The Ajmal argument

The Ajmal argument

Pakistan’s off-spinner Saeed Ajmal has come under criticism by the English media, specifically Bob Willis, who has questioned the bowler’s action.

Commenting during the first day’s play between Pakistan and England at Dubai, Willis said “Why is it that all these spinners wear long-sleeved shirts buttoned around the wrist?” said Willis.

“The answer is clear isn’t it? They are bending their elbows.”

While Ajmal, in his post-play press conference yesterday, said the comments do not effect him, an air of negativity has been created around the off-spinner’s career-best performance.

This, despite the ICC’s clearance over the legality of Ajmal’s action, which was tested at the University of Western Australia.

So far, no official statements have been made regarding the comments by either team or the ICC. However, being the game’s governing body, should the ICC come out and defend Ajmal?

Should there be no further discussion over these negative comments?

What should be the role of the ICC in this scenario? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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116 Responses to “The Ajmal argument”

  1. Farid Ahmad Raza says:

    I think the English team should learned the game form the Pakistani players dispite of making balame. The media also arise the point on face. It would be better for the English team oherwise there would be no benifit for him in future.

  2. Gigity says:

    Haha Haha

  3. Aries says:

    Good work Ajmal

  4. Shajee Ahmed says:

    ICC should make it clear in the eyes of English players specially in the eyes of MR BOB WILLIS because ICC has already checked Saeed’s action back in 2009 after the t20 world cup and it was absolutely clear. Saeed elbow while bowling makes an angle of around 10 degree whereas atleast 15 degree is allowed.

  5. shahid ghulam says:

    These goras will never accept PAKISTANI team better than them, remember ICC is run by GORAS, so what are we gonna expect from them.

  6. Imran mian says:

    How many bowlers will you eliminate by “match fixing”. England should face the reality.

  7. Mohammad Ali Abdullah says:

    A typical English gimmick that whenever they are beaten by Pakistan or any Asian country, one of their commentrators will muster up some theory to create controversy using the media. If we dig history, we can very well find that in all past series where Pakistan had upper hand, the English media – whether paper, electronic or thru such commentrators have played a key role in disrupting the sprit of the game. It is more of a sad story because it is coming from a person who himself had been a cricketer in his past days.

    I think ICC should enforce some governing rules and define the limits on what the commentrators should talk about because it unnecessarily creates an air of misunderstandings and the sportmanship is lost.

  8. Ashfaq1 says:

    I will suggest “Let the world wag,” and our media should not give too much attention to such criticism.

  9. saythetruth says:

    Saeed Ajmal is a pure talent. A honest Pakistan team has a fair chance of beating any world class team. Just look at Pakistani talent even after losing two good fast bowlers to 2011 no ball scandal our team is still performing very well. No comparison between Pakistan and England team talent on one side and cry babies on the other side.

    ODI !!! don’t forget Afradi may be England will come up with some other lame excuse when they face Afradi.

    Well done Pakistan I believe 3-0 based on England current performance.

    • saythetruth says:

      Well done Pakistan getting close to 3-0. T
      oday was special day in the history of Pakistan Cricket we will talk about it for year to come.
      For these Honest Cricketers Sky is the limit now. InshaAllah the way things are playing Pakistan will be the nubmer 1 team by October~November 2012. Keep Mohisn Khan, he has served the nation well. No need for imported coach our Pakistan coach is doing a good job.

      Pakistan politician should learn from this team be honest and Allah will bring success to Pakistan.

      • saythetruth says:

        I said it before and I will say it again 3-0. If you are England cricket fan you will ask yourself how did this happen and here is my answer.

        Our Captain is cool as cucumber, he has nerves of steel and on top of it he is very educated. His MBA helped him manage his team well. The entire team had one goal to make the captain happy how unusual for Asian team . He used his skills, made good on time decisions and in the end delivered big time a impossible victory to Pakistan. Well done Misbah Well done Pakistan.

  10. Moeen says:

    For those who have their agenda and priority to bully anything positive from Paksitan’s side, they should know that we have both our spirits and moral high. What next if Saeed is criticised and they actually manage to get him down, we’ve plenty of talented youngsters waiting out there to bowl everyone out !!!
    We’re ready to cope up with the professionalism now !

  11. A.J.Siddiqui says:

    Pakistan is destined to be on victory stand . And those losers who are precluding it to happen will find themselves nothing but in misery stand.

  12. Farooq says:

    Well, it was just part of a Critic’s comments. So I don’t think it make sense to take any legal action against anyone and also no point of taking any endorsement from ICC since Ajmal is cleared already.

    All we need is to encourage Ajmal saying “Great Job! Keep doing well for Pakistan we are with you”. TV Media etc. should also avoid exaggerating it too much as it may distract Ajmal from his top performance, this is just the beginning much is coming soon from him….

  13. waqar ahmed says:

    According to me pakistani team has performed extra ordinary that was expecting no one against world no 1 team england.First test has endured many threats in the minds of england team,so now they are trying to weak pakistani team mentally.When team is mentally upset then they only loose whatever it is world no 1 or not.

  14. Amit Jain says:

    Ajmal’s action has been cleared by Australian university but the fact is that during laboratory trials, these bowlers dont show the full repetoire of their variations, which come out only during matches. Anyway, his action is not worse than Muralitharan.

    • Zeeshan says:

      Mate, you should do your research before making comments. These laboratoary guys are no kids and they know bowlers may vary their actions. Hence, they have procedures to ensure that doesnt happen.

      So once he is cleared, it doesn’t make a difference. Plus, Bob Willis was arrogant enough to suggest his normal off-spinner is no problem for the english batsmen, yet he took a lot of wickets with the same ball. These arrogant Englishmen should be man enough to realise that there is a lot of talent in the world and they dont have a birthright to be number one. Pakistan cricket’s contributions to crickets, especially to bowling should never be discounted. They managed to remove the world’s top fast bowling pair only to be outdone by our world class spinners.

  15. Asad says:

    It is mind games from British media, ex-cricketers and current team manager. If they cant win straight they will mess with your mind. Lets hope Ajmal and rest of Pakistan team are mentally strong and not let these losers get into their heads. I hope in second test, the fast bowlers clear out all the british wickets and get british team out for under 100 without ever needing the spinners to clear out the english batting side. That’ll shut up these arm chair warriors for sure.

  16. Khalil says:

    Saeed Ajmal is a star! We are proud of you boy and may you grow from strength to strength. Dont worry about the english media and bob the builder, they are just trying to distract you. You have a job to finish and that is to flatten the oposition 3-0 and you have done a damn good job so far!!! come on PAKISTAN your fans are behind you once again. Let the oposition create controversies because thats what they are good at, your job is to win matches -Keep it simple :)

  17. jahangir says:

    Fantastic,Well ajmal.Keep it up……

  18. khawar Haider says:

    No opposite side will gracefully let Pakistan relish their victory esp England. New Zealanders were once amazed at Gul’s performance and was questioned at the same time praised. And with England it is often the case. Such arrogance!

  19. afzaal says:

    There is familiar pattern to British media, Waqar and Wasim were labelled ‘ball doctors and cheats’ when they demolished England in a test series, nobody said anything while they were playing county cricket and taking wickets, Ajmal played for Worcester last year and we never heard any comment but now that he has taken ten wickets in a test against England there is a problem, if Umar Gul takes 10 wickets tomorrow they will come up with form of criticism eg he has a long run up etc.

  20. Zaman says:

    Saeed Ajmal’s bowling action has been reviewed,cleared and approved by the ICC. The statements by Willis are inflammatory and reflect a pattern of intimidation. The verbal actions of Willis should be scrutinised and may be subject of legal recourse.
    We have been victim to entrapment but will not succumb to Villification, slander and libel.
    PCB should take a very firm stand on this.


  21. M Naveed Anwar skg says:

    There is no doubt about ajmal action because he has clearance from australian university.PCB should go forward and take action against willis arguments.English media are always lobing against pakistani players.

  22. Shahid Ali Khan Ayubi says:

    If we closely analize the cricket history every time English team plans to rule the cricket world pakistan is the team who destroyed them badly forexample in 92 , 2005 and in recent series english team was also favorate but like the past this time also pakistani team destroyed they have no excuses like the past so they are using their old method of targeting the star performer through their media this time their target is saeed ajmal who is world No.1 ODI and World No.3 test bowler

  23. G R WANI says:

    The English media channels are try hard to defame the united winning performance of pakistan and wants to create a big confusion within the so the they may get a benifit in upcoming games, othewise they know the legal bowling actions of the pak.bowlers.So there is no need of airing these English comments so much.

  24. Ghulam Nabi says:

    what pakistan has proved that whenever there is any demoralizing sort of condition as all we know by that spot fixing controversy every body in pak team has performed well to get back the trust of the people to alive the game

  25. Yawar says:

    The English will never accept that anyone darker than them can be better than them at anything. Inshallah Pakistan will win the test and one day series. Lets Go Pakistan! on Facebook on Facebook