Memogate (ad nauseam)

Memogate (ad nauseam)

In the ever-changing scenario in the memogate scandal case, Mansoor Ijaz has reportedly refused to come to Pakistan and appear in court. Ijaz has based his decision on ‘unsatisfactory’ security arrangements and that the government is interfering in the security plan.

This latest development has created furore amongst politicians, diplomats, analysts and the media – as they all voice their opinion on the case.

While one cannot take away from the significance of the alleged memo, given its contents and the personnel involved – should it continue to remain the most important issue, nearly four months after it first surfaced?

Given the problems being faced by the country and its people, such as the energy crises, terrorism, street crimes, inflation, health issues – should the memogate scandal really be at the top of the agenda?

Should the government, the military, the media and all other concerned players be as concerned with the memogate as they currently are? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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90 Responses to “Memogate (ad nauseam)”

  1. Hashim nizamani says:

    It’s the misfortune of our motherland that issues soar suddenly but take a long time to be solved and often die unsolved. Memogate is nonetheless a crucial matter regarding national security and apple of discard between Army and elected government. Surely the matter needs to be solved transparently but the hundreds of prevailing problems must be given priority to strive for. Corruption in the roots of all institutions must be diminished first of all, for its the root of all prevailing evils.

  2. Ram says:

    “Memogate” is the biggest fraud perpetrated by Mansoor Ijaj on the Government and Law abiding and Patriotic Citizens of Pakistan. The guy has zero credibility. He claims that he is a high profile American Citizen. But the fact is that he is an ordinary American citizen. Only a counted few Americans, probably ever heard of Mansoor Ijaj’s name, if that. So the People, the Judiciary, The Army and the Government of Pakistan should stop wasting valuable time on Mansoor Ijaj and start focusing on other more important national issues. All state institutions should sincerely come on a common platform and work for the betterment of Pakistani people and Pakistan.

  3. Faiza says:

    Memogate is just a convenient ploy to divert public attention….NS is playing second fiddle by promoting this farce…I agree with the comments regarding akram sheikh’s holier than thou loud mouth speech…Also very rightly pointed out, if anyone was really interested in Ijaz’s testimony, video conferencing would be a simple and cost effective solution….Memogate is nothing but a waste of time and resources and sorry to say, it also represents the judiciary’s craving for media attention

  4. saythetruth says:

    Mansoor Ijaz + Haqqani = one of the same.

  5. Muhammad says:

    ASA All,

    If everybody is really serious about Mr. Ijaz’s testimony, then the whole thing can easily be resolved by having a live video link between the supreme court commission and Mr. Ijaz regardless of his present or future location, isn’t it? No visa or security issues at all, correct? Just a thought. Thanks


  6. sja says:

    How about contempt of court on the defendent attorney making so loud comments in a foreign land for his client’s self estabished superiority and the attitude of him being above the Pakistan Law where he may have committed a wrong or he may be accomplice in some wrong to the State of Pakistan with others. It is for the epic court to decide. The court should issue warning to the defendent’s attorney for his loud mouthing was really inappropriate about the court, military and the Pakistan Government.

  7. Bilal says:

    With the elections coming anytime, Yes, it is memo is an important issue. These People need to be disqualified from the polical spectrum once and for all.

    Regarding the other infratructural crisis, Yes, these are very important. but that is the failures of the institutions, which sadly again, the same government controls.The government has to privatise these things and let the free market fill its own vacuume.

    Lastly, about Ijaz, he is not refusing to give evidence, unlike our government, he just dont feel safe to give his evidences inside Pakistan because, and we should accept it, that this government can kill anyone and go away with it easy. No sane person would take that chance in Pakistan

  8. zahir shah says:

    Memogate is nothing more than a drama of the establishment to topple the ever fragile govt in the country. The way this drama was propagated it is a shame for all those people who believe in the martial law and pro reactionary govt in the country.The media should mend their behaviour and should stop the propagation of the views of the pro establishment people/anchors in the print and electronic media.

  9. Muhammad Alvi says:

    The problems mentioned above such as the energy crises, terrorism, street crimes, inflation, health issues, are problems of national importance, which urgently need to be solved.

    Memogate is a political issue, which does not fall in the above category. Memogate must be investigated to determine who is responsible for this critical national issue, and must be punished.

  10. Manzoor B says:

    After all Mansoor is just like our Politicans – All talk and no action.

  11. AJ says:

    I live in USA. I have contacts with journalist or i can make one. I make up story for any reason or no reason that Pakistan army is going to attack American interest in the region. I am successful sending out this story, without my signature, to American Defense officials and GHQ. Based on this story, Do you think America and Pakistan will engage in regular war?

    Where is the common sense?

  12. arshad hussain says:

    the public is now fed up with this so called memogate, and demands to resort the serious concerns..

  13. mubaraka says:

    Although the memo is an important issue yet it should not be given preeminence over other vital problem of the state like energy crisis, inflation and the failing economy etc. the memo gate scandal is a real dramatic issue and the only concerned player whose in deep trouble is the PPP led government. The military has nothing much at stake whereas the government has a lot to lose. it is shameful that the state government in order to save their face from the military wrote a memo to a foreign state. Thus, it maligned the military establishment by conducting such an act. Despite this if the government is really not guilty of anything then why have they hurled such strong statements which have discouraged Mr. Ijaz from visiting Pakistan.

  14. Amjad Wyne says:

    Yes, because the nation needs to purge those whose interests lie outside Pakistan.

  15. Muhammad Saeed says:

    We should not waste time on such unimportant issues. Let the Government and Judiciary attend to issues of public concern i.e. the economy and judiciary at district level.

  16. Nasir khan says:

    Mansoor Ijaz is a liar. By not coming he has not only exposed himself, but also all those who were supporting him, which includes polititions, member from the civil society, lawers, and even the military. Shame on those, who forgot all other problems of this poor country, but went allout to support a person with no credibility. God help this nation.

  17. Madan says:

    Given the author’s well articulated belief to the effect that one cannot, ” take away from the significance of the alleged memo, given its contents and the personnel involved, ” he has no reason to be surprised that it remains the top issue. Once people realize that the memo is an absolutely non-issue and was treated as a bit of trash by the US authorities, it would go away. It is only the orchestrated press that is keeping the people all fired up as if everything was about to be lost. We all know who is behind this orchestration.

  18. siddique says:

    i agree with assertion presented here, unfortunately, although, we are an agricultural country but prices of food become similar to Europe, Malaysia and other developing countries. Media especially electronic media should be blamed for diverting attention from real issues to non-power related issues, which have nothing to do with ordinary people. they are concerned about their safety, food, and work. they are not concerned with so-called sovereignty, supreme national interest etc.


  19. Abdul Karim says:

    Yes, it is a matter of grave concern for the people of Pakistan. People want to know
    1. Was Pakistan army planning to run over elected government?
    2. Can people of Pakistan keep Pakistan military establishment in civilian control with the help of US.
    3. Is this a normal practice to bypass diplomatic channels to convey messages?
    4. Who actually governs Pakistan?

    Obviously if Pakistan army and ISI run the country by proxy then they should be responsible to solve people’s other problems too, but neither of these establishments have people’s mandate to act in this way.

  20. Tauheed Ahmed says:

    The military should focus on putting an end to terrorism in the name of Islam. Not playing politics internally and externally. In other words, behave like a professional military, not like politicians with half a million armed men at their disposal.

    The elected government should focus on providing political support to the military to end terrorism, since without an end to terrorism Pakistan will remain the economic basket case of south asia.

    The supreme court should keep up the pressure on both the military and the elected government to do the above – but realize this is an extra-ordinary role that it should discard when the extraordinary mess made by PPP and the continued military interference in politics has created in Pakistan. on Facebook on Facebook