The Ajmal argument

The Ajmal argument

Pakistan’s off-spinner Saeed Ajmal has come under criticism by the English media, specifically Bob Willis, who has questioned the bowler’s action.

Commenting during the first day’s play between Pakistan and England at Dubai, Willis said “Why is it that all these spinners wear long-sleeved shirts buttoned around the wrist?” said Willis.

“The answer is clear isn’t it? They are bending their elbows.”

While Ajmal, in his post-play press conference yesterday, said the comments do not effect him, an air of negativity has been created around the off-spinner’s career-best performance.

This, despite the ICC’s clearance over the legality of Ajmal’s action, which was tested at the University of Western Australia.

So far, no official statements have been made regarding the comments by either team or the ICC. However, being the game’s governing body, should the ICC come out and defend Ajmal?

Should there be no further discussion over these negative comments?

What should be the role of the ICC in this scenario? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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116 Responses to “The Ajmal argument”

  1. Mohammad Siddique says:

    English will whine until they learn how to do Doosra or teesra. Remember when Wasim Akram started the reverse swing, all these comentators were all over him. Now they have learned Reverse Swing and it is an art. Bob Willis get over it.

  2. Ghazi says:

    Protest should be lodged with the ICC. This affects the morale of our key bowler which in return affects the whole team. This is a game of cricket to be played with bat and ball not with comments.

  3. Afzal Khan says:

    What can you say the reality is there the English media and ECB can see it.All I can say is Ajmal is No1 now. At the moment in Pakistan team there are so many Ajmal and Gul,s how many they will stop?how long the English media will cry so be a good sportsman and play your game.

  4. Faheem Mohamedi says:

    England get on with the game and stop looking for excuses. Ajmal is an excellent bowler. stop being sore losers.

  5. Umair says:

    Sour grapes for England. They were not expecting this kind of thrashing. Kudos to Pakistani team. World No. 1 lost in three days. I just wish these goras understand their mistakes and respect others victories.

  6. Syed Z. Hussain says:

    Why am I not surprised by this recent comment from Bob Willis or like from UK?

  7. johar says:

    ICC controls players actions and put them in jail in severe cases so they should also protect them from any out side attacks. SO yes ICC needs to take action or Ajmal should file a case of defamation.

  8. abdul rehman says:

    hes awesome…. dats more than ppl want….

  9. Martin says:

    Maybe he has a bet on him self taking some wickets !!!!

  10. Martin says:

    Errrr, for all you anti english cricket lovers, have any of you actually looked at the pictures of ajmals action ?
    He is breaking the rules of the game. Fact.

    • Asif says:

      Hi Martin,

      If the English team is convinced that Ajmal’s bowling action is illegal, they should lodge a formal protest – instead of relying on allegations in the media. That would be consistent with the English ethos of fair play ? Agree ?

  11. Salman Khan says:

    It was a great performance by Saeed.

    English and Australian are losers. Their press always create issues against the opposition.

    Saeed just ignore everything and continue to focus on cricket. Once again, it was a great performance, we are proud of you.

  12. Shazim says:

    History of english cricket tells that they never played the spinners with confidence. For example take the ashes series (i.e. Home or away) their batsman were never comfortable against warnee magic when the great leggie took the retirement they started winning ashes.They struggles against Murli, kumble, harbajan and now Ajmal. Below mentioned states will answer all the questions and scandles
    England record away to Pakistan, India and Sri lanka from Dec 1 2001 to Jan 20 2012. England have played 18 tests – Won 1 (Mumbai), Drawn 8 and lost 9.

  13. vaqas says:

    It is about time that English batsman bend their elbows and play real cricket. Footwork does not mean playing with the legs.

  14. Anwar Hasnat says:

    Cry Baby Cry. the british are the biggest cheats in the world. They beat up a Pakistani umpire long time ago and that guy should have been in jail. When ever they loose they find excuses. They organized the sting operation to nail Asif and Amir so that they will not stand in their way to world domination. Thanks to that operation the rest of Pakistan cricket woke up. what do they say about Omer Gul who demolished them in the second innings or Wahab Riaz or Cheema or Abdul Rehman who will demolish them in the next few games.

  15. Furqan says:

    The question is why we failed to come up with a strategy that can encounters their blames. PCB should act fast and should reject the allegation with solid proof and reason. We have to give support to our guys….

  16. Nadeem says:

    Bob Willis played a critic role on air. It should not be confused with a/the “Commentator”. ICC can only resolve or retort if there is a legitimate complain from the ECB or for that matter, standing umpires. So far, there has been none. I would suggest PCB and Ajmal (particularly) should not pay any attention to these conspiracies. The team who performs on that particular day will make a history and players like Ajmal, are the companions.

  17. Indusonian says:

    It’s not the English who are danger to Pakistan, it’s PCB, don’t you guys get it! It’s PCB who is going to put life ban on Ajmal and probably Gul now. Don’t you see the pattern, Pakistan don’t need enemies. We are the biggest enemy of ourselves.

  18. Shafqat says:

    Well done Ajmal; answer all this with your ‘teesra’ in coming games …

  19. Zaffar Nagi says:

    Same old story.If they win then it was a fair game, but as soon as they loose ,then it´s another story.

  20. Abu Mounir says:

    The problem is all these complaints turn up whenever Pakistan (or any sub continental team) wins. When Akram and Waqar routed the English team in the nineties, it was ball tampering. When Muralidharan began breaking records, it was chucking. When Australia or England lost a test in India it was poor umpiring or the unruly crowds etc etc. As for that little arm bend some bowlers indulge in, the point ( as Wasim Alram made during the 1999 Australia tour following controversy over Shoaib’s action ) is that there are bowlers all over the world doing it and no body really bothered. It became an issue only when subcontinent teams began to win. On the eve of the recent Perth test which India lost, there were a group of men partying near the pitch, in direct violation of test-cricket rules which require the ground be handed over to the match referee a day before the match. The Australian authorities just brushed the matter aside, terming the incident insignificant. Now imagine if such a violation took place in a sub continent test ground and England or Australia lost – can you guess the fuss it would have created….As for criticism against Ajmal’s action just after he took so many wickets, I am sorry , its too predictable, too obvious in fact. .we have seen all this happening before, haven’t we?

  21. shoaib khan says:

    Bob Willis has very basic academic education although he was a very good fast bowler, education has to play a part in his background as well so do not worry about his comments at all just ignore them why does the media even has to print them in the first place.

  22. Khurram Jadoon USA says:

    The main problem is PCB that cannot stand behind her players. Will any other board or country would ever allows it’s players to be sentenced and jailed in another country … WELL DONE team PAKISTAN!!!

  23. s k maggu says:

    Ajamal is not only a good bowler, he is more legit than tons of other international bowlers which includes Sri Lankan Murli. All of us know English and Australian Scribes and commentators follow a well worn script,”If things do not go the white man’s way then “monkeys” use “doubtful action” or “Bats of improper weight or width”. They have always wanted to rule the Cricket wolrd in every way but Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka caught up with them a long time ago. They have yet to realise that “Raj was over 65 years ago” and “Cricket is Peoples passion” in our part of the world.

    So here is my take ” let us ignore these comments about Ajamal” but the Cricket Boards of our subcontinent aught to force ICC to send standards for Cricket Reporting Too like they have done for comments and behavior for the Players. Let ICC not permitt Networks and their commentators get away with unfounded accusations, fine them, ban them from a few matches and finally get rid of them if their atgtitudes do not change.

  24. PARDESI says:

    English do not know how to loose. They just don’t have that grace any more (or ever) to concede defeat and say you have played better than us. Thanks that their gutter press has been shut down otherwise they could have started another drama. Move on guys you lost this game play better in the next one.

  25. Mansoor Mahmood says:

    Bob Willis was a mediocre player and is certainly behaving as a person with a mediocre brain as well. These British commentators and experts should face the fact that other teams and players could have better skills and quality then their own team. It would be better for British cricket to come out of this denial and accept the facts and look to improve their talent and skills. This is international cricket and not children playing in a street crying and arguing when they lose a game. on Facebook on Facebook