What-more should Mohsin do?

What-more should Mohsin do?

Pakistan left the cricketing world stunned with their 72-run win over England in the second Test match at Abu Dhabi. As the team erupted in celebrations at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, one of the prominent scenes was that of stand-in coach Mohsin Hasan Khan being thrown in jubilation by his team.

Much of Pakistan’s recent success has been (rightly) credited to the captaincy of Misbah-ul-Haq and his team’s newfound work ethic. Pakistan have now won all of their last four Test series, three of which have been played under the former chief selector, Khan, who took over the coaching reigns after the departure of Waqar Younis.

While Khan has been acting as the national team’s coach, the Pakistan Cricket Board has been looking to hire a permanent replacement for Younis. In former Sri Lanka and Bangladesh coach Dav Whatmore, the board seems to have found the replacement but no official announcement has been made so far.

All this while, Khan has made no secret of his desire to continue with the job and has made a serious case for himself with the team’s recent success. However, with Whatmore being reportedly given the nod, Khan’s days as coach seem counted.

The PCB faces the dilemma of removing a coach who has not lost a series since he took charge, with a man who last coached a national side without much success.

Should the board go ahead and hire Whatmore as the permanent coach? Or should Khan’s tenure be extended?

If the coach is, indeed, changed, will it affect the team’s performance?

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187 Responses to “What-more should Mohsin do?”

  1. Atiq khan says:

    This is very good to see Pakistans cricket team white wash england team 3-0 in test matches this isfirst time 3-0 win in pakistan cricket history this will boost team moral very high and all the fans around the world very happy.But i and many fans think Pakistan cricket players have not that fighting spirit like Imran khan,javed miandad,sadiq mohammed,sarfraznawaz so pakistan never had like imran,javeds 70s best team because after Imran sahib team pakistans player had talent like saeed anwar ,waceem akram but they never fought like imran,javed etc. ,shahid Afridi ,imran nazeer,abdulrazzaq etc carelessly threw their wickets and bowled very carelessly now Misbahul haq team looking promising after along time so mohsin need hardwork,players musthardwork,concentrate on battin ,bowling on field as imranjaved did in past.thankyou.

  2. Syed says:

    Congrats; to Pakistan cricket team for their wonderful performance against the English side, everybody knows that cricket is a team effort and the role of coach is of critical importance, Mohsin has done what others have not been able to achieve except for Intekhab Alam, when he was a coach or manager Pakistan cricket team won the world cup, now Mohsin role has been very important in moulding this team. Pakistan has tried foreign coaches in the past but they have failed to deliver even with some top players in the team but this team is moderate when compared to some big names of the past. Pakistan cricket board should develop some self believe and let local experts do the job and not think about foreign coaches. Current team including the coach consists of honest, dedicated, hard working and self respecting people unlike the set up of the previous Chairman when nothing was achieved every thing was lost including the national pride. I don’t understand why the previous Chairman was allowed to go without any accountability for all his wrong decisions and actions.
    The current cricket team set up should not be disturbed if any action is needed it should be towards training the higher management to become honest and professional because that is where Pakistan is lacking.

  3. Keenobserver says:

    Why fix what not broken.Let Mohsin be there with condition that ongoing performance only can guarantee his position.

    Pakistan players need more help from sports psychologists, physical therapist, and a media specialist to prepare players mentally and how to deal the physical and mental stress of tour and media.
    If they have money to spend on foreign assisstance, the team can get more out, if a professional guidance is added in above mentioned areas.

  4. Faiman says:

    Its a battle between Traditional & Techi coaching. The stats clearly shows Mohsin Hassan Khan got edge on Dav Whatmore. PCB should stick with the M.Hassan as a coach, at least for a longer period of time.
    After a long time we got winning spirit in team so lets stay with it and inshAllah in One days n T20 may Allah give us victory.

  5. Khalid Khan says:

    Dear Friends;

    I think what the team is achieving today is the result of one and a half years of effort put in to develop a wining combination and for this a lot of credit must go to Misbah and Waqar who were the captain and coach during that period (Misbah being the test captain). Mohsin Khan has introduced nothing new to this side except may be giving confidence to youngsters, which frankly, we cannot judge. Now we need to move forward and the success against England should be considered as the beginining. Dav Whatmore is a qualifued coach and with his credentials i belive he can bring in the agression factor and strategy building into this Pakistan side. Imagine the talent of Pakistani boys alongwith professionalist approach of Dav Whatmore can bring to Pakistan cricket…. GO GO ZAKA ASHRAF HIRE DAV WHATMORE…

  6. Pakistan should employed native experienced and loyal coach as Pakistan have done. The Performance of present experienced man. Every time a merit should be followed by their performance. So Mohsin Ali Khan is better than others.

  7. Zafarul Azam says:

    A really excellent performance by the team. This was is great showing of discipline in a team that is historically known for lack of discipline, mental toughness and decorum. They showed resolve by not collapsing in the second innings (at least in the first part of it) to get to a resonable total and thus setting the groundwork for this victory. Mohsin Khan and Misbah are being credited for instilling the discipline and confidence. But I hear that they will replace Mohsin with Dav Whatmore for the next series. A better solution would be to keep Mohsin involved with the team in the form of a General Manager of the team with Whatmore as the coach. Dav may be a better on the field coach with Mohsin providing the leadership on other important areas needed to win, consistently. This is the least he deserves for the recent performance of the team under him.

    On a side note, let’s hope the rest of Pakistan also takes some lessons from the cricket tgeam and start to rebuild our other institutions (sports or otherwise).

  8. optimist says:

    Retain Mohsin Khan as he has done a great job. A poor country like Pakistan cannot afford to have such an expensive coach. Most of the seniors don’t need any coaching. When we have a bowling coach and fielding coach the job for Whatmore will be to coach Omar Akmal, Azhar and Asad Shafiq.

  9. Arif Qureshi says:

    It is hard to find good one, thanks God, we found one, let’s not lose him.

  10. Asad Ali says:

    Here is my take on Pakistan cricket team. The credit should go neither to Misbah nor to Mohsin Khan. The credit should go to The News of the World for catching corruption in our cricketers. Once corruption disappeared, everything is now moving well. Our cricketers are and were always very talented and capable of beating any team, but they were throwing away matches just for greed. Now since that greed is not available to them anymore, they have no choice but to perform their best. The results are in front of us. Pakistan cricket blossomed from the day the three cricketers went to jail.

  11. Sibi says:

    Mohsin Khan has been living off Waqar’s work. Dav Whatmore will work with technical aspects of the team. MHK can be the team manager, if everyone so desperately wants him.

  12. Riaz says:

    Jonson actually is a good man manager and is very close to the players. Also it appears he is able to work well with the captain and the team. His main role is to instill self believe and confidence. Perhaps he has a role to play…. New role should be found for him perhaps as director of Pakistan cricket with Dav Whatmore reporting to him as technical coaching manager.

  13. Jamal says:

    So my quesiton is, what Mohsin has done besides not being a roadblock in team’s success? What are is credentials as a coach? Keep in mind that this is the team that was built by Waqar, provided that he had other issues that made him a misfit. But why Mohsin will be different than any other non-trained coaches in the past? He has not seen any adversity yet. None of the players have any issues with Misbah. True grit will be tested when the cylical mutiny will break out and he will have to handle that. Who knows, he might come out of it as a great coach but based on his credentials I highly doubt it. On the other hand Wattmore is a trained coach who has a very successful track record. I sould say go with the proven one.

  14. British Paki says:

    Mohsin is a gud mentor. so plz Accept Whatmore he is Experienced and success story .

  15. British Paki says:

    Dear Friends!
    It is quite clear to everybody that Pakistan’s opening batsmen lack technique.Look at Taufeeq Umar not able to play INSWINGING DELIVERIES.Misbah getting out LBW 6 times in 6 innings.KEEPER doesnt know hw to bat at test level.TAIL-ENDERS throwing away their WICKETS easily.Dropping easy catches. scoring only two hundreds in 3 test match series.

  16. nasir says:

    So what wonders have Mohsin Khan done to the team? Are Pakistani players better athletes all of sudden? For the last 4 to 5 years Pakistan cricket suffered immensely because of Mr Butt. Every scandal to every setback that happened had a lot to do with poor management. Things have finally improved for Pakistan since he has left. However I still believe when the management is new and the majority of the weed (power hungry senior players) have been eradicated from the team. This is the best time to bring a foreign coach. We need a foreign coach that can train some of these players to improve their techniques while playing on bouncy and fast pitches since majority of the games Pakistan will play and the next world cup would be on similar turf.

  17. dream girl says:

    i will strongly suggest that keep continue with MOHSIN KHAN bzc he is the person who loves to work with dignity & if all the teamates & managment is seetteled with him & the results r also coming positive then he should not be removed thiS is the msg to PCB CHARIMAN the continue with mohsin khan if he wants to see pakistani team having more & more win over any countries team ….

  18. Sunny says:

    Mohsin is not a qualified coach but see what results he gave. a whitewash to world no.1 team. since Mohsin took over as a coach team’s moral looking high, its more disciplined and united. Mohsin in an interview said every member of the team is talented but they need mental strength and Mohsin worked on that aspect and now team looks more mature and confident. I strongly recommend him to continue as national coach.

  19. Akhtar Butt says:

    Mohsin is a great coach. Should PCB wants to bring a foreigner Coach thinking that he will bring foreign teams to Pakistan. It is not a good idea. In my personal opinion we should not even request teams to come Pakistan because we don’t trust PPP and PMLN Governments as they will not provide required security to the teams. Both are corrupt parties. Wait for atleast 2 more years..

  20. Syed Imad says:

    I strongly suggest Mohsin Hassan Khan to be the coach since he has proven himself by action. He has produced results and has managed to overcome the the biggest threat or fear factor facing the Pakistan team in any such time “team politics” I still believe he is very much under rated by media commentators however from the way the team reacted after winning series with England (lifting him) and not only just that, Misbah’s high praises for him, I suggest he should be retained as permanent coach and should be allowed to be part of selection committee in addition. Why waste money on a foreign coach who hasn’t produced results in recent time rather than on someone who knows his team and how to get along with them & the get the job done and produce results.

    I sincerely hope sense prevails for Mr. Zaka Ashraf and he makes the Right decision for Pakistan by continuing with Mohsin Khan, Thank you

  21. Zia says:

    All i want to say is, Mohsin and all Pak current coaches must be replaced by foreign coaches who don’t have anything to say about Sindh, Punjab and other provinces.

  22. Ayaz says:

    point is now adays you dont need a coach… u need a mentor a person who can gell the team together. and mohsin is the right person for the job.
    Do any of you think that India’s performance would have been much better if Kirsten was still part of the team????? Boom boom said last year that we don’t need a coach….

  23. Khalid says:

    No doubt it is great achievement but we should not turn a blind eye on our weaknesses. Batting was no where to see, we can’t win matches in other parts of the world only on bowling. You watched how poor our batting is, how defensive our approach is? Despite having upper hand in all the series, we could not see any confident showing from our great bats (except only few individual performances). So we need dynamic coach who guide and train the team in the ground not by sitting and making silly gestures from the chairs outside ground :-)

  24. Sherry says:

    All the talks of Mohsin and Misbah influence on the team would come to nothing if Saeed Ajmal had not struck a purple patch of his career and his greatness being not rubbed onto Rehman. Nothing has changed with regard to Pak batting. All the recent victories are the result of one man’s amazing potential and other’s just rallying around him with little bit. The only good thing about Misbah is that the guy is not egoistic and has allowed Ajmal and whoever chipped in to take the lead. Pak still has to go a long way if they are to become a world beating team. They still have to perform on foreign pitches and mainly England,Australia and South Africa. Hats off to Saeed Ajmal for all the recent turnaround in the fortune of Pakistani cricket.

  25. Razi says:

    No doubt Pakistan is doing wonderfully well in last 12 months or so but things are not as rosey as it looks on the surface. We are proud and really for our team but lot have to be done to take this team to another level. Mohsin has done a real good job by not interferring in the Captian’s job and I think Misbah should thank Mohsin on this. Mohsin should be retain as the Coach for one year more to continue this pair to work together. At the sametime the Board has to play there role by not letting any Superstar player to create issues for the team in future.

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