Return of the classics

Return of the classics

Creators of the hit television series “Ainak wala jin” from the mid-1990s announced on Wednesday their plans to revive the show for another series later this year. The show, of which the hallmark was the depiction of wizardry and magic in a light and comic manner, was aired between 1993 and 1996 to an audience that ranged from children to youth, as well as older viewers. Characters such as “Zakoota”, “Bill Batouri” and “Nastoor” became household names and their dialogues are still remembered by die-hard fans. It is fair to say that the series turned into a pop cult of sorts for a generation of Pakistanis.

The news of the series’ revival has been well-received amongst the fans and judging from the reaction we have received on, people based in Pakistan and abroad are eagerly awaiting its return to the television screens. Questions, however, have also been raised on the need of creating new television shows that provide the same level of entertainment and recreation to viewers, instead of turning back to shows from the past. Pakistan’s television industry, it is being said, has failed to live up to the standards it set from the late 1970s up until the early 2000s. While dramas and television shows have increased manifold with the sprouting of dozens of private television channels, the quality of programming, viewers insist, has dropped drastically. Television enthusiasts also insist that a new crop of actors have failed to live up to the standards of the earlier generations.

Despite the airing of hundreds of new televisions on dozens of new channels, when classic dramas and sitcoms are aired on cable television networks despite grainy prints and pirated DVDs, they still manage to outdo the newer, more glamorous offerings.

Should Pakistani television channels go back to hits of yesteryears in order to attract viewers?

Can the television shows being produced now match the standards set by the early years of programming?

Do you want to see new faces on your television screens or would you be happy to have the same actors play the same roles?

Which of the classics would you like to see remade? invites its readers to share their views and suggestions…


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64 Responses to “Return of the classics”

  1. Ahmed Jumma says:

    Around 30-years back I had watched a program “Taleem-e-Balghan” in which there were many characters like milkman, waiter, butcher, laborers, hair cutter (Hajjam), cobler etc. they all were studying in a neighbor house of an old man who was teaching them and also beating them if not studying properly. It was a comedy drama, beside a lesson to nation. I feel we should make result oriented dramas towards awareness like in other countries. For example; we can guide students how to access to their dream achievements or which goals they should set for their future and which professions are more beneficial and which occuptions are easily accessible. How govt. deptt are fuctioning and if they are not responding how to activate them to get answer from them etc. etc.

  2. amir says:

    Good to see these dramas back, but i think they should work on producing new dramas as well. good luck

  3. badsha says:

    Old is really GOLD……still miss and talk about the very GOOD old days when we had only 1 TV channel. We had quality then. These days, having 50+ channels, I guess quality has been compromised (commercialised) as very very few dramas attract us.

  4. Isra says:

    Dubai Chalo was one of my favorites

  5. Razzaq says:

    The programmes produced and shown at present are done not for the sake of arts or entertainment but are done purely for commercial purposes to achieve good return against the invested finances.It is unfair to expect from private channels to produce quality programmes,besides,these private channels have already moulded peopl’s mindset to accept and watch unrealistic garbage thanks to PEMRA. I believe there is no shortage of good telents and artists but there is certainly shortage of people who could exploit these telents like good old PTV have done in yesteryears. Needless to say that the programmes produced in past mainly by PTV and STN were superb and one can still enjoy watching them like I do.

  6. Raza says:

    I think they should re-make the ainak wala jin instead of re-casting the same old version….. because of the quality and dull colors,,, it probably won’t attrack new kids but defenitly attrack old kids(the early1990s kids).. kids these days are watching HD quality videos, remember….

  7. NMA says:

    Alpha bravo charli….. that i think was one of the best….. and will hopefully re-kindle some national pride…..

  8. Parus says:

    I do remember the time in childhood, when we wait for the new episode of Ainak Wala Jin and the next day school discussion on the episode was must :D …but the sequel of this drama in this era wont attract audience as children have too many choices these days….

  9. zharan says:

    i want the old ainak wala jin and teen bata teen to be played again with same actors .

  10. Baleeghuddin says:

    Nostalgia is in human nature. I think remaking the old good shows like “Ainak Wala Jin”, “Allan Nanha”, “Fifty 50″ will not only be liked well by viewers across all Pakistani community, it may bring back the lost audience to the PTV.

  11. farooq ali says:

    it is the merit of drama which enforces it into our memory bank and hence becomes a classic and part of our culture and heritage and to teach new generations the history of our art. I therefore support the idea that they should come back with new colours

  12. syed says:

    The way zakoota jin says that ” main kia kurron main kis koo khaaon…hhahah” this reminds me of my ex-boss, who always looking for someone for spanking !!!! by the way he also looks very similar to zakoota jin…..

  13. Ali says:

    Would love to watch ‘Aangan Terha’, and any Ashfaq Ahmed’s script

  14. Dr satpal Jabbal says:

    There are so many old wonderful serials public will like to see.

  15. Sohail Ahmed Shaikh says:

    I would say that it was a herioc magic-fic drama series. As the media films/dramas evolve elsewhere in the world, Pakistan media should also adapt itself in creating/writing/producing dramas with the tech touch. The time is to produce dramas that are sci-fic/comic series like The Big Bang Theory or comics like the Office, or hiring series like The Apprentice and also some true dramas like Talat Hussain’s Kashkol depicting the realities of the societies.

    I welcome the sequel of Ainak Wala Jin, but it needs to be more sci-magic fiction.

  16. Imran Shabbir says:

    I have seen all episode twice, early in my childhood, its worth remembering………

  17. Optimist says:

    Memorable show Ainak wala jin !!!! perhaps in those (mid 1990s) we did not have the luxery of cable operators and mutiple channels bobarding our televisions. Kids time in PTV was between 4 to 6 pm where there would be animated movies and sitcoms for kids (ainal wala Jinn ) being one of them.
    I would like the re-make of Alif-Noon my favourite show from yesterdays.
    Sadly I dont think there is any comptemporary actor in category of Rafi Khawar sb. and Kamal Ahmed Rizvi sb. their chemistry was magical.

  18. Shehzad says:

    Would love to see it again, those were the good golden days when we used to watch it and anxiously wait for the clock to tik the right time :)

  19. arf says:

    Would love to see Sona Chandi, 50/50

  20. Farid Ayoob Hussain says:

    Why not……………. incuding series like Fifty Fifty and others remarkable TV Series of our old TV Station (PTV)……

  21. Ather says:

    I am wallowing in nostalgia on hearing the rebirth of this uber popular children’s serial of yester years. The appellations of ‘zakoota’ and ‘bilbatauri’ had become the buzz words in the 90s and still are… ‘ Just talk to any kid… PTV continues to render a national service to its future generations by airing such healthy and popular shows exhibiting our language, culture and values. Salute to the writer of ‘Ainak Wala Jin’, A/Hamid for rendering a great service to the nation. People like him and all the thespians of this serial are the unsung heroes of this country. Kudos to them and they deserve government sanctioned land cruisers and two thousands yards prime real estate.

    • SJay says:

      Zarkoota and his most famous line “Zamina, mujhay kaam batao may kya karoon may kisko khaon :)”

  22. Nomi says:

    I grew up with PTV in the eighties. The classics I want remade are “Raag Rung”, “Hafta Rafta” (a surefire cure for insomnia), General Zia’s speeches dripping with religious rhetoric, all Allama Iqbal Open University programs especially the one on tractor maintenance, and the classiest of them all, “The 9 o’clock Khabarnaama”.

  23. Abbas says:

    what happened to Afshan, Unkahi and Sona Chandi……..

  24. aaa says:

    Ainak wala ginn would be good to see if one would be able to make it good. Classics could be made again but right now there are very few actors who have that sort of range of acting.
    Until and unless our television completely goes for the talent and that too at the root level nothing good is going to come up. Ainak wala ginn was something everyone educated , not educated of any age could find fun. That is needed again. Glamour really needs a break or some sense.

  25. Syed says:

    I would like to see something the calibre of Khuda ki basti, Alif noon, Uncle Urfi, Ankahi, Tanhayian, Angan Terha, 50/50, Burger Family, Parchi, Guest House and “Studio” stage shows done by anwar maqsood, these are few to name, you are welcome to add more to the list. on Facebook on Facebook