Political broth

Political broth

While National Assembly Speaker Fehmida Mirza’s ruling on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s conviction in the contempt of court case was not unexpected, the reaction it drew from opposition parties, especially the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) was not entirely surprising either.

PTI, as well as the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have decided to challenge the speaker’s decision in the Supreme Court, and leaders of both parties have been busy threatening a ‘long march’ against the present government.

Is the opposition’s stance on the ruling a principled one, or the parties attempting to give a political spin to the situation?

Will Pakistani politicians create a standoff between the country’s premier institutions or is this a sign of a real change in the country’s political future?

Are rallies, long marches and political altercations the solution to the problems Pakistan faces? Or, should all political parties try and reach a consensus on a means to take the country forward?

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44 Responses to “Political broth”

  1. Fakhruddin Shaukat says:

    I think there should have been more of a hue and cry over the speaker’s decision. They should all have protested much more strongly. The speaker had no right, to overturn the court’s decision, which she literally did. The most inapt speaker in the history of Pakistan.

  2. Mustafa Baghar says:

    PPP is always attacked but it has failed to deliver what was expected from them. Unfortunately PPP talks about Sindh card, PTI doesnt even know the problems of Sindh rural. Why should the poor, unemployed, illiterate and hungry call themselves Pakistanis when they are in trouble, there is no one to rescue them. Sindh is deprived, dejected and discriminated. We the Sindhis expect nothing from PPP, PML-N and PTI except misery and troubles.

  3. Mohammed Cohen says:

    Why is it so unthinkable to keep the old guards out of tomorrow’s politics of Pakistan and let the young blood with totally fresh ideas and ideology take control of Pakistan. In the past Pakistani people have tried every possible composition of Pakistani political governance without much success since the creation of Pakistan. Let the young and the fresh blood rule Pakistan with some energy and vigor rather than getting the old farts repeat their failures. Pakistan still stands a chance to unite its masses to keep the crooks out of Pakistani politics who fall prey to the West at every turn. Military at least kept the chaos designers who tried their tricks in getting their hands of Pakistan’s nuclear power in order to maintain Israel’s blackmail through West and its trickeries!

  4. Mehboob Hussain says:

    Noon league past two governments and election victories were because of ISI and establishment. Nawaz Sharif never have ability to win election against Benzir and PPP without ISI and establishment support.

    Now they don’t have that establishment support, but they find new supporter and alley Ch. Iftekhar and judiciary. This judiciary is totally politicized and fully cooperating Noon league and other opposition to target ppp government and to help them win next election against PPP.

    Noon league and PTI want to use supreme court and other judiciary shoulders to promote and progress they politic and election campaign. That is why, on, every issue they tried to jump over government and taking side with judiciary without respecting constitution and ignoring future Consequences of this judicial activism.

  5. mir salamat says:

    I think PML (N) has ben upon criticising PPP and having nothing to do with the interests of Pakistan as well national security they are using superior court verdicts as card to pertub the ppp leadership and force them to bow down but they do not think that their dirty politics and unethical way of opposing ppp is harming the very interests of pakistan, Pakistan has been unfortunate that such leadership exists there the people are Pakistan must reject such politician are playing dirty game and doing every thing wrong for coming into power, the power greed is the only target on which pml N(N) is pursuing out, they must bear in mind that such type of politics would not be benificial for them as well for this country.

  6. Fakhar says:

    I think the upcoming elections will be every crucial as every body says that, and i think PTI will do its best in the upcoming elections, as unfortunately i don’t to see any kind of good thing PML-N can do for the poor and common man like me.

    but i am afraid that PTI no opposition can stop PTI but the people with in PTI must hold their seats and don’t play as an opponent role in their own party as there are a lot of politician jumping into PTI, i am hoping that may ALLAH give IMRAN KHAN the courage determination and sense to make good decisions to hold his party and the party people then i see no reason that he can’t be the next PM…

  7. Tikki says:

    For all these parties,there is a saying “Talking loud saying nothing” its the same ol same ol.Until people change,they will continue to elect the same mess,every time.

  8. Irfan says:

    since the army has miserably failed us thrice in the past and as much as we hate our politicians for being so oblivious to our problems, what is our other option really?

    Imran Khan truly was our best hope but after his association with the same people from the same parties under a different banner now, makes you wonder if Imran ever had the courage to go it all alone with the help of the masses. Imran gave up on youth and instead relied on breakaways from PPP and PML(N) and Q league. The wise must ask how someone can become so pure by only changing the party banner and thus your hopes go down the drain.

    It also saddens a true pakistani when he hears that Imran Khan is ready to talk with the taliban who have killed thousands of our innocent people but he wudnt sit with nawaz sharif for the sake of the country and getting rid of these most corrupt people ever experienced by pakistanis.

    The show must go on!

  9. A.Vetta says:

    In a democratic society Opposition invariably ‘protects’ the constitution against violations by a government. It asks for an impartial panel to look at an infringement by a government and occasionally, seeks assistance from Judiciary. I regret that I cannot say that Pakistan is a democracy but it is moving towards it. I am disappointed by the performance of the present regime as its only aim seems to be to survive by any means e.g. even at the expense of ‘burning’ Karachi to ensure that money in Swiss banks remains where it is. Nawaz Sharif could have caused havoc by street protests. I admire him for not doing so. It is important that the change in Pakistan occurs by ballot, however, flawed. Forecasting is dangerous but I make a forecast that he will succeed in uniting the disparate ‘parties’ against the current regime and win at the next election. I respect the leadership of PTI but am reminded of a couplet from Bollywood;
    Na Khanjar uthay ga, na talwar un say yeh bazoo merey aazmaiy huey hain.

  10. S.M.Shabbir says:

    All the opposition parties should now focus on umcoming election and try to project how the burning issues like energy ,economy law and order can be improved by their respective parties .
    we have enough of political bickering . What general public want is some one to come forward and try to give solutions of their problems.

  11. qaiser says:

    unfortunate pakistan

  12. a s ahmed says:

    It does not matter which party is strong. It only matters whom ISI is supporting. It looks like Imran is ISI’s favorite horse. He has kept quiet talking against missing persons, he is being secretly funded by MI. So watch my words he will rule Pakistan.

  13. Usman Masood says:

    Political Spins may themselves be principled

  14. salah says:

    It appears that opposition’s only objective is not to allow the elected government to work. Once again Shareef brothers are not setting a good example. In democracy you have right to disagree and fight your battles in the parliment not in the capital of Panjab.

  15. MrT says:

    The only principle on which Pakistani political parties agree is the “Principle of looting”. The only principle on which people of Pakistan agree is to blame govt and not to pay taxes.

  16. Our opposition does not seem to have a case against the Govt.better they wait few more months and prepare for the elections Inflation and rising prices is a universal phenomina, can’t they study economies of most of europion states? Corruption is an empty slogan unless soundly proved,look at India and clossal corruption tyey are facing.My slogan is On to Elections and let people decide.

  17. Faisal Irslaan says:

    Everything is bogus in whole world

  18. shakeel says:

    they are not serious to let down government.

  19. mir aftab says:

    Both PMLn and PTI are now easy preys to spin doctors and are running pillar to post after bits and pieces being thrown at them confused whether to look at army, judiciary and US media in desperation. Their overconfidence emanates from eurphoria boosing polls, misleading advisors. It is surprising they still are emotionally charged and not pragmatic – i.e. they do not approach the elections with a well planned strategy. If only they listen to the statements of PM, a lot can be inferred that will help them.

  20. hansa says:

    “what principles”, the same principles on which pml(n) attacked sc when they were in power.

  21. Shafqaat Bukhari says:

    Opposition is playing no role at all in making the things better. They are supporting the Govt and have planted the scheme to get their turn next time. But i feel and wish that they do not get any majority representation in the upcoming elections. I wish very best of luck for PTI.

  22. M.Moosa says:

    Some one who created the slogan “ek zardari sab per bhaari” was really genius. Zardari has upset every body particularly PML-N which has no idea what should be their next line. Some time they enter into Sind to create problems for Zardari and another time we see them with Sindhi nationalists in Liyari tackling with MQM and PPP together. They really do not know what to do next. Although they are called to be favorites of courts but even that they are no where in the present politics. Imran’s stance on different issues can not be matched with the actions and reactions of PML-N. PML-N needs a proper leadership who should have vision. Speeches in beautiful Urdu can fool some but not every one. Supreme court should not come against the speaker’s ruling otherwise situation will be worst.

  23. Aftab says:

    To avoid rallies & long marches PM GILANI should resign in the larger interest of the country. PPP has a great chance to to emerge as a party who truly represent federation, only if they bring new PM in place of GILANI.

  24. Syed Imran Ali says:

    Poor Nawaz Shareef,what you did when you were in the government just leave my Pakistan and let the people live….

  25. khanzada says:

    our country is in its critical time of existance & can not handle further destablization. Every institution of the state should work with-in their ambit & should avoid confrontation, specially judiciary as they should not be used by political parties & should look to avoid further destablizing the present civil political set-up. God help us survive these critical moments & give us courage to select honest people like imran khan & not like sharifs, who are only sharif by name reality is realy ugly.

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