What-more should Mohsin do?

What-more should Mohsin do?

Pakistan left the cricketing world stunned with their 72-run win over England in the second Test match at Abu Dhabi. As the team erupted in celebrations at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium, one of the prominent scenes was that of stand-in coach Mohsin Hasan Khan being thrown in jubilation by his team.

Much of Pakistan’s recent success has been (rightly) credited to the captaincy of Misbah-ul-Haq and his team’s newfound work ethic. Pakistan have now won all of their last four Test series, three of which have been played under the former chief selector, Khan, who took over the coaching reigns after the departure of Waqar Younis.

While Khan has been acting as the national team’s coach, the Pakistan Cricket Board has been looking to hire a permanent replacement for Younis. In former Sri Lanka and Bangladesh coach Dav Whatmore, the board seems to have found the replacement but no official announcement has been made so far.

All this while, Khan has made no secret of his desire to continue with the job and has made a serious case for himself with the team’s recent success. However, with Whatmore being reportedly given the nod, Khan’s days as coach seem counted.

The PCB faces the dilemma of removing a coach who has not lost a series since he took charge, with a man who last coached a national side without much success.

Should the board go ahead and hire Whatmore as the permanent coach? Or should Khan’s tenure be extended?

If the coach is, indeed, changed, will it affect the team’s performance?

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187 Responses to “What-more should Mohsin do?”

  1. Mike Rauf says:

    Bravo, the ‘homeless’ team’ did wonders…. Emirates is the adopted home is where they deliver . Coach does not matter.

  2. serena Ali says:

    Let the boys decide who they want – they can make or break the side. If it is going to be politics, and it is, let it be team politics and not bureaucrat politics.

  3. serena Ali says:

    They should get rid of Mohsin Khan. PCB should keep up the tradition of always doing the wrong thing.
    The flip side is that they cannot do any worse.

  4. Raza says:

    Congrats! Great team work and credit goes to Misbah, Mohsin and rest of the team for showing discipline and passion for the game.
    Agree with Dr. MK Aslam’s comments. we should stick to current team coach and let Pakistan team Thrive.
    Best wishes to the team for One day and 20/20 format.

  5. I believe, Mohsin should stay as a coach, and the other guy can be used as a consultant every now and than.

    Mosin and Misbah have a winning chemistry, which Pakistan needs and deserve – So please don’t let it ruin.

    Also, Mohsin was a very good player himself, and that no Pakistan side other manager has been so successful (in such a short time) as him.

    I also, respect Misbah the Captain. He has proven himself. Please don’t listen to any ideas against the current setup.

    I like the whole setup. It is great setup for a change. Lets keep it together.

  6. A Khan says:

    My suggestion would be to hire Dev… W. and let rotate 25 – 30 players within National team and include some from under 19 .. Leave Mohsin Khan to be the Head coach of winning team…. Support Pakistani if he deserves credit.

  7. habib says:

    A lot of Congratulations to Mohsin and his troupe of players. They have proved that they can come up ith on the top against the no.1 top test champions. Congratulations to Mohsin and his players.
    Still I say Whatmore should be hired but to select and refine new talents as well as refine the already
    playing members of the Pakistan team
    Mohsin Khan is not a coach so his job should be for keeping the Pakistani team together and taking care
    of them as he has been a very good batsman himself. hk

  8. saleem qureshi says:

    Please, please , do not change the Misbah-Mohsin duo.

  9. zahid says:

    well PCB have to learn now…they do not have to brought a talent from abroad while we have much potential in our own country…mohsin is not only a good coach but as well a good actor….well muhsin khan….we love you

  10. Wasim Abid says:

    I think Mohsin Khan and Misbah have formed a good team as far as strategy is concerned. I believe coach doesnt have much to offer in Cricket except strategy. If this duo have formed a good strategy unit then it will be unfair to sack Mohsin Khan as it will have an impact on the thinking amongst the think tank of the team. We have after a long time found a winning combination and we should continue with it for the time being!

  11. imran khoosat says:

    PCB has no right to replace Mohsin khan ,the way he did his job as a coach is marvalous and i think the whole nation has confidence on him to carry his tasks further.

  12. Salman Ali says:

    Have a discussion with Misbah, Inzimam (his experience with Bob Woolmer) and Waqar Younis (last successful coach). This will determine what is expected of coach and the type of personality that will succeed with Pakistan team. Then decide who suits the best. Most likely, Mohsin will lack the technical skills needed.

    • Kashif Hassan says:

      Do you have skills Mr. Genius? Will you please elaborate what do u mean by “technical skills” and how you judged that Mohsin doesn’t have any?

  13. Usman says:

    Well, I reckon Mohsin should get his coaching certification done ASAP and PCB can consider the option of footing the bill. There is nothing wrong with hiring a qualified coach (DAV) at this point in time but it also doesn’t make any sense to let go of a ‘resource with reasonable prospect’ hence the word for the day – go for the best (DAV) but don’t undo the potential (Mohsin), infact nurture him for future……

  14. Ilyas hussain says:

    Moshin khan is not a coach,what Pakistan needs is a coach who understands the modern format of cricket,all the great sides in world of cricket score runs at Decent pace,where as Pakistan is lacking,Pakistan won against England but if we look at the results,it’s England’s batsmen who have failed in the abu Dhabi,if Pakistan played England in England would they have won?you need your player to perform in any conditions,so to coach players you need some one who understand the conditions of every country,the other point I want make is that our coach and captain Moshin and misbah have changed the mind set of Pakistan players to too much blocking even the tail enders are blocking every ball they face,and that will not get Pakistan players anywhere when it comes to big country like Australia and south Africa, they will loose there wickets and the run rate will not improve…

  15. FromIndiaBUTPAKSUPPORTER says:

    It’s very tricky for pcb due to the timing of the waqar’s exit, mohsin’s stint, pak’s recent success, dav’s preference AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PCB IS NOT LOOKING AT THE SKILLS/RAPPORT/SUCCESS OF MOHSIN BUT IT LOOKS TO BRING CRICKET BACK TO PAKISTAN BY BRINGING AN AUSTRALIAN.

    1. I prefer PCB leave Mohsin because Dav cannot bring cricket back to Pak sooner
    2. PCB may risk team under newer coach
    3. Performance of the team may be affected
    4. All win/loss is due to the hard work from Misbah, Mohsin and team plus Waqar, Izaz Butt’s later stance except sacking Afridi-bad decision by pcb

    Looks like Pakistan is unstoppable now

  16. Waqas Majed says:

    No, he should not be replaced with whatmore. His tenure should be extended and he ought to be given some more time to prove himself as a best coach for Pakistani Team.

  17. Abrar R says:

    He should go back be the chairman selection committee. The current run of great form is courtesy Misbah’s work ethic and discipline. Mohsin has had very little effect. But Mohsin was a great selector. He should go back to that job.

  18. Arshad says:

    In my opinion, Mohsin Khan should continue as a Coach, he has the entire caliber PCB is looking from foreign coach. He knows all the team mates very well and has the talent to face the situation. By appointing him lot of money PCB will save and can be hired other supportive to join hand together in fulfilling the dreams of every Pakistani.

    • ataullah farooqui says:

      I fully agree with the comments of AK. Moreover our players being young and less experienced, they will feel more comfortable in communicating between M ohsin Khan and themselves,instead of a foreigner where a different language is involed.

      Mohsin Khan so far has been acceptable to the Captain Misbah,all the players,and so far only winning without any failures has been the record of his .
      Must we have a foreign COACH ???

  19. Jabar says:

    Visit Australia. Play four test matches, try and win just one. Then you will be a coach for life. That is waht you want? Or try not to let your team get out for 99 in a test match.

  20. Mawali says:

    Mohsin is a thinking man. A rarity unto itself in Pakistan. Time will tell whether Mohsin proves to be good coach. However, I will put my money on Mohsin any day!

  21. Omar says:

    Ok here is the deal guy’s. Stop praising Mohsin Khan for the success. He don’t deserve any credit. Rome was not built in a day. Credit goes to his predecssor. Please stop showering him with all the praise..please smell the coffee… get a real coach. It amazes me, when I read about how great job Mohsin has done… what job he has done ? He don’t even understand how Pakistan won the 2nd test… he is so clueless..

  22. Shoaib Bingi says:

    There is a great advantage for Pakistan to b success in current series…inshaALLAH Pakistani team will ruined the England bubble which is almost burst….

  23. Ali says:

    For starters he should improve the technique of his batsmen. This current team will not last two sessions in England, Australia and SA. Our success is contributed more to the mental block of English players against spin than the heroics of our batsmen. Changing coaches by the PCB chairman at this time would be an unpopular decision but the right one. We need professionals in all walks of life. Can a compounder be made a doctor because he fixed a bunch of patients? While he might help patients suffering from minor ailments but anything complicated is beyond his grasp. The same logic is true for coaching. We need a pro to help our batsmen. The sooner we can get a coach the better. Also Younis needs to prove that he is relevant by scoring against strong bowling sides. His record is an embarrassment against quality teams.

  24. Naeem says:

    Mohsin Khan is a very nice man but a professional coach he is not. Had he been a professional coach, Pakistan’s batting would not be as jittery as it is today. 99 all out on a game that means a lot for Pakistan? I don’t think so. Being a nice man does not make him a professional coach.

  25. Mujtaba Mirza says:

    The success in UAE is not the real test of Pakistani team,especially the batting is fragile as before where all the players appear weak and lack batting techniques needed for a test match. How these batman will play on bouncy and seam wickets remains to be seen.The openers are just ordinary and we have a long tail.
    The coach can not do miracles -Mohsin is doing fine,leave him alone. the credit goes to our bowlers for these wins.
    The responsibility is of selection committee to bring good players in the team where favoritism should not be exercised and players must be selected on merit -there is plenty of talent in Pakistan.

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