Is Federer the greatest ever?

Is Federer the greatest ever?

Roger Federer, on Sunday, won the only grand slam tennis title that has eluded him all his career. The French Open win also brought him level with tennis legend Pete Sampras in winning 14 grand slam titles. With Rafael Nadal injured with a knee problem, Federer has an excellent chance of reclaiming the Wimbledon trophy that had been his for so long.

Pundits say Federer will not only break Sampras’s record, he will also put it out of anyone else’s reach. Does the fact that R-Fed has won all four grand slam titles make him the greatest ever? Will he be able to create a record of grand slam titles that may never be broken?


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95 Responses to “Is Federer the greatest ever?”

  1. Mubashir Mahmood says:

    Federer is not the best player but he can become the best if he perform well against Nadal and player better on clay courts

  2. Pervisha says:

    Federer has got what it takes to make such a tremendous record of victories. I mean I have been watching this man dancing and winning on the tennis court for ages now and he only got better and better. At times i almost hated him for always winning and not letting others to have the trophy but SERIOUSLY his style of game and such determination makes him the man he is, a winner!
    though nadal is no less than him but i think federer knows the tennis court better.

  3. Ali Khayam says:

    Well, so far he has proved that he is one of the greatest, and i would be quite unfait to unredmine his achievement by linking it with Rafa’s absence, he would have surely beaten him as well just like he did in this years’ Madrid open final which was on clay and infront of Nadal’s home crowd. Fed express will surely go ahead and win more Grand Slams to prove his greatness to everyone.

  4. Farraz says:

    He is one of the greatest players. In the last era there were more big names of tennis than currently, like agassi, goran, becker, sampras and many more but federer is not tested with that much tough competition.Only Nadal gives him tough time. but no doubt his skill are one of the best in this sports

  5. Ejaz says:

    No one can’t said taht he will set records that no one will be able to break. At some point of time in future, we will have someone even better than RF. I am sure people may have said this for Pete Samprass too when he set the record. People may have believed that the records PS set were impossible to break. Now we see the equalizer. RF will set new records and somone better than RF will break them in future. As a saying goes: Records are meant to be broken.

  6. Madiha says:

    Most definitely, yes!

  7. Amanzeb Khan says:

    I would like to request the unaware to check out Federer’s Grand Slam record and compare it with any of the other great players before making any comment. He stands out so much that it leaves no room for argument. His winning % in Grand Slams is irrefutable. As and example it took Sampras four more years and 11 more events to get to 14 titles. As for Nadal in the French Open we need to wake up. He was not in the final because he LOST. And he lost to Federer in Madrid right before the French. So we should not belittle Fed’s achievement.

  8. Al Shaikh says:

    No question he is the greatest tennis player and he is still good for another 2 or 3 years. He is tremendous.

  9. Amanzeb Khan says:

    Definitely the greatest ever. 20 straight GS semi finals, 15 of the last 16 finals, 14 slams in 6 years, thats incomparable. Add to it the aggression and grace with which he plays, his all round game makes him the best ever. Sampras never even got to the final of the French. Borg was not good enough on hard courts. Nadal has potential but in five years he has won only two Slams outside Roland Garros. Chances are that he will burn out much earlier because of the way he plays. Agreed that Federer has had problems with Nadal’s game but then every great player has a nemesis. That should not detract from his greatness. If Nalbandian has a winning record against Nadal it does not mean he is a better player than him. Same applies to Federer/Nadal. And Nadal is the first to acknowledge Federer’s greatness.

  10. Asad Ali says:

    obviously He is the best. His all round game and now French open under his bag. His gracefull and dignified attitude on and of the court makes him true champion. Some body in his comments above mentioned about high tech rackets of now a days, can he tell me his competitors dont have high tech racket. Are they playing with rackets of old era?

  11. Waqas says:

    Every champion gets the same treatment during his prime almost in all the sports – if Federer stays fit, surely it would be a big list of grand slams for the coming tennis stars of the next generations.

    Good luck Federer – you’ve surely raised the bar – still few years to raise it further !!!

  12. ali says:

    I think he is the greatest tennis player of not only his era but also if compare him with previous great players like PS, Bjorn etc.

    |He is a compelte package.

  13. KHURRAM says:

    Tag of “greatest player ever” is little overstatement, but make no mistake he is the best of the best. I think every regime every era of a player has its different sides but Federer has won it all, what makes him special and greatest is his on field and off field attitude I never saw him loosing his cool temper, he is a perfect role model for all the sports fans. His rivalary with Rafa Nadal is exemplary, he is the only man who is respected widely by his opponents. I would rate him as the Greatest palyer of this era not only of tennis but for any sport. No Doubt!

  14. No doubt ,he is a great player . i like his way of playing tennis.

  15. shaheen rafi khan says:

    No, Nadal is — he’s mentally stronger. He had a bad run and will rebound. I think he’ll break Federer’s record — besides, Nadal doesn’t bawl :))

  16. ali says:

    There is no doubt in it. R-Fed is the greatest tennis player. Fed’s is one the kind who always wait for their opponent to crash in the mid-way, so they can find their way to win the trophy. R-Fed really plays with the nerves of his opponents. But if Rafa is in front of him then you can bet anything on him, he wouldn’t even nudge.

  17. Syed Usman Nasir says:

    He most defintely is the greatest player to ever play the game. Winning 14 grand slams on all surfaces in the most competitive era of tennis is no small achievement. There are generally 3 players besides RF who are included in debates on this subjected, Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras.

    Rod Laver won a total of 11 grand slams along with winning all 4 in a single year twice. Huge achievement but lets not forget that three of the 4 grandslams were played on grass back then with the exception of Roland Garros which was on clay. Federer would have passed the 14 grandslam mark years ago (with 3 grass court slams) considering he beat sampras (arguably the greatest grass court player) back in 2001.

    Bjorn Borg won a total of 11 grand slams during his career. He won 6 french opens and 5 wimbledons. He lost in 4 US open finals. He retired at age 25. A great player but not the greatest.

    Pete Sampras won a total of 14 grand slams, 7 wimbledons, 5 Us opens and 2 australian opens. He reached the semi finals of the french once in his career. The greatest player should be one who has done it all. Sampras might be the greatest grass court player ever but not the greatest player ever.

    For me the one player who gives even Federer a run for the money is Andre Agassi. Everyone seems to forget that he before federer was the only player to win all 4 grand slams on 3 different surfaces. He has won a total of 8 slams along with being a part of a davis cup winning team AND winning an olympic singles gold medal (feats that even RF has yet to accomplish).

    Federer is the greatest player in history but the way tennis is going, he will most definetely not be the greatest for all times to come.

  18. Numair Irfan says:

    Yeah, For me he is.

    By equalling pete sampras record of 14 grand slams, he once again showed that he can!

    and the whole thing is that he’s so calm and steady towards his goals … That’s where his strength lies.

    Having the element fire… he definitely rocked the game of tennis.

  19. Farhan N says:

    With time games evolve. So taking one yardstick and judge who is the greatest player “ever” is not fair to the players or to the game itself.

    Everyone is greatest player of their time and since nothing is forever so lets say “Greatest Player Ever as of now” and this title applies to all the great players we all already know. They all make tennis one hell of an interesting game :)

  20. Muhammad Abdulazeem Mughni says:

    Yes….wonderful human being and one of the greatest ever indeed…

  21. Nadeem says:

    Anybody’s record speaks for himself. RF has more opportunities to win in future, to beat and further improve his record. No more comments are needed!

  22. Faisal Naqvi says:


  23. Daniyal Jafarey says:

    He may seem like the best player off all time but no one can ever judge the talent of Sampras or Bjorg at their peak times or the competitiveness during their era. We cant say he is the greatest player of all time but maybe in his time beacause the talent required to win a grandslam in Federers era might be easier.

  24. Hussein says:

    Ayesha, while Federer must have a killing smile that boils his fiercely competitive opponents’ blood, it is debatable if he thrashes out his rivals equally easily. However, I must also express my “pleasant” astonishment that a Pakistani girl employs such fetching terms to describe the excellence of a tennis player. After all, arguably, women in this part of world are usually uninterested in the exciting game like Tennis.

  25. ateeq says:

    Yes, and he has proven it by winning the French open and all grand slams. His overall style of game is hard to beat on Facebook on Facebook