Pakistan and the way forward

Pakistan and the way forward

With August 14 approaching fast, would like to know your thoughts on Pakistan and the way forward.

In your opinion, what should be done today to fix the many problems Pakistan faces?

Please give your answer in one sentence along with your name, age, location and profession to qualify for the survey.


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259 Responses to “Pakistan and the way forward”

  1. jssidhoo says:

    Education ,land reforms and peace with India
    Name jssidhoo
    Age 61
    Location Mohali India

  2. Muzammil jawed says:

    i would like to say that we should work according of law because it is necessary for our country and we should arrest them who like sabotaging.

  3. Establish rule of law, Improve and then privatize all white elephants of public sector, Rulers should declare their assets along with the tax they pay, Improve taxation system – direct taxes should be increased and indirect taxes should be decreased, Invest in education, Find new ways of generating energy. e.g. solar-thermal, wind, biomass and Support overseas Pakistanis in investing in Pakistan, provide adequate safeguards to their investments.

    Ahsan Mansoor
    Telecom Engineer

  4. Dr fayyaz ahmed says:

    Stop military interference in politics,evolve an independent foreign policy,strengthen economy,hold talks with ttk n other dissident groups,effectivelly check corruption,impose heavy taxes on rich…and make education a priority sector.
    dr.fayyaz,civil servent,
    kashmir(indian held)

  5. MK says:

    1. STOP CORRUPTION in all institutions by severe punishments. 2. REFORM THE DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM, revamp the election commission. 3. IMPLEMENT progressive TAXATION.

    Finance Professional

  6. Imran Hussnain says:

    Pakistani community should think first about Pakistan because if Pakistan is stabled then everything here will go on right direction so do that we all will have to be love, sincere with PAKISTAN; no matter who we are and what are our personal effects. Be a one hand to save our lovely Pakistan.

    Imran Hussnain
    Age 28
    Location : Dubai UAE
    Profession: Banker

  7. Abdullah says:

    Complete implementation of Islam. Give “Nusrah” (power of Implementation) to Hizb-ut-Tahrir and let them fulfill the purpose of this land! Let them fulfill the promise of Allah! Let them implement Khilafah. Hizb-ut-Tahrir has the complete preparation for this purpose and verily it is the Divine law which is going to solve our problems. Enough of man-made laws!

    Name: Abdullah
    Age: 27
    Location Pakistan/Karachi
    Profession: Senior Software Engineer

  8. Imran Hussnain says:

    Pakistani community should think first about Pakistan because if Pakistan is stabled then everything here will go on right direction so do that we all will have to be love, sincere with PAKISTAN; no matter who we are and what are our personal effects. Be a one hand to save our lovely Pakistan.

  9. common man says:

    The root cause of the problems is a flawed system which can be twisted by the few powerful elites in their favor and end up oppressing common people. If you go by this system to challenge the powerful, you are reminded of the law and you can not do anything. If you are wrongly accused and get stuck in a trial at a court and do not have money for bail, you are stuck in jail for years because who cares about speeding up your trial, you are a common person. This is what happens in secularism where you allow ruler to change law whenever he needs it to fit in his favor. Pakistan has been secular since beginning and still is. Secularism gave nothing but misery. It is time to choose a correct and fixed standard, the system made by Allah and apply it in all areas, economic system, social system, judicial system, ruling system, education and so on. If you are not convinced please do some reading, you will be convinced. We can hold accountable rulers also on same bases as we did in the past. KHILAFAH is the answer !!!

  10. Muzammil jawed says:

    i would like to say that first of all, we should arresst all terrorist who don’t want peace in our country.

  11. Luqman says:

    Land reforms (finally getting rid of the feudal system), overhauling the education system and making it compulsory as well as overhauling the judiciary system so that we can finally see the corrupt getting their just deserts.

  12. If we just correct our educational system according to the teachings of Holy Quran. then i can assure you that we will stat moving towards the way of way of advancement.

  13. If we only act upon the teachings of Holy Quran and pay true focus on the Educational system. then i can assure you that we would be the leaders of this world as we were .
    Muhammad Adeel
    student of MSc Physics.

  14. amir says:

    Elect honest capable leaders and hold them accountable. Get out in the streets and kick out the corrupt leaders and keep the military in their barracks away from Government, make sure judiciary is honest and independent and pakistan will be a strong state!



  15. haider sumayari says:

    Needs to revamp the all four pillors i.e judiciary, executive, legislators and press.

    Haider Sumayari 27
    Islamabad Pakistan
    Corporate employee

  16. M. Umer Riaz says:

    Responsible Patriotic Leadership!

    M. Umer Riaz

    Finance Professional

  17. haider sumayari says:

    Needs to revamp the all four pillors i.e judiciary, executive, legislators and press.

  18. Atif says:

    We need adoption of new system that reflects ideology of Pakistan in its true sense, i.e., Caliphate (being only Islamic political system). No nation could progress without adopting its distinctive merit and ours is Islam. 60+ years have proven that nothing could work in terms of political system if thats not reflective of people’s emotion (it is a fact that people can’t define well what they emotionally want, and for this they look towards leaders giving them proper direction). So far none could actualize (in terms of political ordering) the dream for which Pakistan was founded. Pakistan was neither made by racial principle nor it was made for democracy (lets not forget it, it was 1956 era when democracy was pushed up, so its questionable). Moreover, we have seen periods of democracy and dictatorship and none could give us any hope so far. 60+ years are more than enough for asserting failed systems (we were never asked what we want in terms of system instead we have been forced to select from among what we want to reject) and now it is time for a fresh start with aspirations of 1947 era. We lost Bangladesh because we pushed unIslamic values (pushed up challengable values) and hence in reaction justification filled the gap and Bangladesh parted away (both democrats and dictators were responsible for this loss). Pakistan is not India (in terms of ideological standing), Pakistan is not US (from where we always need some certificate), Pakistan should be what we emotionally defined in 1947 and until that is realized nothing could change. Hence, in short, answer is change of system, simply Caliphate.

    Research Scientist, IBA Karachi
    PhD Candidate, NUI Galway

  19. Patriot says:

    Do effective land reforms, make education free and compulsory for all, reduce defence budget by half and, give exemplery punishment to corrupt, and do effective reforms in the model of democracy being followed to reduce the impact of illeterate voters, the necessity of being rich to participate in election and bogus voting.

  20. gp65 says:

    1. Army to be restricted to the barracks and not have a role in governance including designing of foreign policy.

    2. Foreign policy to be drafted that takes the Pakistani people’s interests rather than Pakistani military’s interests and allows the country’s tax resources to be invested in creating infrastructure – both soft (education, skills, health, law and order) and hard (electricity, irrigation, ports, roads) for Pakistanis rather than simply more and more atom bombs. 5 atom bombs are as capable of preventing a war as 100. Currently 35-40% of tax revenue goes towards defence, equal amount towards debt servicing (much of which is incurred to by weapons) , most of the remaining to wards basic administration and minimal amount towards building infrastructure.

    3. True democracy where there is ongoing accountability of politicians beyond once in 5 years elections.

    4. Changing the textbooks and media narrative that spews hared towards ‘others’ – be it Hindus/ Indians, Christians/ US, Jews/Israel, Shias, Ahmadis. Allowing and if possible cherishing diversity of thought, opinion, expression and religion instead of suppressing it through executive fiat and/or social intimidation. Whether this type of dispensation that values diversity is called true Islam or secular is simply labeling. I am referring to the content.

    5. FIght ALL terrorists operating on Pakistani soil with the full might of the state without distinguishing between good and bad terrorists.A country that allows its soil to be repeatedly used to attack other nations cannot call itself sovereign while simultaneously disassociating itself of those terrorist’s actions.

    6. Pakistani elite to pay their taxes. If not, the government to prosecute them without fear or favour. This is necessary to break the begging bowl.

  21. We can make Pakistan Independent by making supremacy of law in the country. We have every thing in this country. We have institutions, we have unlimited resources, we have every thing for our defense but we do have independent and daring Judicial system to remove all of our mystery. Accountability above the board and respect for the rule of the land can make us a great nation internally and before the world.

  22. Yasir says:

    We can only be united under the fold of Islam. Demolish all the capatilist system in Pakistan and bring back Islamic state i.e KHILAFAH

    Yasir Tanveer, 24

  23. Syed Umair Ali says:

    Islamic social, economic and political system should be implemented in order to give a rise to this nation and to the entire ummah as well. Democracy has been failed and we don’t also need any system when Allah has bestowed us such a complete Deen.

  24. Wajeeh says:

    Change the curriculm in the text books and tell the younger genertation what really happened in the past so that they can look beyond their self made glorified past and get out of the self written history.


  25. Syed Karim says:

    The root cause of all the problems in Pakistan is the attitude of the people of Pakistan. Pakistanis need to change their intolerant behaviour. on Facebook on Facebook