristan, and the discussion picking up on drone attacks. I would be so sorry if the great girl Malala is being used as an icon by any side.

    However, what I find ironical is that USA slams attack on a ‘child’, while they themselves kept Aafia Siddiqui’s seven-year-old son, Ahmed, chained up for five years, such that his feet bones are deformed today. And Aafia Siddiqui still lies rotting, and sometimes hemorrhaging with forced abortions, in their jails, while they failed to find evidence against her. In her comparison, is Yvonne Ridley, who came out of the Taliban custody unscathed, untouched and later converted to Islam. I do not understand how the same Taliban can do this to Malala.

    Long live Malala and death to her attackers. Wsalam.

    • Malik says:

      You are a taliban “sympathizer”…what a disservice to Islam. Please go learn Arabic first, then read Quran, before you decide to sympathize with your beloved terrorists that have destroyed Pakistan and brought disrepute to Islam. What a disgrace…

    • Hasan Mehmood says:

      Are you blind or out of your mind? TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ahsan has publicly owned the attack and threatened second attack if she survives. Unless of course you consider him to part of conspiracy. In that case you need to call for his arrest and extermination a commando style operation. Sure he is a lesser fry compared to Akbar Bugti.

  20. asif says:

    why do we let religious extremist determine how muslim we are. only allah can judge us. All form of extremism is bad period. we need to be a balanced society and i hope this little girl starts a revolution so pakistan can move forward not live in the stone age.

  21. S. Israr Ali says:

    Oh still we are thinking to launch an all out operations! What was then all along we have been doing with the world finest forces of NATO fighting for all those long years in Afghanistan with PAKISTAN a formidable coalition partner. The country is profusely bleeding since for a war in Afghanistan by the West turning the Pakistan a battle /killing field and colossal lossess of men and material that is continuing. All this was not a joke. Wars are to be fought with the rules applicable to that not half heartedly. In war when one goes to kill it means killing no in between otherwise adversary will lead to kill.

    • From Indian says:

      Dear Sir, Please be very clear, that this war is NOT in Afghanistan, and NOT the Afghanistan’s war. This is a war of survival for Pakistanis and whatever is left of Pakistan.

  22. Mubashir says:

    Please don’t let some people change the issue here by injecting drones. This was a Murder of a Muslim girl by a so-called Muslim and not collateral damage. In suicide attacks tons of innocent civilians are killed besides the targets. In fact sometimes the target escapes death!!

    Please beware of those trying to confuse the issue with drones. This girl was the intended target and not killed as a result of attack on somebody else!!

    If militants cross the border, hit Afghan and Nato forces and sneak back in, then they are well aware that those they hit will strike back. This is war and not a game.

    What would Pakistan do if Indians sneaked across and hit Pakistanis and then go back. Pakistan will ask Indian govt to put a stop to it or else. If Indians fail or are unwilling to stop them and if Pakistan had drones, guess what would happen?

    As Pakistan is unable to stop Militants from sneaking across into Afghanistan then guess what would those being hit do? Those militants that cross the border over to Afghanistan put the security of the country at risk.

    Civilians are killed by both sides including those who commit suicide attacks.

    For those who are saying nobody should stop the militants from crossing into Afghanistan as it is their duty to help the Afghans, then why cry when the enemy strikes back with drones? You cant pick the enemies weapons for them!! You kill theirs they kill yours.

  23. Razzaq says:

    It is a little late but not too late. If we decide who is our enemy and the enemy has no political representation in our beautiful democratic set up, all we have to do is to declare them as Terrorist, Enemies of the state and go for them to destroy them completely no matter what it takes. I request the electronic media in particular,to stop calling them as Taliban and also not to allow any one who speaks in their favour air time be it Imran Khan or any religious politico person.

  24. hamza khan says:

    Disagree>>well, i first of all condemn the cowardice, barbaric attack that happened yesterday but this is a very complicated issue. one needs to sit down and think properly whether what to do or not. I totally disagree with this statement to go and announce a war against these people…this war for 85 PERCENT afghans is ideological,for many in pakistan(MORE THAN 50 PERCENT) is some one else’s war…were these things there before 2000…was there any thing like taliban before..has any nation got success by using weapons..WE PAKISTANIS get over confident and over excited at times where we don’t have to be and less excited or less motivated where it requires….see the ground realities,analyse them and then say something or propose something..i request your and the comments given but i will use my right to disagree..sorry to say but i am pathan i know people in tribal area better than any one because i belong to that are, i dont like others make statement from america or punjab….

    • Malik says:

      The two aren’t mutually exclusive i.e. talaban and such “cowardice” acts! Such acts is all Taliban have done. Backward, illitrate, farthest from being the “flag bearers” of Islam. The list of terror so clearly 180 degrees opposite of Islam is so long no one can every capture it all.

    • Rajesh says:

      The snakes in your backyard took time to strike you. But it was bound to happen without fail. It is not related to American war at all

  25. Shafiqa says:

    Enough is enough, now is the time to wake up and stand against taliban. They are not muslims, they dont have any religion coz no any religion teaches such bad acts.

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