Memogate (ad nauseam)

Memogate (ad nauseam)

In the ever-changing scenario in the memogate scandal case, Mansoor Ijaz has reportedly refused to come to Pakistan and appear in court. Ijaz has based his decision on ‘unsatisfactory’ security arrangements and that the government is interfering in the security plan.

This latest development has created furore amongst politicians, diplomats, analysts and the media – as they all voice their opinion on the case.

While one cannot take away from the significance of the alleged memo, given its contents and the personnel involved – should it continue to remain the most important issue, nearly four months after it first surfaced?

Given the problems being faced by the country and its people, such as the energy crises, terrorism, street crimes, inflation, health issues – should the memogate scandal really be at the top of the agenda?

Should the government, the military, the media and all other concerned players be as concerned with the memogate as they currently are? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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90 Responses to “Memogate (ad nauseam)”

  1. Laeeq,NY says:

    The memogate scandle has lost its thust the day army chief and ISI chiefs turned their eye blind to this issue. Government is not showing any anxiety on this issue. Interior minister Mr .Rehman Malik is quiet and there is nothing unusual in the Governments attitude. It means all is well on both sides(army and government).
    Now what is the inside deal , it will not take too long to figure out. It must be an extension of the chiefs. What else could be.

  2. Mohammad Syed Husain says:

    I felt sickened to hear that Mr Haqqani had been allowed by the sitting government to leave Pakistan. What was all this hue and cry about then? It is also shameful that Raymond Davis was allowed similarly to exit Pakistan in surreptitious circumstances and now the Americans are demanding the doctor who sampled DNA for them at Abbotabad to make him a citizen of their country. What are you guys doing there, sitting with bangles on while your country is being sold on the open market by treacherous elements in daylight and in full view of the paralyzed population. Where is all the wisdom of Daniel or the bravado of the armed forces?

  3. Bakhtiar Agha says:

    Memo gate case is now a dead horse,no one is now intrsted in it,even Mr Nawaz Sharif

    • Dr Rasheed cAhmad says:

      Rasheed Ahmad

      Yes, the “Memogate”scandal is a dead issue, but the so called transparency of the Government of Pakistan begs another question. Mr Haqqani came to Pakistan on a “Red” diplomatic Pakistani passport. It is ironic, how he managed to travel abroad within 24 hours! Which passport did he use? If he was issued another “Green” Pakistani Passport, then this was a very special treatment metted out to him.
      This facility, normally is not accorded to an ordinary citizen of Pakistan. Astonishingly, he within hours managed to get the American Visa! We note that the Chief of American Mission in Pakstan paid a visit to Mr Haqqani the same day when his name was removed from the Exit Control List. I assume, this was pehaps to say “Shabash” and also to issue him a American Visa.If the Americans deny this, then it appears that Mr Haqqani had an American Nationality? or a Green Card!! In that case he was ineligible to serve as a Pakistani Ambassador.

  4. Shafiq Butt says:

    Pakistani establishment is master in making None-Issues as Real and genuine issues. This fits in current Memogate scandal. I think tussle or height of the moment is not either Mr. Ijaz will allow to land on “Land Of Pure” or not, but tussle going on among civilian and military players. Military establishment doesn’t train in getting herself “answerable” to any elected setup. I think it is in this context one should see the arrival and non arrival of Mr. Ijaz. It would be unfortunate in case civilian set up is roll back before its “logical Time”. If this happens, lot of Mr. Ijaz will appear on scene to defame elected parliamentarian and undermining the role of Parliament. Mr. Ijaz stoppage til this moment tells, “Civilian too becoming strong in current scenario”. I pray for the strengthening of parliamentary system.

  5. Saeed Rahmani says:

    Since Mian Nawaz Sharif brought the case before the honourable Court, burdon of proving his allegations is on him.He should bring Mansoor Ijaz to the Court for examination by the Court & Crossexamination by the Acused.The sooner Mian Sahib does so,the better it is for the nation.Otherwise Mian Sahib Sould withdraw the case from the Court,and apologise to the Paistani nation for waisting the Court’s and the Nation’s time.

  6. iqbal says:

    the crime was never committed if the letter and its contents are taken as a crime. Is there any punishment in our law for the attempted crime? what about those big crimes which were actually committed in our country. Will the court dare to even discuss those and will any body dare to take those to court? should we expect any outcome of the case recently taken up by the court after 15/16 years? Is the memo more important than what happened in Abbotabad last year?

  7. shaiq rana says:

    As the memogate is heading towards its logical end as all such conspiracies end ,one wonders what prompted our chief spymaster to go all the way from islamabad to london to see a person who has been writing against the army and ISI since 2002.

  8. Nadia Naeem says:

    Memo issue should be investigated till the end and its culprits punished well and publicly as a deterrent for any such future attempt. The level of treachery involved is very very dangerous (have you read the memo?) and if it is not dealt with today with the required force, it will happen again in future…it is no joke…

  9. kausik says:

    I would like to compliment Dawn for publishing the article of Truth and boldness of Irfan Husain on the Topic of Muslims and Minorities very well written with true facts and I admire his courage and wisdom as i could not post my comments there.I am amused that the country where a former Prime Ministe Mr Bhutto was brutally dragged and hangd by a milatary Dictator on trupted up charges in spite of international outcry expects Mr Ijaj to show up for memogate hearings as he fully knows his life is in danger.unfortunately common man cannot trust corrupt Govt.

  10. Shazia says:

    First, MI lost his personal dignity in the eyes of the sympathetic few when he was caught acting in a cheap music video from 5 years ago. For all his malafide motives and the weight of his credible charges, is the testimony of a ‘fasiq’ Muslim recently caught in a London striptease club credible in the Islamic Republic? What does our penal code say about that?

  11. Arif Qureshi says:

    And if the memo gate is investigated then why no one is calling for the investigation of a letter written by Altaf hussain/MQM to british premier. the double standards of media, judiciary and politicians.

  12. Arif Qureshi says:

    The world is laughing at us, for our media and judicial hype of a piece of paper, delivered by a non Pakistani to a non Pakistani. Do we not have any other constructive work to do then to investigate a worthless piece of paper? Judiciary should first resolve and decide the pending cases of more public importance then it should take up non issues like memo gate. It will serve the country a lot more if judiciary resolved the cases like asghar khan’s petition, may 12th incident, akber bughti case and missing persons case.

  13. Mukesh says:

    Can’t he be allowed to testify via video link?

  14. Agha Ata says:

    Memo gate is something that was about to happen. No. It was something that was going to happen, but it didn’t happen. I think it did happen, but not fully. It happened from one side, it didn’t happen from the other side. Perhaps the reason was nobody knew who started it. Nobody said “I did.” But everybody suspected somebody. Only one person claimed to knew it, but he is not willing to come forward for one reason or the other.

    NOW, think of the question the writer of the article asked: “Should the government, the military, the media and all other concerned players be as concerned with the memo gate as they currently are?” What a waste of time!

  15. A.Vetta says:

    I thought that it was generally known that neither the Pak President nor the PM can just pick up the phone and speak to the US President or other high officials confidentially. Leaving aside the protocol, such a conversation from Pakistan will be overheard by some powerful people in Pakistan. The President can speak freely to high officials in the USA from Dubai without being overheard, hence, his short visits to Dubai.

  16. Mohammad Akram says:

    Memogate is great invention by Ijaz. He is expert in exposing governments like Wiki leak Why Pakistani government is worried if they clean? By the look of it US attacked with the permission of Pakistan PM and Zardari. Time has come that it must be made clear if that is the case. It might be a treason case?

  17. murtuza Babrawala says:

    The people of Pakistan should not waste time, money and energy on this nonsense. There are bigger problems in Pakistan than this memo. Where was the army and the Court when OBL crossed the border and lived close to the military academy for several years.

  18. Micheal says:

    Mansoor Iijaz,

    Lost his credibility as a US citizen he has done what an American use to do. He could have became popular by doing something charitable.

    • BRAR says:

      Look at the damage and acrimony this none issue has caused. If the same time and efforts were spared for the serious issues it would have done a great service to the nation and its people. It seems nobody cares for the nation and its people. Those important organs of the Govt should have spent their energy for the service of the people instead of fighting with each other’s. They are not only fighting for their space but asking much more to prove who is the boss.

      Surely, the President or the Prime Minster could have used other channel if needed, they need not to use this gentleman with doubt full credentials.
      At least media should have played better role to defuse the situation.

      May God bless these actors with better sense to serve the nation they have sworn for.

  19. ali says:

    God helps those , who who help themselves . we are all well participating in ruining our country. else that not get chance to do so . the solution of these all problems is educated nation, youth. but tell me – how much we are spending to educate the youth ?

    • sarmad says:

      You are right on the target. I searched on internet and found that Pakistan is among the lowest in spending on education but among the leading on defense. In education we stand at 126 # whereas India at 81, Bangladesh at 119, Israel at 17 and USA at 37. In defense spending we are at 33, India at 10, Israel at 18 and USA at 1. We like to compete with India on making bombs and playing cricket but do not feel any thrill on competing in education. Until we make it our national priority # 1 to educate and make skillful a common man we cannot increase our growth hence cannot eradicate poverty and increase our defenses capabilities. The problem is after servicing debt, paying for defense and pouring money in ever-in loss the public sector organizations like Pakistan Railway, WAPDA and Steel mill etc, there is nothing left for development. Pakistanis need to stand up and vote for those politicians who promise to increase their education budget. There is no other way to survive in this world which is changing even on faster pace with passage of each and every day.

  20. Silajit says:

    We’re not talking about a random person on the street wanting to talk to the President of the US.

    If Zardari, Gilani or Haqqani need to talk to Mike Mullen, they do not need to go through an intermediary. Given the state of affairs in Afghanistan, both the US and these folks likely have each other on speed dial.

    The fact that people are accepting that they pulled in Ijaz to pass on a note is interesting.
    The fact that even Mullen disregarded it as a fake should give Pakistanis pause for thought.

  21. Laiq nawaz afridi says:

    Salam, our govt policies are fully wrong . Leaders of todays govt are not on correct way. This time vote to Imran khan. Inshallah. Imran khan will be good govrns.

  22. farooq says:

    we are becoming a bunch of jokers. Looking at the pendind cases i Pakistan Suprem Court amazes you. These are memogate, NRO, Bhutto death, Asghar Khan case etc. Are these the major issues issues for Pakistan or mere distraction from the real problems of an ordinary Pakistani. For God’s sake let’s become bit more mature and move on and for a change do something constructive and positive.

  23. Shafi says:

    If there is no ‘smoking gun’ and it is only a piece of paper then why is the government so edgy about it? The government should be transparent and should make it easy for the judiciary to hear all parties and that should be the end of the matter. But if there has been a wrong doing by any party it would be exposed during the judicial review.

  24. Mustafa says:

    Those who believe President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani are the authors of Memogate text, they should know that if at anytime these two people had fear of coup by Army, they could pick up phone and speak directly to President Obama for help. They did not need Ijaz or Haqqani or anyone to become their messenger to convey their message to American government. It is all hoax but being used to create sensation in Pakistan and create hate and suspicion between key players in civil and military institutions of government of Pakistan and make mockery of Pakistan.

  25. Arun says:

    The most important thing is for the Pakistani military to stop being involved in politics, whether by coup as they used to do, or by proxy attacks on the politicians, as they are doing now. Kayani’s statement that he would do so “unless our security is at stake” implies that Kayani thinks he can run above any law if he thinks the security of Pakistan is at stake. No, Mr. Kayani – you should simply point out to Gilani that the security of the country is at risk and then ask him for the next order. I believe India’s success as a democracy is making Kayani hesitate to take over. I am glad India is helping! on Facebook on Facebook