Early elections

Early elections

The Supreme Court, on Tuesday, gave the government a six-day deadline for the implementation of the SC verdict in the NRO case. The court’s order referred to six possible options to proceed with the case in case the government fails to implement its decision on the NRO. The options are listed in the judgment which can be read here.

Supreme Court’s Justice Asif Saeed Khosa reportedly said that the president and the prime minister preferred loyalty to party over loyalty to state.

On the other hand, the government is also embroiled in the memogate scandal case, the on-going gas crisis and a floundering economy.

This has led to calls for early elections by leaders of various political parties, including Fazlur Rehman, Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif.

How should the government react to these calls?

What other options does the government have to stabilise the state?

Should early elections be held to give the people a right to make their choice?


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78 Responses to “Early elections”

  1. M. Asghar says:

    Before holdingt early elections in a clean and meaningful way, the Apex Court has to settle all the cases of those who are in the NRO list, otherwise these elections will be the same foull and feudal merry-go-round as before.

  2. aliya says:

    I remember an a old Islamic saying.
    People how are dishonest and corrupt will be governed by leaders who are equally if not more corrupt and dishonest.
    Until the Pakistani people really change there ways and try to understand Islam rather then just be able to read the Quran they will continue to have leaders like Zardari.

  3. Sana ullah says:

    i think early election is in favour of country. It will not only cause to safe this system but also strengthen all institutions. Early election will lead Pakistan in a good line.

  4. khan says:

    The dishonest, shameless,corrupt people will again elect dishonest, shameless and corrupt.

  5. kam says:

    people elected this parliament knowingly about all nro cases.parliament elected this president unanimously knowingly about all nro.musharaf,us and pakistan had golden chance to settle everything before the last election.sc is doing a great injustice by selectively taking the cases which threatens the country into turmoil again.i believe there is and always was lot of corruption in the country but i dont hear any court pushing to deal with the corruption in the sensitivity and urgency which sc is showing in nro and memogate.politicians,army and even judiciary has rampant corruption but only politicians end up going to jail and get torture.it seems sc reputation is now tainted in a manner they are conducting.who is thinking the well being of the common.

    • Amjad Wyne says:

      The shortest path to fixing “corruption” in the country (and society) is to go after the corrupt leaders – across all segments – not just one party or one institution. Judiciary needs to clean up the government and then a clean government needs to clean up the rest – including the judiciary and the military. The country needs to get rid of leaders that have consumed the nation for no good.

  6. A. Hasan says:

    When the education level and intellectual depth of these leaders is so low, and their untamed corrupted egos are so high; then how can one expect these clueless accidental fake leaders to understand and respect law! They have no idea what is meant by conflict of interest! Their only interest is to indulge in corruption at any cost! They have looted and plundered national institutions and brought shame to the country! How long this nonsense and chaos will continue? Time has come for these accidental clueless leaders to step aside!

  7. A. Hasan says:

    Indeed justice is often unjust!

    His punishment has not matched his offense yet!

    Fake doctor has a better future in movies than in courts!

  8. K. Pervez says:

    Supreme court of pakistan is no more court of law but have become court of politics. They have singled out Zardari out of 8000 cases under NRO.They have wrongly denied immunity available to President on the pretext it is not automatic, although section 248 (2) is crystal clear having no ambugity that no criminal proceedings can be initiated or continued against President during the tenure of his office. For example every citizen have right of speech and property under the constitution should i ask Chief Justice to buy a house or write an email first and then proceed. Supreme court can interpret a clause only if it is ambiguous. Still they have to find out the intention of legislature.
    The court is clearly biased, being complainant and judged themselves. In memo case they have passed order on first hearing without notice to respondent passing a restraint order against Haqani first and then hearing maintainability of the petition later on. It is like Egg coming before the hen. Court has tress passed its jurisdiction asking for an early election reducing the tenure of 5 years given in constitution which is patently illegal. They are overstepping their authority. Media men are not expert in constitutional matters and judicary is getting away with it, in a country where literacy is 20%.

  9. Mohammad Ashraf says:

    The current hype has been created by vested interests which pretends it represents the entire nation. It will strengthen democracy if Parliament completes its tenure and elections are held on schedule or a few months earlier if agreed to by all the stake holders.

  10. Naveed Mushtaq says:

    Let the parliament complete its term even if has failed to fulfil the wishes of people. Unless, we let the process continue, we will not have strong institutions in Pakistan. I am sure that the politicians will learn from their mistakes and solution lies within the democracy and civilian supremacy.

  11. sja says:

    How should the government react to these calls? ——— listen with one ear and pass it through other

    What other options does the government have to stabilise the state?—– keep writing more memos

    Should early elections be held to give the people a right to make their choice?—– they will still elect PPP

  12. Imran Swati says:

    Yes , early election is a solution but a fair and free election .
    I think an edge should be given to those voters who are educated , in this current polling system the vote of an educated person is equal to the vote of a non-educated .
    And one thing that relates with us in solving the problems of governing is we must have to vote , vote on nation interest not on personal interest , we have to leave the zaat , beradari etc cultures in elections .

    • sarmad says:

      It is politically incorrect when we say that educated voters should be given an edge over non-educated. There is no evidence in our history where we can say that educated people had made right choices. Democracy only works when one vote one man principle is followed. It needs to be color blind on all accounts and should not discriminate on religious, gender and ethnic basis. Such democracy worked in India. It is working in Bangladesh. It will work in Pakistan. We only need to believe in it and give it enough space to grow.

  13. A.R.Shams says:

    Comment / Opinion : An early election may not be the suitable / exact remedy in the present situation of the country, rather a judiciary reformation for the nation, the Government and its machinery is more justifiably needful. Further to that when suitable time comes for the next election, a neutral interim Government should be established under supervision of the apex Supreme Court to conduct a free and fair election in the country towards creating a history in the life of Pakistan and its people.

  14. Anwar says:

    I really do not think that fresh election is the solution to the problems exist,until and unless we make some basic decisions,like who will rule in the country Army or politician.so before going for next election i support the odesa of Mehmood Khan Achakzai,who always advocate to emanate Army interface. new election will not bring changes until and unless we sideline the army. Pakistan’s problems are due to army involvement in politics.

  15. M asghar says:

    Interim national government for at least a period of three years that should sort the current mess out, put state institutions back on track and hold fair and free elections. That is the only way out of the kind problems we are faced with.

    • fazal pai says:

      a vast majority is agreed to this proposal, but a REAL IMPARTIAL interim setup can make the change. and impartiality needs sincerity and sacrifices. do they have ( judiciary, forces and others ) such quality and courage to put their jobs, status and long list of lifetime facilities on stake for the sake of PAKISTAN ???????????????

  16. Ryan says:

    In my personal opinion, continuation of the democratic system is the only solution for the problems of Pakistan. However, democracy should not mean saving few individual (at the helm of political affairs). We must respect our supreme court and the decisions must be implemented in true letter and spirit. We must also not implicate Army at the forums that we have never seen before. What we face in international community, they make fun out of us. We must realize that our Army does not want to imbroil itself in this messy situation because it wants continiuity of the system, and the last option of becoming ‘syasi shaheed’ should not a decided path on which ruling party is moving on. We can not afford all this. Untill and unless there is rule of law in Pakistan no one will respect us. If we want to become a nation than we must bow ourself in humility before the courts and let the courts interpret the cocnstitution. PPP should appoint some other sensible leader as PM to defuse the tension and take all the institution along. Not the early elections but the timely, sincere and bold decision making in the supreme national interest by the current government, in the right direction is the solution in my opinion. Side by side why to issue statements from any side on an issue which is before the court, untill it is decided by the court. Constitution is supreme, we will take some time and we will be out of this critical time soon. Things will be fine soon.

    • Mustafa says:

      Parliament is the creator of laws. Courts are interpreters and enforcers of laws. Therefore Parliament is Supreme, not courts. And parliament is run by politicians not judges and army commanders.

  17. Adil Jadoon says:

    As long as we remove this government through constitutional means I do not feel these people should be allowed to do more damage. There is no point in letting it finnish 5 years in office, actually that is a completely absurd idea. A government that is not representative of its people and whose popularity is the lowest of any major party in the country and is not doing anything positive should go. Let Zardari be treated in a Pakistani hospital whose poor condition he is responsible for and not fly to Dubai or beyond.

  18. Shehzad Usman says:

    i think people should have patience and wait for few months more and let government complete its tenure so that democratic system wont be derailed. And this will answer government’s own hues and never ending cries of the past that we are political victims and how can we be accountable for Pakistan’s prosperity as we were never allowed to complete our term, so allowing them to complete their term will do so.

  19. Shahid says:

    The present scenario is not new for the Pakistanis. The old game is being played once again………..
    For God sake, allow at least one democratic government to complete its tenure of five years.

    • shiraz says:

      i dont think they deserve more time… they messed up with court them selves… now its time to leave…

    • Shabbir Kazmi says:

      Even if continue to commit all sorts of horrendous mistakes. fail to understand the logic, what is more important an elected corrupt government of Pakistan?

  20. khaled says:

    Early election is not the solution , we need to be patient and let the present parliament complete its tenure. What guarantees do we have, that with early election energy load shedding will be eliminated and daily use items will be less costly. the fault lies with us, we need to wake up and act maturely and have patience.

    • Chloe says:

      I totally agree. What image of our country would we give to the world by anticipating elections? Bad, bad idea. Patience is the master word.

  21. Khalid Jamil says:

    I think the process should be continued for the sake of long term benefits for the NATION as a whole. BUT their must a check n Balance for this &/or any of the elected government.
    Just talk bullishly that we are ELECTED from the people would rather serve nothing. ELECTED means that you are also ANSWERABLE to the PEOPLE.

    In my opinion that there is no harm to go to people’s opinion again provided an “FREE & INDEPENDENT” Election Commission once for an all.

  22. Iftekhar Hassan says:

    Early election or late election is not the issue. The issue is will the elected government will have power over all the institution in Pakistan including armed forces?

    • Ehtesham Qamar USA says:

      Yes ,they will have power as long they show performance. It is the law of nature. Wherever there is vacuum created, it will be automatically filled by surrounding forces.

  23. Mohammad Amin Khokhar says:

    In democracy the government is always of, by, for the people but current democratic regime of PPP is OFF, BUY, FAR the people. If people think they are right then Give them another term so that what is left is taken away by CROOKS.

  24. Amjad Wyne says:

    Today’s Dawn reports, “last week PM Gilani called UK, fearing coup”. Up until today I was not sure about the memo sent to Adm Mullen of US but it is now quiet clear that this is the common mode of operation for this government. Threaten everyone at home and then call big brothers around the world for help to beat up other institutions of Pakistan. Not sure if early election or banning this government from participating in future elections is the answer.

  25. humaira says:

    Present govt is also an elected govt though it has not done much but democracy is only solution to the problems of Pakistan.it must complete its tenure there should be no need for early election.

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