Is Federer the greatest ever?

Is Federer the greatest ever?

Roger Federer, on Sunday, won the only grand slam tennis title that has eluded him all his career. The French Open win also brought him level with tennis legend Pete Sampras in winning 14 grand slam titles. With Rafael Nadal injured with a knee problem, Federer has an excellent chance of reclaiming the Wimbledon trophy that had been his for so long.

Pundits say Federer will not only break Sampras’s record, he will also put it out of anyone else’s reach. Does the fact that R-Fed has won all four grand slam titles make him the greatest ever? Will he be able to create a record of grand slam titles that may never be broken?


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95 Responses to “Is Federer the greatest ever?”

  1. Susi Mareks says:

    Nadal is a great player. I dont care if he is winning or losing matches. He is fighting on 100%, and its great there is such a “warrior” in ATP at the moment!

  2. Faisal says:

    I personally like Pete Sampras. Had the privielege to watch him in SAP open during an exhibition match. At 37 he was simply amazing, what would he be in his prime I wonder,

  3. omar khayyam says:

    Of course, he is a world best and he is entitle to have legendary status in the history.

  4. Gohar Shah Ravian says:

    Roger Federer going to have an unbreakable record in the world.

  5. Janjua says:

    FEDERER is the GREATEST Player of All time.. No doubt about that…

  6. Samad says:

    Just a small correction. Fed has already 16 grand slam titles – two more than Pete!!
    He’s far ahead of the pack and looks like he’ll continue for a year or two. Good luck to him.

  7. Ranjan says:

    Your number 1, Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi won a doubles tournament in Germany last week. Why is there no coverage or even mention of that?

  8. Zain says:

    i don’t think hez the greatest player of all time coz hez not even the greatest in his own era, therez a man called NADAL, federer just can’t find any way to beat him nadal leads federer 13-7 in head to head battles, it shows nadal is dominant, so how can u call a player greatest ever player when hez not the greatest even in his own era?

    • Janjua says:

      No Comparison between Nadal and Fed. Federer was there before Nadal came and Federed is there after Nadal has gone due to his continuous fitness worries. FEDERER is the Legend and consistency makes you a legend. He’s reached his continuous 23rd G.S semi final and completed Career G.S. What about NADAL?

  9. pradeep says:

    greatest player ever he is in just 20s

  10. Muhammad Asif says:

    So, the winner is… “RF”

  11. Spud says:

    What makes great players LEGENDS is their aura and a capacity to loose bravely. Federer has no composure as he cries at times when he should control his emotions being a mature professional. And on top of that, he pulls a sour face everytime he looses like a child who’s been refused candy at a funfair by his parents. Federer is a hugely talented and massively successful tennis player of his time like a few in the past. However, he lacks the personality to be the Greatest.

    • USoP says:

      you think Federer doesnt loose bravely!!!!!….my friend its not about how hard you cry after you loose, its about giving it your all when you’re down-and-out / never quitting and accepting that the other player played better than you…my point is that the wimbledon finals of 2008 & 2009 prove that federer is anything but brave

  12. Ali Abbas Agha says:

    “The Roger Federer” the only greatest player who knows tennis n no doubt about that.
    and its not because he won 14 Grand slams, its because his temparament,his courage of winning,his style,his passion,his sportsman spirit. n that gives a great sense of motivation to everyone, he has created a history that no one could ever break n never will.
    The ever greatest player “THE ROGER FEDERER”……………..

  13. Batool Rizvi says:

    One of the greatest player ever? a big statement and the answer is no. One of the great player, Yes.

  14. Nadeem Sharifuddin says:

    I dont know he is greatest of all or not but i have not see more complete tennis player than Fedrer.

    There is no doubt in my mind that he is technicaly most correct tennis player i have ever seen, always giving 100% , allways fit.

    Loses to Nadal does not mean he is not better than Nadal, give some time to Fedrer no body gave him fight for 5 years , now a new Kid (Nadal) gave him hard time and Fedrer has 5 more years in him so lets wait and see how it goes.

    To me Fedrer is most compelete tennis player of all time. He is mixer of Sampras and Aggasi.

  15. Jay says:

    To be the best ever, you have to be the best in your era. Federer is not even that. He has a poor record against Nadal and Djokovic. Unless he has a favourable record against them, he will never be the greatest ever no matter how many grandslam titles he amasses.

  16. Nasir Shah says:

    A clear Natural, both with a racquet & when crying.

  17. Azam Farooqui says:

    Well without a doubt he is the greatest player of all time, there is almost nothing more to accomplish for the might Fed. However him winning enough grandslams to put it out of the reach of anyone else is probably a far fetched thought. The judgement on that should be reserved untill Nadal’s career comes to a close. Federer is 27 with 14 grand slams while Nadal already has 6 at the age of 22. The impact of this can be judged by the fact that Federer won his first Grand Slam at 22. Also Nadal too has won on all surfaces (both Australian and US open are hard court with minor differences), he hasnt won the US but it’s not something that Nadal has to sweat over like Federer did over Roland Garros. Nonetheless, Federer’s is a monstrous achievement and put’s to rest all the doubts about him being the greatest of all time. The most elegant and graceful player to hold the tennis racquet.

  18. Mahmood Hasan says:

    A BIG NO.
    He has a very weak backhand.
    He does not fight when he is down.
    He is, however, a great tennis tactician. See how he just breaks the rival’s serve once and goes for the win.

  19. Asim Rehman says:

    He is no doubt the greatest player tennis has ever seen. you see every player has some dominant areas and some weak points but Roger has no weeknesses as far as his game is concerned!
    he is a real magician and has so much of depth and variety in his game that i havent seen any player posessing such maestry and class!
    and the best thing above all is he is an excellent sportsman! its not always abut winning and losing! but its about presenting yourself to the world as a true sportsman! and thats what he has been doing for the past 5 and half years!
    thankyou very much Roger for all of this!
    best of luck for your future!

  20. abdullah says:

    obviously, he’s great both on the field and off- the field… he is such an inspiration to all the youngsters. go roger go!!! v r with u :)

  21. Feroz Ahmad says:

    well my friends, roger federer is surely the greatest player ever. with due respect given to all the greats which appeared before him, i believe federer has out-classed each one of them! I have been watching tennis for quite some time now and have witnessed great masters like Pete sampras too but believe, roger is one step ahead of evryone! he is a great example of a complete sportsman. his recent win in paris ends all sorts of criticism. federer is a source of inspiration and a great blessing for everyone who appreciates sports.

  22. Zeeshan A. Abedi says:

    No doubt he is one of the finest player of Tennis …. He will be the legend in near future I believe…. !

  23. Bilal Sekhery says:

    he is the greatest for ever he creat the record which is not broken by any one

  24. Talha Irfan says:

    Roger Federer I believe is the greatest player to have picked up a tennis racket. I think he is well better than Pete Sampras because Sampras won 14 Slams playing in 57 while Federer managed to get 14 from 40 slams he has played so far. And Sampras’ best on French was a quarter final while federer managed to reach the final for 4 consecutive years. And it is injustice to Federer to compare him to the likes of Rod Laver or even Bjorn Borg because tennis has changed a lot now its really more testing now. If you get to see a match from the past it would seem more like badminton, soft shots, Only serve and volley unlike todays baseline game.

    No doubt Federer is the best ever. I dont know how someone above said Nadal is, he has not even won the US open.

  25. Mumtaz says:

    Yes, i think he has created a history. No doubt he is great player on Facebook on Facebook