North Waziristan operation

North Waziristan operation

At least six security personnel were killed in an attack by militants who had crossed over into Upper Dir from the Afghan border late yesterday. The attack came as a security team visited an area close to the border following reports of their presence.

In an another incident last week, seven security personnel were beheaded by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in the South Waziristan tribal region. These incidents follow reports of the Taliban’s presence in Tirah valley and scattered events highlighting their cruel activities.

Additionally, Pakistan has come under pressure from the United States to carry out an operation in the North Waziristan tribal region, similar to the one being carried out by in south. While the American interests seemingly lie in the operation due to the Haqqani network’s reported presence in the area, Pakistan must also try to rid itself of any militant pockets. The Corps Commander of the 11th Corps in Peshawar denied reports of an operation being planned in N. Waziristan but reports of aid agencies being asked to prepare for the displacement of over 200,000 locals have also surfaced.

While the status of Pakistan’s ties with the US has remained stagnant, there has been no shortage of exchange of verbal blows between officials of both countries.

Should Pakistan reject American suggestions of carrying out an operation in N. Waziristan?

Considering the resources required to carry out such an operation and to cater to the IDPs, will it be better to hold the operation back?

How can Pakistan tackle the reemergence of Taliban in tribal regions and their attacks on security personnel and civilians? invites its users to share their suggestions and give their comments on the issue…


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50 Responses to “North Waziristan operation”

  1. Kamran Zaki says:

    This is indeed a difficult call. I think we should have surgical operations in N waziristan and try to dismantle anti state activities. We have to understand that Haqqani Network is going to be a significant player in post US Afghanistan. Pakistan needs to guard its interests in dealing with N waziristan. Peace deals come to mind.

  2. zahid says:

    To convince US ans its allies in Afghanistan , the recent cross border incidents can be exploited as:-
    1. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is porous. We were successful in evicting terrorist from Swat but they fleed into Afghanistan. Now with the support of Afghan militants, they are resurfacing.The recent incidents in Dir is one of the example. It is not the responsibility of Pakistan alone to guard the Pak – Afghan border. If we carry out similar operation even successfully in North Waziristan , the terrorist would flee to Afghanistan to resurface again. On this plea we can delay the operation till concrete measures are not taken by the US and its allies and Afghan Govt to guard its side of border, so that terrorist are rooted out from N Waziristan.
    2. If US can have the dialogue with Taliban in Qatar , then why operation is a better option for Haqqani Network(HN). If HN is so powerful that it is threatening the mighty US and its allies then why they were not part of dialogue with Taliban. I think international community should be convince that such operation will add fuel to fire. If US could not eliminate Taliban in last one decade , who can he expect us to do the same.
    3. Pakistan should raise the cross border violation on highest forum. World should know that Pakistan is not the root cause and the most sophisticated surveillance means held with NATO can not give any warning for such border violation.

  3. Haidery says:

    We should have done this earlier. But it’s not too late. Not for US pressure or any other country, but for Pakistan’s sake. We need to protect our own people from these terrorists hiding in there. But we have to get locals involved and make sure they understand why we are doing this, for their own benefit and not let Taliban terrorists influnece them in any way. God bless Pakistan army jawaans. God will protect you. We salute you for your bravery and courage to protect our country.

  4. nak says:

    Please stop fooling the world. With one of the largest armies in the world, half million soldiers, modern equipment, weapons if PAK army really wants, it can wipe out terrorts from N wazirstan in a day. The only thing missing is will. forget about the resources to do it. Once they start the operation, the resources would start flowing from US. But why would pak army distroy one of its brigades (Haq network)?

    • Irfan Baloch says:

      very inspiring post indeed, but a bit exaggerated. TTP can be eliminated in a single day operation? they are not a regular army with established bunkers and trenches. they live among the population and cross over to Afghanistan where NATO is still fighting for the past ten years.

      your confidence in our capabilities is commendable but sadly the reality of COIN operations states otherwise in any part of the world.

      your sarcasm re Haqqani network is very much misplaced I am afraid. the Haqqanis are the Afghans by ethnicity, by birth and by their right and are the Soviet war veterans. they are no body’s brigade and they share the same Afghan will as the rest of the Afghans who want yet another occupation force out of their country.

      the North waziristan operation will happen eventually, but given the nature of this war, there wont be any media briefings or heads up.. it would be a sudden attack led by special forces and then followed up by the regular troops.

      mind you though, whenever that operation happens, the NATO problems in Afghanistan wont vanish like a magic. if the Americans stop burning Quran & stop killing civilians & collecting human parts as trophies then the Afghan support for Haqqanis & rest of Taliban will die out soon.

      but thats too much to ask from the Americans isnt it? history will repeat itself & yet another occupation force will eventually leave after its own arrogance will result in its failure to break the Afghan will

      • nak says:


        Thanks for a lot of info I did not know before. But here’s my counter argument. I am not talking about “eliminating TTP”, but just eliminating their operational capability of just 1 group (HN) in a day and its possible. COIN as defined by US is nation building, bringing stability etc, lets not go in to all that, but we can just make sure they dont mess with neigbouring countries. And other fact – PAK army is about 4.7 lac on eastern front and 30 thousand in FATA. Cant we get a guarantee from US that India wont mess in the meantime (Which I am sure India will happily agree) and move a majority of that force to western end, then how long should it take. We can easily deploy 100 soldiers to each village and their job would be to just collect weapons and ammo. Everything is possible my friend, as I said the only thing lacking is a sincere will.

        And please dont talk about the Afghan will, tired of hearing it. What happened to that famed will, when the Talibans were ruling them. And lets be honest, what kicked out soviets is not afghan will, but american weapons. Why did they stay slent when their territry was used by foriegners to plan attacks on the west? Its not valor or will, but most of afghans are half dead and just live their lives in submission to whoever warlord is powerfull at that tme.

        I am no US supporter in their policies, but appreciate their sincerety and perseverance, as I had lived there. They are not Soviets, they will not leave. With this satellite technology they can keep a constant eye on Aganistan forever. American soldiers are still deployed in Germany, Japan, S. Korea, Italy and many places, even after 65+ yrs of WWII.

        Anyway all this argumnt apart, PAK “strategic interest” theory is outdated now with all the Nukes and latest technology. So the only way to solve issues with India is talks and a give-take attitude. So its in our best interest to eliminate al these gun weilding parallell govt within PAK, so we can focus on development and diplomacy.

        • Junaid says:

          So you think the HN can be operational netered in 1 day? I wonder why the US does not agree with that asessment. Or why the Soviets could not do it either. I think it is because it is fiction. HN cannot be dismantled in one day, neither should Pakistan do anything about it. HN openly refrains from attacking Pakistani targets. So why should be try and pick a fight? The answer is shameful to admit, is it not? We would be acting as a client state, and there is no denying it.
          I live in the US. They will leave, and sooner than you think. Do not confuse Americans with their government.
          A word about ‘Afghan will’. I think you are a bit confused here. Afghans are undeniably ferocious and do not tolerate FOREIGN invaders. Taliban are Afghan. The concept of the common Afghan not having the will to defeat them is silly – Taliban were from them even if they ruled over them. I will not sing the praises of ‘Afghan will’. But let me know when any invader is openly accepted as their master. I will doubt their will then.
          Guarantees from US regarding India? That is just pipe-dreams. That comment makes me believe that you are detached from the realities of the real world. There is no such thing as a guarantee with respect to another country. I do not even know where to start. You REALLY think we should ask another country for guarantees to our security?
          Also, we definitely cannot deploy 100 soldiers to each village, even if that was a sane idea to begin with. You overestimate the capacity of Pakistan Army by a big margin.
          Overall, your suggestions seem to suggest that the US is completely sincere and honest and Pakistan should listen to Uncle Sam without any suspicions. I am afraid you either think too much of the US and its intentions, or you know some inside scoop I am completely unaware of. Sorry for sounding sarcastic, but I simply could not believe the stuff you suggested. Sounded like a really good joke.

  5. Nasah (USA) says:

    The Afghan Talibans have beheaded 8 Pakistani soldiers — so much for the value of the “strategic depth”.

    May I ask if the Pakistan establishment will likewise block all the supply lines for the Afghan Talibans and ask for THEIR apology?

    • Adnan says:

      We should not ask for an apology from Nato or US? We would surely not if it was the first such incident: there is a list of hostilities by Nato forces against Pakistan soldiers whose lives seem as cheap to them as to TTP. But, TTP is an open enemy and US is an ally? Can you please tell me who is supplying these anti-Pakistani Taliban with weapons and other resources to fight with the one of the top armies of the world? 1. Pakistan 2. Afghanistan 3. US or 4. Any other interested party. Noting the fact that US drones do not attack any Taliban (TTP) hideouts, camps, etc (and has never attacked), it is naive to accept what Americans say. It is a very complex war; at least too complex to understand from a living room in the USA.

    • Asim says:

      have you ever heard somebody asking for an apology form the enemies?

      • Anuj says:

        We haven’t seen anybody sitting silently either. if they are friend ask for apology if they are enemy eliminate them. what could be the other choice you tell me please.

  6. Khan says:

    If our hyper patriotic army conducted these operations in 2003 – 2008, we wouldn’t have suffered such brutalities. What is the purpose of keeping majority of army on our eastern borders? Is safeguarding Punjab their only duty & responsibility? Army needs to conduct operation in NW & other areas and then leave the areas as they are a major part of the problem.

  7. Silajit says:

    Pakistan needs to take a stand against terrorism in general – not just N. Waziristan.

    So unless Pakistan sends a strong message to terrorists that use its soil and hide behind its nukes, it is INVITING affected countries to interfere in its functioning. It is hence in the Pakistani interest that it get rid of terrorism and extremism on its soil.

  8. Junaid says:

    Let me go one step further. Do not go into North Waziristan at all- not now or later. Engage them diplomatically and try to end hostilities on our side of the border. If you want a long-lasting solution, engage the tribes. Stepping into North Waziristan will expose us to the kind of militant activity that even the US fears, such as attacks on the Green Zone. As it is, Afghanistan loses fewer civilians to terrorist attacks than Pakistan. Attack NW and Pakistan will bleed from retaliation. And for what? To appease US interest AGAIN?! Let the Allies figure out their own issues. If you get intimidated by threats of cross-border attacks and retaliations, you might as well not keep an army. If the US cannot respect our sovereignty or the precious lives of our civilians and soldiers, we should not bear the burden of fighting to help them.
    As is international norm, our policy should be selfish and in Pakistan’s interest first, and then in the interest of ‘allies’. Why deal with an IDP situation, when we do not need one to begin with?
    BTW, the Taliban did not reemerge – they never went away. Be smart. It is not like military option worked before. on Facebook on Facebook