Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Awami National Party (ANP) leader Bushra Gohar succinctly summed up the very intentions of the Taliban, yesterday, when she said “the militants are even scared of children now.” The horrendous act of terror showed that there are no limits to whom and where the Taliban can strike – even in regions that have been given the green signal by the government and law-enforcement agencies as being Taliban free.

It wasn’t until late into the night on Tuesday that political parties issued statements condemning the attack. Even then, most leaders decided against issuing an all-out condemnation of the Taliban or calling for action against them. Barring the ANP, none of the party’s representatives said the Taliban should be dealt with forcefully in order to restore peace in the country.

The violence and terror unleashed by the Taliban and their various factions over the last half a decade is there for everyone to see. Countless innocent lives have been lost to bomb blasts, IED attacks, suicide attacks, targeted killings and other similar variants of violence. Why, then, has it been so difficult for the mainstream political parties to openly voice their opposition to the Taliban?

How many more lives will be lost before the decision makers and power brokers go all out against these men who have committed so many heinous crimes?

In the 24 hours, or more, that have transpired since the attack on the brave young girl there have been widespread peaceful protests across the country and abroad, against the act. People have also taken to social media to register and voice their disgust.

Has the time come for the political parties, the elected representatives, the military and other law-enforcement agencies to unite against the Taliban and launch an all-out operation against them?

How long will it take until the decision makers put their foot down and condemn the terrorists without mincing their words?

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218 Responses to “Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?”

  1. taha says:

    Dear Gen Kayani. Please get rid of these beasts Asap.

  2. Raja Islam says:

    The Taliban are nothing but criminals and terrorists. It is time for the government and the people of Pakistan to realize that their enemy is the Taliban. The government and army is asleep and are not responding to this rebellion by a criminal group with due force.

  3. Syed Zaidi says:

    Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

    How naive this question is right now…Why so late to ask this question….?

    Tehrik of Taliban = Evil wrapped with Religion.


  4. rahim uzaal says:

    malalai is small issue, a poor worker Of foreign NGOs, working for fame and money. Taliban is a much bigger issue. Taliban re-emerging in a new metamorphosed form appealing to educated Muslim. Live in that society and see for yourself. It is time for Taliban. we cant close our eyes to facts. how many u will kill? NA and Senate members, Rehman Malik and the like are not worried for Malalai, but for their own safety.

    • From Indian says:

      “malalai is small issue, a poor worker Of foreign NGOs, working for fame and money.” are you for real? And what about Your Quran’s teaching of ” if you kill a single human being, you kill whole mankind”?Hypocrites….

    • AAK says:

      Lets not be pessimistic . If the people unite on this , they have the power to subdue and if required kill till the last of these Taliban beasts remain in our country. High time the Pakistani Army should step forward and take comprehensive action once and for all to safe guard the nation and maintain their creditability. Otherwise they have no right to protest the drones and talk high about sovereignity.

    • Yes, I agree. Time is on their side.

      • Rauf says:

        Pakistanis are so blind.They can see the Killing of a girl but they cant see the killing of so many people every day by the drones.some politicians and media want to highlight this issue and use it to there advantage.Pls wake up Pakistanis before it is too late.

        • AAA says:

          talibans are evils they should be killed by any means.

        • Shankar says:

          Mr. Rauf, Pakistan has finally woken up. Over 44000 innocent people have been killed by Taliban so far in terrorist attacks. They are the reason for all the misery in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including the drone attacks.

  5. Farrukh Mahmood says:

    It is time that we stop hiding these beasts Talibans and declare war agaainst them

    • Maasif says:

      You can’t declare a WAR against Talibans! You can’t fight ignorance with ignorance. I think of oney way to revert, and take our country back is to do exactly what Talibans have done in reverse. They have brainwashed our people using the fake Islam and misinterpreted Quran and Sharia. We need to educate. educate. and re-educate our nation and the followers of Taliban what Islam really is. About generosity in interpretation, tolerance, acceptance, respect and value for women, children, and the week.

      I think our media can do the most of the re-education! through radios and tv’s that are broadcasted in the areas where talibans are living.

      Terrorism is rising all around the world and unless we stop fighting terror with terror it will keep on rising! We should all just stop and think for once! How would our beloved prophet would have handled this? If we claim that Islam is a peaceful religion then we should use that as a tool. The only way to revert ignorism is to educate.

    • Tariq Nadeem says:

      We must look our religious leaders and ulema in the eyes and ask them clearly whether they support these Jahilan or Malala?

      It is time for society in Pakistan to chose a side, because a civil war is brewing where these animals are attacking liberal, modern, educated, enlightened Muslims because we dont share their narrow, zealous, fanatical outlook of religion, we instead believe in forgiveness and kindness.

      • Mikal says:

        It is about time we drone all these mullahs, maulvis and pirs as Ataturk did in Turkey. Religion will only destroy society. Belief and love in God needs no outlet such as religion for its corruption.

  6. Moeen says:

    The militant Taliban are a disgrace to humanity. They are worse than animals. One can tame animals but there is no hope taming these lowly people.

  7. Rehman says:

    Pl get rid of Talaban with full force without any sympathy as they are enemy No.1 of Pakistan.Pl do it fast.

    • geriatrix says:

      Rehman sahib,

      You say : ” Get rid of the Taliban with full FORCE ” ?

      Sir, there are some movements currently in the field, like the Taliban. Were they created in one month, one year ?

      Gradually , since the days of ZIA sahib, this menace has crept on the society.

      To get rid of the TALIBAN and the Taliban mindset , one will needs a political and SOCIAL will . Without that no force will work. In fact it has to be negated by counter movements~~~FORCE may not work against one OWN PEOPLE, however misguided they may seem.

      Force will be certainly answered by a counter violence. THINK out of the bag, please. This is not an external enemy.

    • AHA says:

      And exactly who will do that???

      • Adnan says:

        We have to do it AHA – me, you, our children. Every Pakistani who still loves this country must start. It is us who have to rid ourselves of these taliban beasts, our shameless corrupt rulers. the mess or corruption. We cannot just keep on sitting on the sidelines waiting for a saviour. At the very least, lets make ourselves heard that this is not acceptable.

        • Javed Arshad says:

          Strategically speaking, perhaps, force will have to be used to start with followed by a long drawn Jihad by every one of us as you say, it will a long hard struggle to tame people out of this mindset.

  8. KS says:

    Appreciate that people have reacted sharply to the attach on this young girl. We have lost several hundreds and thousands of Malalas in US drone strikes.

    Does DAWN.com and the likes react similarly against the powerful side?

    Justice should prevail.

    • From Indian says:

      You are saying this confidently because you know that Justice DO NOT prevail in Pakistan. How many terrorists are handed death sentence by honorable CHEAP-justice of Pakistan, BTW?

    • Ahmed Khan says:

      Come on, KS stop this sympathy for drone victims. Talibans (terrorists) have to be eliminated ruthlessly or else Pakistan will break up ! We have not lost a single “Malala” yet. Those who died in drone attacks were targeted Talibans who deserve to die. Don’t compare them with Malala. The innocents who died in drone attacks can be considered as people killed by the Pakistani Govt. because it did not take decisive action against the eradication of extremism from Pakistan.

      • KS says:

        I am not alone while sympathising with the innocents martyred in merciless drone strikes. Nation has marched shoulder to shoulder with Imran Khan, several western Human Rights activists are against suh strikes. Do you mean to say that the poor ones, unheard dying everyday in drone strikes are less important than Malala? Rise above my friend.

        • Shankar says:

          KS, Extremists kill innocent people by the thousands. Drones target these extremists and have killed thousands of them. There have been very unfortunate collateral damage but no where near the number of innocents killed by the terrorists. Frankly terrorists are like cancer, they are part of the body that keeps them alive but rapidly kill the body itself. Chemotherapy kills fast growing cancer cells but unfortunately kills some good cells also. Even antibiotics that kill the bad bacteria kill some good bacteria as well. Once you have got the desease you have to treat it unless you are willing to succumb to it.

    • Seedoo says:

      Are you saying that drones primarily target innocent people. If so, then Drones should be attacking all over Pakistan. This is not to say that Drones have not killed innocent people. Their primary target, as I understand, are the very people who kill Malalas. Killing Malala attackers to US Drone strikes is like comparing apples and oranges.

    • Faisal says:

      Wow! Such a powerful argument. This incident has nothing to do with drone attacks, have you even read the TTP statement? They were scared of the girl spreading “secular” education in SWAT.
      Talibans way of thinking and ideology has been around for hundereds of years and people like you have accepted and defended these ideas. Try to think rationally my friend, these animals need to be eradicated.

    • JDSHAMI says:

      KS: U R right, STOP the drones first, Stop killing innocent women and children of Waziristan.

    • AHA says:

      We have lost thousands of Pakistanis at the hands of Islamic militants.
      You do not have to say anything about them.
      You just want to blame everything on the US drones.
      Twisted mind, I would say.

    • Razia says:

      Would there be drone strikes if there is no Taliban? We are in a catch-22.
      RS, tell you what, we will hold off for a few minutes while you get rid of the Taliban!

  9. hamza khan says:

    an operation in NWA is almost a must now. i disagree with our friend waleed, who seems to be suffering from the IK syndrome. most of the mlitants who are fighting the state there are not pakistanis. they are arabs, chechens, and other foreigners. they have no right to use pakistan as a launching pad. as for the TTP, its time that our right wing and center right parties, PTI included, start coming down forcefully against them. this is not america’s war. its VERY much pakistans war.

    • Rauf says:

      the war has already started 10 years back when us attacked Afganistan.now these are small batteles which us wants to wage using pakistan becos that is why they pay money to pakistan .
      On the otherside India is waiting to launch an allout war against pakistan .

      • Indian abroad says:

        Sorry, we don’t need to lose our brave soldiers in a war against Pakistan. We had rather have you self destruct. You are doing a great job at that! Keep up with your Islamic fundamentalism.

        God bless little malala…

      • From Indian says:

        Dear Rauf, Trust me when I say…..India has NO interest what-so-ever in attacking Pakistan. India and Indians have moved On dear Sir… and we hope the same from you. Who is feeding you such hate stories about India? First, India do not have the time and resources to fight Pakistan if it has to progress, and secondly, PAKISTAN is NOT that Important for us INDIANS. Trust me, we can ignore you whenever we feel like it and, Ignoring Pakistan is what we are presently doing as We want to progress, to tell you the truth. As an Indian, I have no intention of wishing anything bad for Pakistan, because with education(and correct History books) we have realized lot of things and become quite mature vis-a-vis pakistan. Pakistanis need to come out of the shadow of 2 nation theory and realize that its a global world now. Either you are in it, or you will be left behind to deal with self-made Bhashmasurs like Taliban. Hatred and imagined enemies will lead you to your downfall Sir…

        • Rauf says:

          I myself dont want india pakistan fighting each other.But i have seen indians from very close and i know how much hatred they hold for anything that is islam and muslims.and i also know if Pakistanis were not muslims there will not be any animosity among you for pakistan.it is not pakistan you evny it is Islam and muslims that you envoy.you always say pakistanis need to come out of shadow .but if you look inside you.you will realise what i am talking about.

  10. jalaluddin S. Hussain says:

    While all the brands of Taliban and al-Qaida terrorists must be condemned unconditionally and without any reservation, the imperialists and our own religious fanatics must also be condemned.

  11. Khadim says:

    I dont know how many malala likes die everyday arround this nation. Why is this incident the only focal point! – Are we really thinking as one nation as a muslim (our salat our zakat) if we are (ALL) doing and encourging others to do the same as we suppose to do.
    Or just over react, this will happen unless we know the root cause which is eliminating poverty and unequality, we are divided in sect and party politics. (once we cant unite for one cause which is fearing our creator and that we will be accountable one day infront of our lord). These will continue to happen. If there is no taliban there will be someone else.

    • Malik says:

      Let’s first deal with the one evil we know which has destroyed this country!!! The taliban and al qaida terrorists. No time to be philosophical but be clear headed. Govt needs to go after them all out.

    • imran says:

      100% agreed with you.

    • From Indian says:

      Dear Sir,
      Human Beings will always be divided in sects or castes, as it is in our DNA. Human Beings are basically animals who formed Packs to survive and then it matured into tribes. our gut-instinct is still Tribal. BUT, that doesn’t mean that we have to kill all the other tribe people.We can belong to different faiths and communities and still survive and respect each other.
      Secondly, many girls die in pakistan every day, but they are not shot in the Head by Talibans for trying to educate and spread awareness of secular beliefs. can you understand the difference now?

  12. Agha Ata says:

    Let me put it bluntly. Pakistan Air Force has enough power and capabilities to tora bora Waziristan, only if the Establishment allows it. But Establishment wants to keep the warriors of Waziristan alive, healthy and safe for another front . . . to be used, sometimes in the future.

    • Fahad says:

      There are also several Malala living in Waziristan mate. They are also scared for their lives. Just like you are. They shouldnt be made to suffer from what we planted decades ago

      • Malik says:

        Agreed…question is are there enough of ‘peace loving’ Pakistanies who can peacefully force the govermnent to end this long-time “strategy” that gurantees only one thing…more destruction of Pakistan. I hope so but its a very faint hope.

  13. Tahira, USA says:

    Best wishes for Malala’s complete recovery. The Government can not provide protection to all those from general public who dare to speak out. However this is the bottom line for Taliban, to attack a young girl for no reason. They have probably already killed their own daughters and women folks. May the curse of God fall upon them.

  14. Nadia Khanum says:

    That video was fake? Really? Thats calling the spade a spade? And who suffers from amnesia? really?

  15. Reddy sahib says:

    agree with Riaz , time has come to take the Taliban and get rid of the scourge and let Pakistan flourish.

  16. Cyrus Howell says:

    “Has the time come for the political parties, the elected representatives, the military and other law-enforcement agencies to unite against the Taliban and launch an all-out operation against the Taliban?”
    Pakistan is headed for civil war one way or the other. It is just a matter of time. When you see the Taliban compromise their views it will be the Last Days.

  17. Syed Rizvi - Houston, USA says:

    I don,t understand what the Pakistani nation never talk openly about the brutalities of its biggest enemy name – TALIBAN. Yesterday, I watched most of the TV channels who really enjoyed Malala’s mishap and tried to add points on their viewers rating – disgusting however, not a single participant or anchor person brought up the name of TALIBAN in their discussion.
    I solute Talat Hussain who darely ask KHAN THE GREAT-IMRAN as to why he has never criticised TALIBAN for their brutalities. For those who has not seen that program, it could be a gift a knowledge for them that MR. KHAN replied – I cannot because I have lots of friend in that area who could be in danger and moreover, all TALIBAN are not bad boys – KHAN JEE YOU SHOULD BE SHAME OF THAT COMMENT!
    Malala needs a hugh salute by the nation who stand by on her own against TALIBAN. My dear YOUTH OF PAKISTAN forget about you pleasentaries and parties think about your country.

    • rana says:

      IMRAN KHAN like other leaders and politicians of pakistan fear to speak against taliban if they do so they will be killed.

    • kumar says:

      Malala should get Nobel Peace Prize for 2013. I saw her interview on CNN yesterday, and amazing it was. Someday, she will be PM of Pakistan, let us hope!

  18. serge says:

    Très courageuse cette jeune fille !

    this very brave girl!

    good luck of Pakistan


  19. Danyal says:

    Nice to see the men of God killing trying to kill a child. Such brave men, such heroes of Islam, cannot do anything against the ISAF so lets at least kill unarmed and vulnerable girls. Our beloved Prophet must be so proud that his liberal message of tolerance and justice is being adhered to by these men who are not even fit enough to call themselves the followers of the religion of unity and justice, what Islam is this? Not my Islam, not in my name. You are cowards and munafiqs.

    This also goes for the mullahs who sat quietly while watching an innocent be blown away by so called Muslims.

    P.s this is sarcasm, I am not supporting this act or the perpetrators, but condemning them.

    • susanta says:

      wonderful words sir……all Indians are praying for that little angle as well….You hv to survive for the betterment of not only your country, for entire society….

    • Sceptic says:

      “Our beloved Prophet must be so proud that his liberal message of tolerance and justice is being adhered to..”

      Is it really true that he had a’liberal message of tolerance and justice? That is the first question

  20. Shahid Khan says:

    Some people in Pakistan and abroad still had sympathies for Taliban due to them being victims of drones. That is cruel too on part of USA, killing innocent family members including young children in the blind drone attacks.
    But now Taliban are exposed too with a true face example of a brutal act of terror against an innocent but daring to speak-out, girl demonstrating the world that they are at the same level of cruelty. They also have no regard of human values and life.
    Now the country cannot ignore anymore, they should be able to come back to senses and evaluate what these barbaric clan could do to the rest of country if the let loose, or keep on making excuses and suffer for years to come.
    There is no other way than to do whatever possible to crush them with full power.

  21. Yeah of course, the policy makers must take tough decisions against such extremism, I am a Mehsud from South Waziristan and since 2007 I am not allowed by pakistani milatary to go to waziristan and Taliban are ruling there. Pakistani forces must not launch such operation like they did last time, they must use helicopters and drop SSG commandos there on the selected points to encounter each and every terrorist which is reported by intelligence to be there instead of using jet bombers or tanks. Drone type of Attacks is the only way to get rid of terrorism but due to pakistan is not having it itself so SSG is the best option than. But before all this, pakistan must cut off all the supply lines to the Taliban (who ever is the supplier).

  22. Waleed says:

    So Cat is out of sack.
    Fake swat video episode is not too old and i guess most of us r not suffering from amnesia as well.
    Do not generalise things here,let call the spade,spade.Violence against children is not justifiable but same is true for ‘collateral damage’.No operation in NWA!
    Its not the solution.

    • Asim says:

      Let it be clear that Malala (15 year old unarmed girl) is not attacked as a result of drone attacks!

      The TTP leadership admits that she is attacked because she spoke against them and spread ‘secular’ thoughts.

      So, even if the drone strikes stop, the TTP will continue to blow up schools and impose their ideology over all (TTP also admit this agenda!). Whether Drone attackes stop or continue, the Taliban will not hesitate to attack women and children if they find them against their ideology.

      Note: Attacking children (during war, let alone a targeted attack) is amongst the most strict of prohibitions in ISLAM.

  23. Riaz says:

    Yes it is our national obligation, we have to voice out this issue, and want to be prepared for the fight with TALIBAN. Enough Is Enough.

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