Reaction on the streets

Pakistan has blocked two popular websites due to a controversial competition being held on Facebook on May 20. How has the ban on Facebook and YouTube affected you? Has the block on our accessibility to these sites highlighted the fact that how addicted and dependent we are on social networking websites and forums? How do you plan to pass your time instead now that browsing videos and random profiles is not an option?

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445 Responses to “Reaction on the streets”


    Every individual has his/her own experiences, views and perceptions. Every person will look the same object different from other person. Banning the websites (face book and you tube) in Pakistan may lead goodness to some people and badness to some people. Looking at the matter from all perspectives and all angles, we have wide range of criticizing the matter. No doubt, every Muslim will condemn the insult of Muhammad S.W.
    Banning the social network on internet will ban the the contact of thousand of people around the world. Government should take some other steps except banning these websites.

  2. waqas says:

    i m so happy that these sites are banned. people who say that it will not be a good idea they are wrong and i m sorry to say that they do not love MUHAMMAD(PBUH).

  3. Mazher says:

    I am in favour of these bans. Banning these sites will reduce their worth then, only, they will realize our importance. They should care for emotions of Muslims.

  4. Ali says:

    I am surprised to see how many people like the idea of banning these websites. From what I have read in the above comments people argue, that now they have something constructive to do, may be read a book! My dear, just youtube itself has a wealth of knowledge, they have online lectures posted from universities like MIT, if only you could put something meaningful in the search criteria. I personally used it to listen to Quranic translations now apparently I cant!
    Facebook itself is a tool that you can use to spread the virtues and teachings of Islam!

    Whenever, I witness something like this, I recall the time the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H visited the city of Taif. If Someone like Him(P.B.U.H.) can ignore, and forgive mind you, such humiliation, why cant we?

    Secondly, if you google blasphemous content on Islam, I bet you will find a million websites with such content. Why don’t we do something about them? The more we chant slogans against these things, we are doing nothing but taking part in their little advertising campaign, to whom we play an audience to.

    • Azeem says:

      I totally agree with your comments! If people really want to be constructive, nobody has an obligation to visit these sites! You have to be constructive with your own will! Stop blaming this and that!

  5. Arif Zameer says:

    Now that the 2 websites are blocked I think we should move towards banning the internet altogether.

  6. Irfan Hussain says:

    Facebook, Youtube and Wikipedia are replacing the conventional media worldwide and the reason of banning them is only political.
    As no other Muslim country has banned them yet! we are probably more Muslims than Saudi, UAE, Iran or Malaysia.

    I am surprised about the comments of some people here that youngsters would have more time in “constructive” activities claiming FB and YT as time wasting. Again, in a country where youth has no breathing space – no playgrounds, no physical activity, all parks dedicated to “family only” – where can one expect the youth to utilize their energies.

    • Mazhar says:

      For your information FB is blocked in UAE, Iran, China and Vietnam and many more
      Its not politically motivated idea to block FB and others

  7. Khawer says:

    Western News sites like BBC website, if you try to post a comment – you need to agree to a long list of “Terms and Conditions” – see details here:

    Just the simple fact that BBC will first check posts before posting it – is proof that there is no such thing as “Freedom of speech” in the west – even though they keep harping about it. If we are all for Freedom of Speech, then there is no need for any “Terms and conditions” … just allow people to post whatever people want to say.

    What people do when they post things objectionable to islam is just like saying to BBC, pls remove the Terms and Conditions and allow everyone to post whatever they like.

    Not gonna happen – will it ?

    And so when Muslims get upset and react to Facebook, or Youtube or whoever allows posts that are considered against the religion of Islam – just keep that in mind.


  8. Abbasi says:

    Youtube has lots of productive videos..videos on research…even Mr.Ali Moeen who got 23 A’s in A level….a world record holder…..was getting his lectures on youtube…even majority of media programmes were available on youtube….lots of good material about Pakistan was also available on youtube…this was in fact a contribution towards world to know about us….About Facebook….yes…Ms Excel has their pages … Ashfaq Ahmed page…We love Mohammad page…An ayat from Quran Pak…Quran Majeed the best book on Universe…. Even some politician were spreading their messages on facebook…people who cannot take part in practical politics were contributing towards knowledge building….sharing news about Pakistan….i never knew about this page of caricature but honestly these are us spreading them so much that who so ever did not know…knows it now…i think its more of us spreading these kind of messages then who are actually culprits….Even now it makes a head line on world news….so one who never knew would now be anxious….

    Yes…this is worst hurting other especially in Religion matters…Now this is a War i think….and we need to fight it instead of going on strike….If these sites are permanently banned ..i think there would be no more contribution to world media from Pakistan……Will going on strike on this war solve our problems….how many site would we ban….Ultimate solution is fight…bring some thing new about your Religion…promote your good deeds….hide faults….Promote Muslim Nation…your country…be positive to contribute….

    A lady use to throw garbage on Muhammad every day…but he never mind it…one day she was ill and our Prophet went to ask about her…she was so impressed that she became Muslim…I think we need to follow his good deeds and let our enemy realize that this is great Religion…we need to think new to fight this war…..

  9. Nitin says:

    Next time Youtube is available in your Country, see what George Carlin has to say about God and Religions in general.

  10. Ayusafzai says:

    If Facebook and Youtube are really so offensive then people should stop using them.

  11. Ahmer Jamil Khan says:

    Why is Facebook so stubborn, that they say that they’ll block the specific page in Pakistan, but keep it on the web? Here’s the link to it:

    Why can’t they respect other’s ctiments?

  12. Akil says:

    Bravo Pakistan, for this courageous step, there should be a boundary for so called freedom of speech. We Muslim are united at atleast at this sacred duty of guarding the honour of our beloved Prophet SAW.

  13. asad says:

    well dont pakistani govt…..

  14. Abu Umamah says:

    Kudos to Pakistani authorities for banning Facebook. This will send the right message that Muslims – who have a drop of iman in their blood – will not tolerate any insults to our beloved and blessed Prophet (peace be upon him).

    • Sagar says:

      Hi Abu, with due respect to your sentiments I disagree that this is sending any right message to the Muslims. This is just like building a sound proof room and locking yourself in that. The others outside are still talking loudly against you.
      The effective way is to ignore them or just explain them what wrong they are doing. They will eventually mend their ways…

      I was impressed with one post here which goes like this, “A lady use to throw garbage on Muhammad every day…but he never mind it…one day she was ill and our Prophet went to ask about her…she was so impressed that she became Muslim…I think we need to follow his good deeds and let our enemy realize that this is great Religion…we need to think new to fight this war…..”

  15. Salman Hasan says:

    Let us ban Facebook and Youtube.

  16. yahoo says:

    Pretty pleased with this. who needs facebook and youtube anyway. a good way to show them that we mean business. All these websites are just after money anyway .. it will not be long before they resolve the issue. But. atleast a strong message has been sent.

    Dear Shahbaz,

    I would like to differ from you on the point you made about sending a wrong message to the world. Did you hear the west shouting and crying when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad questioned the Holoucast ? this is typical of the west, and their double standards. we should value what we have in our religion, and if someone tries to make a mockery out of it well they should know that they will have atleast 40 million less people to make money off of.

    I’ll tell you why fb didnt ban it because controversial things like these increase the traffic on their sites = more money. so banning was the best thing that had happened. Even though i am on fb and i will probably not be in touch with some of my friends . But if thats how it has to be to get the message across, then so be it. It is worth it!

  17. MBN says:

    That said, these websites are a waste of time. Wrong message aside its actually quite liberating to know they’re not accessible.

  18. haq says:

    Is there any other Muslim country who also has banned these sites, Saudi’s, Iran etc.
    More than 98% Muslim’s countries….
    Right , indeed right to ban, why don’t we come to roads to ban all those things which Prophet Muhammad hated… that ll show our true love and respect for him .

  19. saad says:

    Glad ..facebook should be banned permanently.

  20. G.M.Farooq says:

    Very good idea good step, These site should banned permanently.

  21. Hassaan Zia says:

    I’m very glad that Facebook has been banned now.

  22. Waqas Maqsud says:

    This is very brave step taken by Pakistani Government I really appreciate this decision by Government of Pakistan .

    • Bilal says:

      What is brave about it ?

      The only thing it shows is that we have no argument to make and are not capable of defending our beliefs in an exchange of ideas.

  23. Shariq says:

    Good Action

  24. Rashid says:

    Well, generally speaking I do not like facebook; but I also do not like that someone else takes decisions of what I have to/do not have to do.

    • Erum Malik says:

      True what about freedom of choice .. ? but then in Pakistan do we have that freedom ? there is only freedom to criticise ..

  25. BYchoice says:

    It comes to think that how low we can think freedom of speech should be given to the people we are not mindless to be controlled by whoever , To the people of the nation have you even bothered to look out there whats going on in your own nation ? people killing each other for just small things and by banning a couple of websites we think we did a brave thing , well that doesn’t state a point , if people call you something that doesn’t make you it unless you take action to it admitting you are it .. Just ignoring it means that it doesn’t bother us …. Why can’t we learn to live in peace and take revenge for little things. Why can’t we forgive like it was taught to us….

    • Ahmad says:

      Dear BYChoice,

      there are certain thing that can be forgiven and on certain needs PROMT AND PROPER response. the issue of our nation, that you highlighted, exist in all nations and i agree that we should ALSO address these by education and better economy. but in the same time respct of us and ours should be compromised.

    • Tahir Alam says:

      I don’t understand what you are calling the “little things”. This is not a “little thing”. If a person is offended, they can go to the court and sue the offenders. Here we are talking about a person whom we respect more than ourselves. The problem is that people are not understanding the real problem. The real problem was that the Face book authorities did not show any respect to Muslims and the disregarded their own policies in this event. So, we had to take some action to make them understand that they are doing wrong. Banning the website will cause them financial loss. More steps should be taken like all muslims should stop using Face book immediately. That will teach them how to behave and respect others emotions. If someone will do wrong to your family members will you forgive?

    • A says:

      the problem is that it DOES bother us..nd it is definitely NOT a ‘little thing’.. they disrespected our Prophet (PBUH),for crying out loud..! on Facebook on Facebook