Return of the classics

Return of the classics

Creators of the hit television series “Ainak wala jin” from the mid-1990s announced on Wednesday their plans to revive the show for another series later this year. The show, of which the hallmark was the depiction of wizardry and magic in a light and comic manner, was aired between 1993 and 1996 to an audience that ranged from children to youth, as well as older viewers. Characters such as “Zakoota”, “Bill Batouri” and “Nastoor” became household names and their dialogues are still remembered by die-hard fans. It is fair to say that the series turned into a pop cult of sorts for a generation of Pakistanis.

The news of the series’ revival has been well-received amongst the fans and judging from the reaction we have received on, people based in Pakistan and abroad are eagerly awaiting its return to the television screens. Questions, however, have also been raised on the need of creating new television shows that provide the same level of entertainment and recreation to viewers, instead of turning back to shows from the past. Pakistan’s television industry, it is being said, has failed to live up to the standards it set from the late 1970s up until the early 2000s. While dramas and television shows have increased manifold with the sprouting of dozens of private television channels, the quality of programming, viewers insist, has dropped drastically. Television enthusiasts also insist that a new crop of actors have failed to live up to the standards of the earlier generations.

Despite the airing of hundreds of new televisions on dozens of new channels, when classic dramas and sitcoms are aired on cable television networks despite grainy prints and pirated DVDs, they still manage to outdo the newer, more glamorous offerings.

Should Pakistani television channels go back to hits of yesteryears in order to attract viewers?

Can the television shows being produced now match the standards set by the early years of programming?

Do you want to see new faces on your television screens or would you be happy to have the same actors play the same roles?

Which of the classics would you like to see remade? invites its readers to share their views and suggestions…


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64 Responses to “Return of the classics”

  1. Sumaira says:

    I’d like to see Dhoop Kinare remake.

  2. Syed says:

    I have been watching 50/50 for the past 2 weeks on youtube, I am getting so sick by watching depressing dramas on almost every big channel and the comedy they are trying to create is more like insult to the comdey, you are already away from country and work all day, when you come to see something back from pakistan, all you get is a depressing dramas between husband and wives (yes, wives cause most stories revolves around more than one wife) sometimes I feel like I am watching star tv or something,and than indian songs on TV shows, good Lord, how did it all come to this? how come the standards have gone so low? looks like the focus is entirely on commercialism, how many ads they get and vice versa, we have lost the plot and all you see now is garbage comparing to the standards we had between 80s and 90s. I miss the old times. Sigh

    • Hamza Farooq says:

      I totally agree, news casters , the dance shows etc, since when Pakistan is into being so easy to play Indian songs here there and shameless people dancing everywhere on TV.

      I can recall there was morning show from PTV , before school used to watch it, with 15 min cartoon , good info etc. Now what we get is Jin capturing and cheating husband 2nd wife on morning show.

    • Asim says:

      I absolutely second your comment and thought.

  3. me says:

    I rarely saw this show back in the days. But we did nick-named our hyperactive nephew zakoota :)
    And we all use to look a our nephew and repeat those unforgettable lines “mujhy kam batao meen kia karoon—-meen ksi ko khaoon”
    If this show is aired again I wont miss it. on Facebook on Facebook