Citizens of the world

Citizens of the world

On Monday, Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik became the latest casualty in the dual-citizenship case and his membership of the Senate was revoked by the Supreme Court, two weeks after the same happened to former parliamentarian Farahnaz Ispahani.

While the 14 elected members of the parliament and the provincial assemblies have been issued notices by the apex court, they have until June 13 to submit documents showing their singular citizenship of Pakistan in order to hold on to their public offices.

Some of the ministers embroiled in the case have already denounced claims of their dual citizenship and have even vowed to file for damages against the petitioners.

While the fate of these public office holders hangs in the balance, the question remains if holding the citizenship of another country, while serving the nation, really questions the official’s fidelity?

Should factors such as the official’s history as a public office holder or political leader not be considered as measures of their fidelity to the nation?

Is it fair to strip them of their seats in the parliament or the provincial assemblies? invites its readers to share their opinion and suggestions…



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119 Responses to “Citizens of the world”

  1. srfraz says:

    lets say, Malik does wrong to the country and looted money, he will go as soon as this government is over, like many others. Who will bring him back for accountability. Lets see another scenario, Malik has business in UK and he is a citizen there, if he is to take decision against UK’s interests but for Pakistan, will he not be breaking oath when he swore as UK citizen to be faithful to the Queen? I personally am in this situation and would not like to take up position in government.

  2. harkol says:

    It is absurd that even an argument can be extended that a person holding a foreign citizenship will be suitable for any high position in a country. The fundamental conflict of interest is glaring. It is like having an CxO level officer for a top company, who is under employment by another company at a lower level.

  3. jonaid says:

    I know that majority of bureaucrats and custom officials have dual nationality as well. They r more dangerous and conniving for Pam than politicians.

  4. Nadeem Khan says:

    I am 100% agreed with supreme court decision. Nobody should have a write to keep dual nationality if he is in the ruling government. We should stop this normal practice for those who server the country in bad manner and runway after that from the country. Absolutely they are not patriot. They are selfish, Opportunities and greedy as well. We must have a solid criteria to appoint those leaders but not only counting the votes because you are talking about country. We must think up to that level in order to streamline law in order in our country.

  5. Junaid Siraj says:

    It is not the matter of one wishes or getting an opinion from general public.

    If the constitution and law permits, there is no harm having dual nationality which I believe it does not.

    Are we going to go for another ammedment?

  6. Vidali Khan says:

    The only way for Pakistan to progress is for all dual nationals to take over and run the country. Kick out all current “Pakistanis” from the government and run it properly. This has already happened with charities funded outside of Pakistan, they are very wary of letting Pakistani nationals run their charities as they are corrupt and do not care for their fellow man. Its time for Pakistani’s to realise they have run their country in to the ground and all they do is constantly complain that its someone else’s fault.

  7. Tanveer Akhtar says:

    As a dual national say in Rehman Malik’s case of UK, he is subject to UK Court jurisdictions and tax laws. So when he holds talks with UK government ministers, they are really dealing with one of their own subjects and not a representative of a different sovereign nation. Ridiculous is it not?

  8. Yousuf says:

    In China, If you are a dual citizen, can’t hold public office. Surrender the other citizenship. A dual citizenship is a crack in your patriotism that always is there to be exploited. Your loyalties will remain questionable. Look at India.

    Look at Pakistan’s situation. Until Pakistan is a first rate nation, dual nationals must not be allowed to hold public office, period.

  9. Shahid Ali says:

    Dual Nationals should not be allowed to become members of parliament of Pakistan.

    Few examples and logic:

    1. CEO’s of corporate firms are fired on doubts of leaking info. Illogical to hand over State Secrets to Dual Nats.

    2. Google employee was fired only for leaking executive memo of 10% raise to his OWN COMPANY colleagues before official notice.

    3. HP CEO was fired on doubts of leaking company’s acquisition deal info in pillow talk with a lady.

    4. If, Abid Builders and Asif Constructions will compete and file tender for a mega project. Would they allow Mr. X to be Director in both the companies? No..

    Secrecy of decisions and 100% allegiance to only 1 state is must.

  10. Qasim says:

    It isn’t that who has a dual nationality or not. It’s the fact that these individuals have most of their money and resources safely tucked away in another land where the laws of Pakistan do not matter. Take the example of US or Canada. How many of the Senators or MPs have dual nationalities?

  11. HADI SAKEY says:

    When anybody adopts citizenship he gives in writing that he renounces his previous nationality. That he will remain loyal to his new home – He will bear arms against all enemies. If you keep two nationalities then you cannot justify the Oath. You can’t have your cake as well as eat it. In the case of Malik he has never been loyal to Pakistan nor he will remain fidel to UK – as simple as that.


  12. DANISH says:

    I think whole Nation need dual Nationality as Pakistan is Under USA and Nato forces we need to visit our Masters countries and serve them as our beloved rulers, Politicians and Generals are serving to them.

  13. Ibrahim Saeed says:

    I think an official who is going to serve a public position should also be scrutinized for his past and things as

    1. previous record for holding public positions
    2. any cases registered against him whether proved or not (because our judicial process is also lengthy and with bugs – if justice cannot be made promptly it is, in my opinion, questionable that what has been done with the witnesses)
    3. nationalities (a public officer must not hide, and if found should be suspended life for acting again any public position)
    4. businesses owned by him and his closest relatives as wife, children and parents

    etc. should be made public in (urdu language as well) through election commission’s website (for example) before going to elections. If some one denies showing these in public, he must not be allowed to serve as public servant.

  14. Rizwan Ahmad says:

    The dual nationality should not be allowed in a public service. First it is constitutional, second being a givernment servant and public servant, you see many secret documents under official secrets act. Having a dual nationality can grant immunity in such cases that a person is not subject to pakistan law. Being sincere to pakistan is not a question, these men and woman are elected by the people of pakistan. if dual nationality is good and allowed, then why not appoint George Bush to be president of pakistan.
    Then it is question ones own conscious thoughts that should reflect patriotism. A person becomes prejiducial to state of pakistan while holding dual nationality. if people can vote for a dual national, they can vote for anyone in the world to be their interior minister. I believe, such people who want to serve pakistan holdng dual nationality, does not any intention to serve the country. they are conciously dead and will only work to benefit themselves.

  15. fida sayani says:

    holding dual nationality is an act of hypocrisy.

  16. MAK (usa) says:

    I became naturalized citizen of US about 25 years ago.Took an oath of loyalty to the constitution & flag of US. Voluntarily gave up Pakistani citizenship. I still love & care for Pakistan but ultimate loyalty is to US flag. How can one in the position of authority or as a member of the parliament have divided loyalty ? You have to chose one, give up other.

  17. Chaigram says:

    Before the judges or the state decides on the issue of foreign nationals holding elected office, there should be detailed research done as to the circumstances of Pakistani’s leaving and adopting foreign citizenship. Many left to further their education, some left because of security, and some did leave as refugees. But none have lost the love for Pakistan. If they are highly educated successful in their own adopted country, there is no reason for them NOT to come back and serve their own beloved country. There should not be any reason to question their patriotism. Many Pakistanis who were Indians before partition (1947) fought and died for Pakistan in 1948, 1965 and 1971. We should grow up and be mature in our approach to this sensitive issue. Thank you.

  18. Naim says:

    Take the example of India, How many of their former Presidents, Prime Ministers are living in exile?

    We are no better than African States eg. Nigeria.

    The American´s knows it is very well it is very easy to deal with a crook corrupt person or a dictator than the pious sinciere one.

    Let us pray to Almighty to save this our beautiful country(Pakistan) from the hands this few rich arrogant

    • ali abbas says:

      “i don’t think its few rich arrogant politicians” that are responsible for the sorry state of this country but majority of every day Pakistanis. all you have to do is to step outside your house and you will find out how morally corrupt people have become.

  19. Shakil says:

    I think people are getting emotional here, I am dual national and I think its absolutely critical for any public office holder of national security should not have any other nationality. We may love Paksitan more than Paksitanis live in Pakistan, but i think its fair to commit only one country when serving a position of trust to avoid any conflict of interest.

    Dual national has brith right to vote but holding public office or position of national security should be given chance to surrender other citizenship.

    In Pak armed forces, dual nationals are allowed to apply, if selected to join asked to surrender the other nationality, so why it should be any different for MPs?

    • Yousuf says:

      I am a dual national, like yourself. Well travelled and lived out for most of my life.
      I totally agree with you.

  20. Khuram says:

    I respect the feelings of people living in foreign. I am also living in foreign. but if you see the people like Shaukat aziz, Farah naaz Isfahani, Rehman Malik, Sheikh hafeez and many more, who’s gonna give guarantee of their loyalty? I think Its very admirable step taken by the supreme court. and we should appreciate. May Allah save our Pakistan from all black sheep’s and give us the strenght and unity to defend it (Aameen).

    • ali abbas says:

      can you give guarantee for loyalty of people living in Pakistan and only have Pakistani citizenship? Whats is admirable about SC decision? that some Pakistani are better than other Pakistanis. What ever happened to an all inclusive society? SC should have struck down the provision in constitution that somehow people living abroad are less loyal. How about Pakistanis living and working outside for decades but have not been granted a nationality of another country? Should they be prevented from voting too? if not then why not? By current logic we cant guarantee their loyalty either. Absurd!

  21. wasim says:

    in simple words yes does


  22. Dr. Asad Sadick says:

    In principle I would tend to agree that dual-nationality does not interfere with ones integrity and/or fidelity towards the original nationality, but in case of people like Malik or Gilani or any present rulers it does. Their fidelity is questionable even while holding the original nationalty. There have to be other parameters to measure eligibility to hold a public office. The case is rested.

  23. jalaluddin S. Hussain says:

    A person holding a dual nationality can be as patriotic to Pakistan as one who lives in Pakistan.

  24. Saad Aslam says:

    Assalam o Alaikum people.
    the and the foremost condition for getting a job in the public sector and in the government must be to give up any dual nationality a person holds.there must be a proper law which could see these problems and overcome them easily because simply such people holding dual nationalities come directly into the country with a different agenda and policy which they follow and implement in the country.they must not be given access to the government jobs and the higher offices as simple as that

  25. major, rtd,Anwar alam says:

    A Pakistani with US or British Nationality undertakes to abide by the law and national intrests of adopted nationality, therefore if our prime minister has American Nationality and the American Government orders our PM to do away with nuclear programme or open the NATO supply route and our PM being an American national does not do it and does not look after the national intrests of US he can be guilty of violating the American law and the undertaking which he took to be loyal to the US and hence can be prosecuted when he goes back to US.Therefore I think it is right decision by the supreme court…..Major rtd Anwar Alam

    • p kumar says:

      usa is a friend and partner of pakistan and so will only ask him to do what is in pakistan’s interest too for example doing away with nuclear programme and opening nato supply routes will help pakistan.the latter will generate revenue and goodwill across the world;the former will take away the focus of the population from the pretence of competing with india and will lead to actual competition with india

    • Ibrahim Saeed says:

      I agree with this opinion 100%. on Facebook on Facebook