A détente in the offing

A détente in the offing

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Earlier this week, President Asif Ali Zardari urged India to resume the process of composite dialogue without any conditions to jointly address common problems, including Kashmir and terrorism. Now, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called for a peaceful partnership with Pakistan, which he argues is in his country’s vital interest.

On Tuesday, Dr Singh said, ‘I have believed India cannot realise its ambitions unless there is peace and prosperity in South Asia as a whole and if our neighbourhood is suffering from instability and turbulence that has direct bearing on our own evolution as a democratic polity committed to sustained growth and development.’

Do you think the threat of spreading regional militancy will pave the way for Pakistan and India to work together to combat terrorism? Is a détente in the offing? And are Pakistan and India ready to revisit the Kashmir issue in the prevailing socio-political climate?


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118 Responses to “A détente in the offing”

  1. Surender, India says:

    Problems with India and Pakistan are lack of education, poverty, corruption and religion.
    We people give first priority to religion instead of others. Stupid politicians from both countries never wants boyh countries to start a dialogue for peace process, they start fueling disputed issues to protect their chairs.
    When divided Germans can reunite, why cant we. Can it happen?

  2. khan paratha says:

    India spends 29 billion dollars on weapons, I’ve heard, while its people live in slums, in the world’s filthiest garbage dumps. If India stops spending money on weapons and gives Pakistan some breathing space, both countries would be able to pull out of poverty, I think. This is India’s fault, not Pakistan.

  3. frz says:

    Pakistan must act on terrorism now.

  4. Ravi says:

    Between India and Pak, talk is not cheap; too much of emotional cost.

    Each nation should simple focus on getting their house in order and economic growth. And just allow the relationship to evolve without too much of hyperbole or emotion. Intentions will become clear if one does not see the other supporting terrorist causes. That should help build confidence back over time.

  5. Rajendran says:

    I am an Indian Tamil and work in United states. In our team there were three Pakistanis aand a few North Indians. The Indians have to speak to me in English only where as they will speak to the Pakistanis in Urdu/Hindi whiel I am starring at them.

    I wondered if I am a foreighner to these guys? If I, a non Hindi speaker can live with them as a country, why can not the pakistanis live with them as a country?


  6. Sunny says:

    Establish a common ground first. Citizens of both countries are descendants of the great Indus valley civilization. And most of the Pakistanis could have been Hindus before being converted.
    They have the same problems as in India. Get into an agreement where neither would attack one another(directly or indirectly) for a time(say 10 years) and divert the funds they spend on defense to the welfare of the people.
    And watch how much beneficial that would be when the ordinary citizens would be happy.

  7. Viren says:

    Dear Friends, My name is Viren, Indian based in Dubai since last 5 years. I have been reading Dawn blogs since last one year. What i felt here is.. I strongly feel that we should forget about past and just focus on present and future. Dubai is an excellent example of communal and sub-continental harmony. I never had thought that one day i will be eating food with Pakistani citizen in Pakistani restaurant . But it happens here reason is nobody is bothered about what Politicians are saying neither interested in debates which can disturb or harm someone’s feeling. Pakistanis and Indians, we all have our own problems at our own home, town, district, state and country. Lets solve our own problems first before pinpointing each other. Leaders also need to just give up thoughts and processes to meddling in each other’s countries. Can any leader say that if Pak and India has best relations and if Kashmir problem is solved you and your family will get Jobs,food for 2 times, they will get best of the education, healthcare, Social security? We always forget our core issues and start acting like American President who has taken job to solve problems in whole world.

  8. Bilal says:

    I am from Pakistan , and I think it would be much much favourable for the whole of sub-continent ( not just India and Pakistan ) to unite. However, we also need to put an end to the hostility in the hearts of both sides . Otherwise, trying to erase the borders will result in crisis and chaos

  9. Tariq Mian, Canada says:

    To the LEADERS and the PUBLIC on both sides of the border,
    Under the present circumstances, only a well calculated and a really balanced approach has to be adopted by the Pak-Bharat leadership in order to reach a negotiated settlement of all the pending issues.
    Ignoring the concern of either party would hamper the pavement-process to acquire a perpetual peace.
    Since, Pakistan is a reality, so this fact must be fully recognized and genuinely respected at an equal level. And, irresponsible rhetorical statement must be avoided at all cost.
    The secret agencies in both countries should too encourage only peaceful solutions to any problems.
    Any rude or sarcastic remarks would only complicate the already delicate situation; so this practice needed to be stopped as well, ‘if road to “peace-recovery” has been envisioned.’

  10. rajeev says:

    Anand M says:
    June 18th, 2009 at 7:26 am
    “I am an India. I wish both countries should wipe their boundries and come together to tie in great nation on earth.”

    -Anand, I am an Indian. The differences are such that erasing wiping borders will be a trouble. If we cannot co-exist as neighbors, we cannot live in the same house. But I am all for India/Pak cooperation and ties that encourage peace.

  11. nisar khan says:

    in my earlier comments I attached pak, india relations to the resolution of kashmir issue. the modus operandi for the resolution of kashmir issue is that india should first recognise the disputed nature of kashmir.That would set a stage for a dialogue and confidence building between the two countries. Both the countries then should iron out minor issues like trade, relaxation of visa restriction ,terrorism,and water dispute. once the momentum is achieved, both the countries would come out with feasible solution of kashmir issue with the concurrence of kashmir’s people.the kashmiry people should taken on board.

  12. Alethia says:

    The meeting between Prime Minister Singh and President Zardari in Russia was disappointing. One half of Pakistan is in a state of war with the Taliban with 3-4 million refugees on the move and all Mr. Singh has to say is …Pakistan better attack the problem of terrorism? How can it be possible that the Pakistani government was responsible for the Mumbai massacre when it itself is overwhelmed by terrorism? Is India able to control terrorism, let’s say, from the Northeastern rebels? No.

    It gives little hope that India is at all interested in a modus vivendi with Pakistan.

  13. Tariq Mian, Canada says:

    Sorry to say but your negative comments won’t do any good; they are harmful.

  14. Syed Kemal says:

    My personal opinion this disputed part shoud be declared as an independent state by UN as they did by using force with East Timor, which was part of Indonesia until 2002. Now East Timor is an independent nation. After all Kashmir has 95% muslim population and it is their right to get rid of indian unjustified occupation.

  15. Tariq Mian, Canada says:

    Look! Who is talking?
    Good development.
    The PM of Bharat and the President of Pakistan are inclined towards a perpetual friendship instead of a rivalry.
    Since Pakistan became a nuclear power, so there remains no threat of conventional warfare any longer between the two rival countries. Credit goes to the above-said Nuclear-Technology which has given a permanent defence to Pakistan.
    ‘PEACE’ seems achievable and is extremely important for accelerating the long awaited regional prosperity including all neighbouring countries.
    We live not in a jungle, thus, we deserve a more and enhanced civility.

  16. Anand M says:

    I am an India. I wish both countries should wipe their boundries and come together to tie in great nation on earth. Both sides have kind hearted, intelligent and passionate people. One day i would suely like to see Indipak Or Pakindia ruling rest of world.

  17. Sachin says:

    India and Pakistan are branches of same tree. I want to see them working together for benefit of both countries, I hope it will happen in my life time. India alone cant tackle china in terms of size,power but combined strength of our two nations can definately do that..will it ever happen?..Can we combinely become biggest force in asia…its in our hand..to build or destroy. I want to see a day when india will act in pakistan’s interest and pakistan will act in India’s.

  18. Dotherightthing says:

    Farzana, well said. You are absolutely right. Kashmir is just an execuse. Let India and pakistan find ways to co-operate and stop fomenting trouble for the others. All issues including Kashmir will be automatically solved. So stop talking about Kashmir as peace is more important.

  19. Fayyaz Karim says:

    in fact i am not pakistani i belong northern areas of pakistan.which still asking for constitutional rights from pakistan instead of that we love pakistan and respect india. in fact pakistan has its own geographical importance, no one can dine it,good relation among pakistan and india make both the countries capable to maintain there existence otherwise both the counties have to face very hard time.both countries should work together to make there future bright.

  20. rahul says:

    As a Indian i am say that all Indians want apeace and prosperity between both nations.
    War is not good for both nations. War always creates only destruction and tension for common people. So I hope the politicians of Pakistan not allow the militants activities. And I also hope that in future both india and pakistan becomes a developed countries.

  21. sujatha says:

    farzana, i think you are absolutely right.

  22. Me_Indian says:

    This comes from heart. Pure and unadulteradet

    I am Hindu and Indian, I love my cousins of Pakistan.

  23. R. Sahu says:

    there can be no lasting peace between india and pakistan unless real democracy flourishes in pakistan and the army is brought under the civilian leadership.

  24. Siddharth says:

    Many of us Indians are fortunate to have made excellent Pakistani friends in Dubai, London, USA. We hope Pakistan will move towards moderation. The fight against Taliban is really for the soul of Pakistan. If the liberals win, there needs to be real reform in society to eliminate feudalism and religion-based national identity. The ethnicities of Pakistan must unite not in the name of religious war against a neighbour but through genuine allegiance to the flag. In India there needs to be realization that Pakistan has changed a lot in the last few decades. And then peace between India and Pakistan will become deep and enduring.

  25. Isha says:

    Indian Kashmiri just to correct u, Indian economy is already 1tillion dollar +. It touched 1 trillion in 2007-08.

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