Overnight attack

Overnight attack

An early morning Nato attack on Pakistan’s security forces has left at least 28 soldiers dead the Mohmand tribal region. In an immediate reaction to the attack, Pakistan blocked supplies to the allied forces based in Afghanistan. Additionally, Pakistan’s acting ambassador to the United States registered a protest against the attack with the US State Department.

The attack came a day after Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani met with Isaf Commander General John Allen to discuss “measures concerning coordination, communication and procedures between the Pakistan army, Isaf and the Afghan army, aimed at enhancing border control on both sides.”

This is not the first incident of its kind and while protests have been registered and voices raised, we are yet to see an official explanation into the incident.

How, in your opinion, should Pakistan deal with such attacks on its security forces inside its own territory?

Will the blockade on transportation of Nato supplies prompt a reaction from the allied forces in Afghanistan? Can this move, alone, be termed a strong response to the attack? What additional measures should the government take to ensure such attacks are not carried out in the future?

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204 Responses to “Overnight attack”

  1. Sania says:

    Blocking NATO aid routes is punitive the US have alternatives ….. it is too late to do anything effective Pakistan has already been enslaved by the US thanks to our treacherous greedy politicians and we are a laughing stock to the rest of the world at least those who have not handed over their soveriegnity to the West ….. Pakistan has been sold and history will record it as a fact …. only the ordinary proud Pakistani people can hold up their heads, the politicians, rich liberals, civil society can only hang their heads in shame if they they have any left which is doubtful

  2. Sahib Tahir says:

    NATO Secretary general Rasmussen, what you have done in Pakistan, One day you WILL have to pay for it. You guys have a free hand all over the world, the blood of these people will not go astray, one way or the other you MUST pay for this atrocity. God is seeing all this. You have become like Hitler.

  3. ghosia says:

    Pakistan should kill USA army’s 28 soldiers and then say simple sorry.can their sorry bring back the happiness of those Pak soldiers’s family? can they return the sons of their mothers, husbands of their wives, bothers to their sisters. A NATO spokesman said to BBC that”the border of Pak-Afghan was not showing hundred %”.i am asking them if they don’t know 100% about Pak-Afghan Territory what are they doing here?NATO force came in Afghanistan in search of Osama when they all ready killed him then what are they doing here?USA is killer how he can be the so called friend of Pakistan?”you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” Pakistani government should take action against this terrorism otherwise ” silence gives consent” America is not the friend of Pakistan so Pakistan! please beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

  4. Mohiu says:

    The solution is simple. Start marking a border with Afghanistan. It should have barbed wire fences a and should be flood lit. Have sniper posts at strategic location along with anti-aircraft guns. If there’s a fence, its clear which that there’s a border. Pakistani’s have a right to shoot down any infiltration. India poses a lesser threat compared to Afghan Terrorists and Nato/American Forces. God bless the souls of the men slain, and give peace to their family.

  5. Laurent says:

    Dear Pakistani friends, stop fighting the US wars. It will engulf you in disaster. Whatever the cost, severing the US military umbilical cordon is the very first step towards ending terrorism. It is such an unequal relation that accepting it puts you entirely in their power, at no cost for them. You should preserve only non-military co-operation with that country. Laurent (France)

  6. khalid says:

    What is new in it .what do we expect from our leaders. After a few days corrupt Pakistani politicians and military generals will offer full support to NATO and America there is no respect for poor Pakistani Troops no dignity for Pakistan. I think it is the time the people should come on roads and protest to our politicians

  7. It is indeed the high time and the right time to call it a quits to the so-called cooperation with the U.S. led NATO and ISAF in Afghanistan or elsewhere otherwise, this type of strikes will continue for as long as U.S. wants.

    At the same time, the Pakistan armed forces must develop a totally indigenous anti-aircraft system capable of shooting down any and all types of airborne machines intruding its air-space on one pretext or the other, including drones and military helicopters. As Allamah Iqbal has said in his famous and historic poetry:

    Hai Jurmay Zaee Fee Ki Zazaa Marggey Mafajaat

    Similarly, according to another legendary phrase in the great Persian language, “Qahrey Darwaish Ber Jaaney Darwaish.”

    The so-called Pakistani leaders will keep on shouting and making unnecessary hue and cry at such fragrant violation of its national and territorial sovereignty but in essence, they can’t do much unless ‘they keep their horses ready’ as stated in the Holy Quran. Can they bring back the sacred lives of those members of the Pakistani armed force martyred in the unprovoked attack and alleviate the losses, agonies and sufferings of their families, friends, community, clan and neighborhood members?

    Wake up Pakistanis wake up before its too late. Pakistan Zindaa Baad, brave people of Pakistan, Paeenda Baad.

  8. N Khan says:

    Pakistan desperately needs to get rid of this so called suicidal war sooner than later!!!

  9. Fahad Rehman says:

    First thing first, does the government have a say and a role to play in these policy issues? If no, then we should check, who else has got the authority over such grave and profound policy matters? Pakistan’s military establishment comes to the mind? Hell yeah! You guessed it right.

    Questions to be asked from them may includes:

    1) Does the cost of civilians and soldiers who are killed in such raids only equal to, 1 or two weeks of blockade of supplies to NATO?

    2) If a terrorist from Pakistan causes harm to any foreign country and performs a malicious act on foreign soil, he is demanded by the whole West to be persecuted in the International Courts and UN bodies, then why can’t the responsible soldiers from the so called allies be demanded for persecution by Pakistan? If it is a bilateral relationship, as most of them terms it, then why not equal terms of conditions?

    3) What will be the terms and conditions for the resumption of supplies(Which i predict) in the coming days?

    4) So if opting for the resumption option, a clause should be included in the agreement that after this incident, if any other incident of such sort happened again, it will be considered as a violation and a open declaration of war( I live in fools paradise, how can we in our sane minds think of war with Uncle Sam and their allies)

  10. Ahsan, Sweden says:

    I don’t think anything will happen as long we have zardari & gilani tag team. The reaction/action from corrupt pak gov. is just temporary or rather another game.

  11. Amir Sehgal says:

    I am so shocked over the killings of our Jawans by our so called Friends.

    • AH Khan says:

      Pakistan Chief of Army Staff, Should leave his office immediately. He has failed to save the life of our beloved Jawans.

  12. ali says:

    pakistan should acquire anti aircraft defence systems which should work beyond the pakistani border in terms of range and should have anti jamming features so that in the future Pakistan can actually give the nato forces a proper reply.

    • Daniel Adam says:

      Pakistan does have such system. However, they can not use the same against NATO in Afghanistan as Pakistan agreed at the U.N. for foreign force deployment in Afghanistan.

      • M.A.S says:

        Dear Danial Adam,

        Which United Nation you are refering? This UN is basically a USA Nation, who blindly trust on its news media. Pakistan would have agreed not to use such system, but it also did not allow NATO/US to kill its civilians. For the sake of one unknown terrorists NATO is killing hundreds of civilians. And we still look for our agreement with UN???

  13. zaka mirani says:

    pakistani govt should further equip its border forces with all necessary equipments to carry out counter attack or preventive attack if needed.

  14. kamran says:

    As a Pakistani i have a few questions. The threat from NATO forces on the border with Afghanistan is either a ground assault or an assault from the air. There is nothing much that can be done about the jets but against the Helicopters we have options, the cheapest and most effective being SAM, i would add that Pakistan manufactures ANZA Mark III which can be effective, it has a detachment of 2 and can be deployed with ease. What i fail to understand is why as always our leadership with fingers towards the army fail to realize the threat, we had options but why dont our posts have the ANZA Mark III. The leadership of the army now should also be held responsible, dont only point at NATO, why were we not prepared to counter the threat. The leadership plays a psychological card on our feelings, stop the supplies and condemn, because they know we Pakistanis have short memories. We as a nation should hold the army responsible for failing to deploy measures against the threat.
    God bless Pakistan.

  15. M.Rafiq says:

    It is an golden opportunity for Pak. to escape from American destruction.

  16. Ali says:

    Pakistan must show a strong diplomatic response and it should not ask the USA but now ordered the USA to vacate the Shamsi airbase in 15 days. never let these attacks to ruin our self esteem and integrity. the world is not all about protecting the american way of life and hypocritical values, we must stand against valueless democracy. enough is enough

  17. Obaid says:

    Try killing even one NATO soldier and see what happens. What about the families of those who were murdered? Can they take any comfort in the closure of the supply routes.

    Our self centered establishment with their fickle loyalties can’t even demand that the killers be tried in a neutral court. What if it happens again in future ? We must ask ourselves some some prudent questions. What is the ability of out armed forces? If they can’t even repel of intercept an attack on this intensity then whats their purpose?


    • Daniel Adam says:

      intercept NATO attack by means of arms simply would expand the conflict and Pakistan will be much deeper in to conflict. What Pakistan need is out of box thinker leadership to have a solid understanding with NATO & American that such violent incident must not be repeated and drone attack completely cease.

      Pakistan must also take appropriate action against these Taliban elements who hides in Pakistan border area, than fire at Nato Afghan forces and come back to Pakistan again to hide.

      Majority of the Pakistani do not have anything to do with the Mullah Omar version of Talibans.

    • sam lee says:

      100% agreed. Time to close down NATO supply routes for good. This is a trial for General Kiyani.

  18. Zia Khan says:

    They attacked a Pakistani check-point on Pakistani territory. Pakistan should EXPEL ALL US and NATO Personal from Pakistan. We should cut-off ALL TIES WITH THE US. As long as we are getting the US aid on fighting terrorsit – there created war in Afganistan, Pakistan will be attacked in such manner. They can never be trusted.

  19. Suliman says:

    Salaam.This is the time for pak not only to halt NATO supply but to take serious steps against NATO and the US, Like pak should stop any cooperation with them in war against terrorism because what we are getting from that help?this is the fruit we got yesterday and will get in future as well.what does it mean,what does it mean.when we are cooperating u by every side then why r u attacking us.

    We know that by halting our cooperation with them we will face grave difficulties in response as well in form of sanctions and money aid stoppage,but due to those difficulties we will not die because of hunger. but how will our leadership be convinced to take such steps,THIS I DON’T KNOW.may allah give wisdom to our leaders about this

  20. Yasir mushtaq says:

    I think this is the right time to take a decisive decision and tell NATO,ISAF and US that value of the life of a pakistani troops is as important as of anyother if we do not react this will definitely happen again as we have seen in past.A country makes its status on its own there should be a strong and staunch reply to the incident.

    • S.A.Sampath says:

      West thinks that Asians are expendable. This mind set will not change unless a very serious view is taken. The incident I believe calls for revaluation of contact with US.

  21. sam lee says:

    Pakistan needs to show some teeth. NATO has taken this country for a ride while using her valuable supply routes and smuggled food. Pakistan’s biggest enemy is corruption.

  22. Nash says:

    Its not the first time US/Nato violated Pak aero space and attack its People and Forces,such acts brought humiliation to the image of our forces I think what in the mind of US/Nato is that “we will attack you and kill you every time but you can do nothing”
    Its seem like that both our Political and Military leadership has been sleeping at all and sadly and with deep regret I can’t expect a concrete move & reaction from our Leadership because they don’t want to make angry their Western bosses,so blood shed of innocent People and our forces will continue until miracle happened.

  23. shezie bahi says:

    1. movement of americans and other allies inside pakistan should strictly be forbidden.
    2. All the air basis inside pakistan used by nato forces be vacated with imediate effect.
    3. govenment should take necessary actions, nt just condemning.
    4. American hav done what they had said few days before to attack inside pakistan territory.
    5. But we at that time just showed a protest,,,not realizing that they actually mean it, which they hav dne now.

  24. shezie bahi says:

    1. Pakistan should imediately block all the support to nato or ISAF in all respect.
    2. Border forces should be equipped with weapons which can hit or target any infiltrating air craft.
    3. A clear warning order to be given to our forces ,, not to allow any movement inside pakistan territory at any cost.
    4.Warning to Nato is nt the solution neither it is required,,,,u just hav to do it without informing them.

  25. YK says:

    This is the time we must realize that this is war, not against so called Pakistani Taliban of terrorist group but against USA, previously they were using these people to attack us but now they have become bold enough to attack directly, or we have become weak enough so that now it have become feasible for them to do so. Its not that madness of American soldiers is revealed first time, but in my opinion this madness is intentional.

    • Neil says:

      That opinion makes no sense. US forces would not intentionally fire on Pakistani forces unless they were first fired up or unless they believed that they were firing on the terrorists they were chasing.

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