Overnight attack

Overnight attack

An early morning Nato attack on Pakistan’s security forces has left at least 28 soldiers dead the Mohmand tribal region. In an immediate reaction to the attack, Pakistan blocked supplies to the allied forces based in Afghanistan. Additionally, Pakistan’s acting ambassador to the United States registered a protest against the attack with the US State Department.

The attack came a day after Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani met with Isaf Commander General John Allen to discuss “measures concerning coordination, communication and procedures between the Pakistan army, Isaf and the Afghan army, aimed at enhancing border control on both sides.”

This is not the first incident of its kind and while protests have been registered and voices raised, we are yet to see an official explanation into the incident.

How, in your opinion, should Pakistan deal with such attacks on its security forces inside its own territory?

Will the blockade on transportation of Nato supplies prompt a reaction from the allied forces in Afghanistan? Can this move, alone, be termed a strong response to the attack? What additional measures should the government take to ensure such attacks are not carried out in the future?

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204 Responses to “Overnight attack”

  1. ijaz says:

    pakistan should not claim compensation for loss of life ,it is meaningless
    only revenge can settle the score and prevent future attacks.

    • Lodro says:

      If you are waiting to even the score with the United States of America, I would not hold your breath. The killing of brave Pakistani soldiers is shameful, and as an American I feel deep regret that my country was responsible for this. But if your response is ‘future attacks’ you will lose your country in the meanwhile. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

      • Hassan Altaf says:

        Its not that easy to break us and our country . We may not have enough fire power but no one on this earth can control us and they will disintegrate like USSR .

    • sam says:

      An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind (MK Gandhi)

  2. A. Khan says:

    Firstly, the government should ask for the videos for this attack to be publicly released. As US helicopters use night vision and thermal imagery which is recorded, it would be revealing to see how US pilots targeted individuals using 30MM cannons. It will be a PR disaster for Americans as similar videos from Iraq released by wikileaks

    Secondly, all border check posts should now be armed with shoulder fired missiles. Any aircraft crossing the border should be brought down.

    Contrary to what is being mentioned by NATO, this incident is not a “mistake”. Its sending a message to show what can be done by US forces.

  3. Ravi Inder Singh says:

    Are Pakistanis asking themselves why they are being shoved around by the US ? If not they need to do so.
    …And they also need to think about what China may do to them in due course.

  4. G.A. says:

    For one, they can have a funeral right next to the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad along with one minute of silence around the country and the fallen soldiers’ names read out aloud. The world has to take note and the media should cover this.

    • Afaq says:

      yes it important for the respect of fallen soldiers and need to tell the world how much blood we are giving in this useless war and please do not ask Pkaistan for more to do. I hope our media will play better roll to project this tragedy instead of airing negative news all the time.

      • Alija says:

        Yes, I Agree!
        The reason behind this is it might be a diplomatic chain which wont let Pakistan government or military to be in state of war with US specially NATO!.
        But world needs to know the value of life we consider for each Pakistani, specially of our soldiers… I am afraid if we will not value them and will not escalate this to change things in Pakistan, all army soldiers will get fed up of their leaders, which is the most dangerous thing to take the moral down of military person which is well armed!

        On another note, the agreements and current policy needs to be revised with immediate effect, we have hold (temporarily) the NATO supplied but they have opted another back up route (a bit expensive) but they have it… this doesn’t ends here… the borders must be a no fly zone on Afghanistan side…shoot to kill orders must be placed from both sides to avoid confusion of a friendly flight or a deadly flight! it’s a deadly flight only!

        and All political parties must sit together (no matter) for a press release only and tell the world that inside we might have different opinion but at the end SAB SE PEHLEY PAKISTAN!

  5. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Whatever measure is going to be taken it should be taken to protect innocent people of Pakistan. It should not be just to protect the boys in uniform.

  6. Jaffar says:

    This will keep on happening. The US will apologise and the NATO supply route will be opened again after few days. Only way to prevent such attacks is to order our forces to use all available resources to shoot down the NATO planes. This should be communicated very clearly to the US and NATO. Also NATO should not be allowed to transport any weapons through Pakistan as they are using the same to kill our soldiers.

    US is like a camel if you allow her to enter her head in the tent she will come into the it and push you out.

    This is what being happening now. They will keep treating us like salves unless we stand up and say enough is enough.

  7. Azam says:

    It is for sure a cowardly act on the part of NATO. As for Pakistan’s reaction, it should immediately completely stop the supplies for six months at least. Other than the diplomatic uproar, it should publicly announce that no more of these mistakes will be tolerated anymore and issue a warning that it is going to bring down any flying object whether a jet, a heli or a drone that intrudes its territory.

    But the hard fact is that for all this to happen and to handle the subsequent reaction from them we need someone like Erdogan or Ahmedinijad in the driving seat, people who are honest and who love their land and who know how to defend their integrity and honour.

    The ones we have in place are already imposed upon us and are far away from the meaning of honour.
    May God help us.

  8. Rehan says:

    Everytime it’s the same story, Pakistan government Will block the suply to nato for few days, nato Will discuss With our corrupt politicians and in exchange of some dollars they will reopen the suply routes.

  9. Ashkab01 says:

    Enough is enough. Mr. Kayani shouldn’t act cowardly. It is time for Pakistan to cut ties with every member of NATO and bring down every plane or drone cross our borders. This war is coming across our borders. It must be stopped. Afghan war is non of our business. This is a last chance for us to fight back with full force or loose our country and be vanished in history.

  10. Bryon Gross says:

    A tragic event for those solders and their families. I understand the anger of the average Pakistani over this incident. Extremist will use this to attempt to divide our nations. Recent reports from both sides stated that the border garrison was firing warning shots in the air – perhaps regarding movement near their post. Our helicopters mistakenly assumed it was directed at them. With the borders not demarcated and even varying of difference maps, it was impossible to determine if those shots were on the Pakistani or Afghan side of the border. To cut off NATO supply routes only helps our mutual enemy.

    • Aju says:

      ‘Mutual Enemy’- No sir.

      This ‘extremist’ threat you refer to was literally non-existent or non-threatening to us before our leaders along with the U.S. decided to drag us into this so called war to ‘liberate’ humanity and rid the world of ‘extremists’

      Sir, they were never our enemies. They were always the U.S’s.

      Turns out there isn’t much that is mutual about this ‘alliance’

    • Mudassir says:

      I am wondering you guys don’t realise the same when Pakistanis tell you the same.

    • Zain says:

      Please dont try to justify this massacre by Nato. And we dont have a ‘mutual enemy’. The only reason we have any enemies is because we are assisting the US in its imperialist policy of occupation.

      • Mona says:

        Not ‘our mutual enemy.’ We don’t believe in making enemies on a scale the US is capable of. We just used to have one: India. But thanks to the US policies in the region, Pakistan has hundreds now. We don’t care whether your helicopters did it deliberately or ‘mistakenly.’ We just want NATO out of our region. Go and make enemies somewhere else please. We’ve run short of fodder for the American cowboys.

        • Shazia says:

          No body today is in favor of America and its “we are doing it for peace antics”. Do not try to justify loss of life. Its hard to believe radars, satellite navigation systems and a step by step map and locations of all check posts gave any doubt to the US Air force, what or who the target was.

          This is probably another foxy-strategy the economically burdened US government is using to lead to a chain event of exiting from a long drawn war. The war has taken its toll on a lot of things in the globe, thanks to the trigger happy, kill others and make peace mentality of the US.

          Do you think if you finally did a mass-ethnic cleansing on all Afghans people, that would end all the trouble? Time to think again!

  11. Owais says:

    This is absolutely inhumane. More bloodshed would be foolish. Nato has given this opportunity to Pakistan to muster international support and launch an unprecedented chain of diplomatic maneuvers to bring this war to its logical end. Also, let media make most out of this event.

  12. khalid Chaudhary says:

    This is clear violation of Pakistani territory and it was not an accident. It seems Nato and USA occupiers in Afghanistan very well knew about the crime. They “testing” the nation to see how how far they can go. Pakistan must stop the supplies to Occupiers and come out of this so called war against terror.
    After all Pakistan is a nuclear power and the west very well knows what this means.

    Khalid Chaudhary/ Copenhagen

  13. Dr Ahmad says:

    What is the point to keep such a large army when you even can not protect your own solders on its own soil?

  14. Asok says:

    1) Pakistan must ask for the soldiers involved to be handed over to Pakistan authorities to be tried in civilian court.
    2) Nato must be asked to pay compensation for all the casualties

    • Ravi Inder Singh says:

      If Pakistan was forced to return Reymond Davis, do you realistically think that the US will hand over their personel involved in killing Pak soldiers?

  15. Imran says:

    This war on terror has brought nothing but death, destruction and misery to Pakistan. Its time we simply pulled the plug on Nato supply route permanently. We are not allies in this so-called war, we are the victims.

    • Natarajan says:

      Unfortunately Pakistan did not enter the “war on terror” by choice. Col Powell basically put a gun on Musharaff’s head, threatened to bomb Pakistan to stone age. Under this pressure, Mushy signed up for “war on terror”. If Pakistan withdrwas from this war, the same threat will be issued. Only actors will be different – Col Mullen putting a gun on Kayani’s head. What will you do then?

    • A. Khan says:

      I agree with shutting down the supply route. Unfortunately, our leaders support NATO’s futile war in Afghanistan.

  16. S.Minhas says:

    It is time to reclaim our lost sovereignty by shooting down the American drones. This is the best way to show that the blood of our soldiers who were cold bloodedly killed in this incident has not gone in vain.

    It is useless to protest or temporarily halting supply line that can be done on some other instant not this time. If our chief or commander in chief cannot ensure the safety & dignity of those who protect our motherland then they should put a bullet in their head. It is still graceful than this humiliation.

    • Hassan says:

      An eye for an eye … Its as simple as that … I wonder what would happen if pakistani army started firing missiles at them and killed a few of.natos.men ‘accidently’ .. next time they attack we must bring them down

    • Shaikh says:

      Shooting down the drones sound like a good idea. As it will not cause any American casualty. At the same time it will give a message to U.S that now we are ready to protect our Soverienty.

    • venu says:

      yes i concur with you.

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